Fortnite Offers Easy Refunds for All NFL Skins Following Washington’s Name Change

by in Fortnite | Oct, 15th 2020

It seems that the NFL’s recent changes when it comes to the Washington Football Team have now extended even to video games. Fortnite will now have some changes to some of its battle royale skins. Because of this, Epic Games is offering easy refunds for all of the Fortnite NFL skins.

Epic Games Offers Refunds for All Fortnite NFL Skins

This announcement comes via Fortnite Intel’s Firemonkey, who noted on Twitter that all of the Fortnite NFL skins are getting these refunds and changes moving forward. It could have come out in the battle royale game due to the most recent 14.30 update that dropped earlier this week.

With everything that is happening with the Washington Football Team in the current NFL season, Epic Games made the right choice in changing up the Fortnite NFL skins to match those changes. But in the process, this could have been something that would be potentially controversial.

After all, some of the players in the battle royale game might have purchased those NFL skins and expected them to be a certain way. With such a significant change like that to the Washington skin style, Epic Games is gracious enough to offer refunds.

These refunds are outside of the normal limits that players have on getting refunds for their cosmetic items in Fortnite, so you don’t have to worry if you have already reached the limit on your account. You are still able to get a refund for any of the Fortnite NFL skins that currently exist.

Refunds Include All NFL Skins in the Game

It doesn’t just include one or two of the somewhat controversial NFL skins released throughout the battle royale game’s life cycle but includes all eight of them in the game currently. If you own any of the Blitz, End Zone, Gridiron, Interceptor, Juke, Rush, Spike, or Strong Guard skins, you are included in this.

Those eight skins were released over time in the Fortnite seasons, offering different takes on the NFL football players. There were different races and genders offered through these versions to pick the one that fits them the most or collect all of them.

What’s great about the Fortnite NFL skins is that they all have an overwhelming number of skin styles that you can pick between for free. Players can select the number on the jersey and the team color and name that you wish to represent.

This even extends to the Washington Football Team, hence why players can now get refunds for these skins. The team based in Washington, DC was formerly known as the Washington Redskins for many years, but it was inevitable that that name would have to change at some point.

Why the Washington Football Team Name Was Changed

The Redskins name was insensitive to Native Americans. The team finally agreed to change their name earlier this year. But the problem was that the team was already in the middle of the preseason of football, so changing the name to something new would be tough.

The team is tentatively known as the Washington Football Team until a formal mascot name is given. While a new name is selected, Epic Games has chosen the placeholder Washington Football Team name and logo for the various NFL skins in Fortnite.

Though this name is rather generic, it does look like fans of the Washington team will have to wait longer to find out what the new name for the NFL team will be. This affects Fortnite players, too, as they will have to wait to use the new official name for a good while longer.

One of the issues with the Washington team’s situation is that picking a new name isn’t easy. For one, this is changing decades of history, so the new name has to be something substantial that will, hopefully, be exciting and pleasing to their fans while not being insensitive or controversial again.

How to Request a Refund in Fortnite

Then there is the choice to make whether or not the NFL team will keep the same color scheme that it has used for a long time as the new name might not work well with that. There are many choices to make. That doesn’t even include the people who foresaw this situation and trademarked a whole bunch of possible names.

That could cause some court cases to happen, depending on the name chosen. Who knows how long that would take to play out? That is why it was smart for Epic Games to offer free refunds in the meantime. As for how to do that, all you need to do is head to your profile in the game settings on whatever platform you play the game on.

Once you are there, you will need to look for the settings’ lifetime return requests section. You will want to choose to submit a request to get a refund for an item from there. Usually, this is where you would see the limited options that you have for lifetime return requests.

Every account is only allowed a few refunds for free for the various items they purchase before they are no longer able to do so. Fortunately, even if you have used up all of your refund allowances, you should still see the NFL skins you own show up in the request area.

You will then be able to refund any skins that you would like to. But you could also keep them if you want. We expect Epic Games will be swift to change the skins once the Washington Football Team has settled on a new official mascot name.


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