Fortnite Nerfs Impostors Mode XP, Community Upset at Unreasonable Grind

by in Fortnite | Sep, 24th 2021

To that that Fortnite is successful is an understatement, seeing that the game is single-handedly responsible for the surge of battle royale titles. However, one of the things that Fortnite is responsible for is the introduction of the battle pass. This new version of monetization has players leveling up in the game to tier 100, putting them in the position to finish the content before it disappears. 

With the content disappearing after the season is over, players will have to grind if they expect to finish it. Players who complete the battle pass will have to pay once and will always gain enough of the game’s premium currency to use on the next battle pass. However, players who can’t make the cut, have to spend another $10 to get back into the action if they want some of the game’s higher-tiered rewards. 

While the grind was normally easier, this season, things are different. Players notice that the grind has become more difficult as the majority of XP is gained from punch cards, which are challenges that must be completed to earn XP. These same punch cards are tied to completing NPC quests in-game rather than surviving or winning games. Players looking to complete the battle pass have turned to other modes, aside from completing the punch cards.

The Impostors Mode and XP Payouts Change

This is where the Fortnite Impostors mode comes in. It’s extremely similar to the hit party game Among Us. Players will be put on a map with two teams. One team is the Impostors, and one team is the agents. Agents will have to complete tasks, while the Impostors will sabotage the map and dispose of the Agents. 

While fun, seeing that it’s a clone of Among Us, the game’s mode awarded players with a lot of XP. This helped offset the massive grind that came with the completion of Season 7 leading into Season 8. Epic Games, seeing this, has decided to nerf the amount of XP earned from the mode. This caught the ire of the game’s community, as many players who play causally liked to play the mode to alleviate the grind of the normal battle royale mode. 

In a Twitter post, they announced that the Impostors mode would be nerfed by 50%. Included in the post is a quote “We’re keeping a close eye on player XP progression this season and evaluating several improvements for the near future. We’ll provide more details on these changes when they’ve released.”

These “improvements” mentioned by the company are to nerf the XP for the Impostors mode, with no extra fixes. The community didn’t take kindly to the decision made by Epic Games. 

Community Reception

One of the responses to this tweet was from @poetniknowit, who said, “Are we being punished lol? It’s sad when the majority of your content creators have to promote Imposters and Creative AFK to get XP this season, so maybe y’all need to give us back our milestone punchcards so grinding LTMs wouldn’t be necessary!”

Another user by the name of @McGhee40214124 said, “This is ridiculous! How do we level up without a way to EFFICIENTLY grind exp?! I would rather not spend three hours to level up once. Why nerf Imposters BEFORE the Exp Update? It makes no sense!”

However, while many people complained about the grind in the game, one player decided to do the math to see how long it would take to grind to the game’s 200th level, which is where players receive all the extra content inside of the battle pass after completing the game’s main battle pass.

Mathematically Improbable to Complete Battle Pass

One user made a post on Reddit by factoring that all the daily, weekly, and NPC cards are rumored to be included. By completing all of them within 12 weeks, players would be able to reach Level 136. 

However, some of the punch cards require players to play the game with friends. Solo players won’t be able to complete the game’s punch cards at that point. Removing the weekly punch cards, Josh72112 deduced that if players who play solo were to complete every card except for the weekly ones, they would only reach level 95, which is five levels shy of the game’s 100th tier.

However, Josh mentioned that players would take full advantage of Creative mode’s AFK XP, which if they were only to play creative mode, players would be able to reach level 148. Combining all of this, players would then be able to reach level 247. This is why the Fortnite Impostors mode was so popular for XP grind. The mode gave out more XP than most players were expecting, and they’re using it to offset the grind of playing battle royale. Particularly with solo players who aren’t able to complete the game’s weekly challenges. 

However, this is where the main issue comes in. Players can’t play all day, every day. So, how long would it take for them to be able to reach level 100? 

Josh72112 deduces that players would reach level 100 if they played once or twice a week with friends by completing the daily and weekly punch cards and participating in the game’s creative mode. That would be enough for reaching level 100. 

Solo players will have to work a little harder, doing the daily challenges and supplementing the weekly with extra creative mode, making solo players play 2-3 times a week to complete the battle pass. However, this is where it gets unreasonable. 

Josh72112 calculated that to get all of the battle royale styles in the game and reach level 200. Players with friends will have to play four days a week to reach level 200. However, solo players have it worse, being forced to play 5-6 days a week to reach level 200 by the end of the season. 

Josh72212 ends the post with this quote. “You gave players an avenue to earn more XP (Imposters mode), and now you cut the XP earnings by 50%. Why? If the point is to get players to get interested in BR again, up the XP gains where they aren’t forcing players to play six days a week to have a chance of making it to the max reward levels you set. I know XP in previous seasons was outrageous, but compensating that by punishing your player base with this dismal XP system is just shameful.”

With all this in mind, it seems Epic Games have shot themselves in the foot with this one, putting players’ well-being in a position where they’re unable to complete the battle pass reasonably. However, with the outrage, and the waning interest in the game’s season with the XP changes, hopefully, Epic Games will make it their mission to fix the title before too many people start to leave the game. 


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