Fortnite NBA Crossover Begins This Week

by in Fortnite | May, 20th 2021

It seems that sports are really on Epic Games’ mind as the latest sports crossover has happened in Fortnite battle royale after the Neymar Jr crossover, and this one is huge. The first-ever Fortnite NBA crossover has been announced, offering players the chance to represent their favorite basketball teams in the league. 

Fortnite NBA Crossover Event Announced

Known officially as The Crossover event, the Fortnite NBA event will offer players the chance to celebrate the upcoming playoffs for the 2021 season in a special way. During this time, players will find that special events in the battle royale, the item shop, and Creative mode.

It all starts Friday, May 21, at 5 p.m. PT when the item shop debuts the first-ever Fortnite NBA outfits. Like the NFL ones that we already have in the game, these outfits allow players to collect and show off their favorite jerseys from the basketball league. 

They will be sold in the In The Paint bundle that includes 31 uniforms in total, including all 30 NBA teams for you to choose from. As for what, the extra uniform is going to be unknown at this time, but we suspect that it will be more of a blank slate Fortnite-exclusive one. 

That one will be there for players to use if they don’t have a favorite team or just so happen to like the teamless jersey for some odd reason. Otherwise, players will have the chance to select between the 30 teams to find their favorite jersey and select it as their outfit option for matches. 

NBA Jerseys Bundle Is Coming Soon

It will be just like the NFL skin in that you will have the different jersey options as skin styles and can select whichever one you like. The one thing to note is how the game will handle the different gender and other options for selecting your character? 

In the official artwork for the In The Paint bundle, it is shown that there are men and women alike wearing jerseys, with different characters even among them. So, no matter what team you are a fan of, you will be able to show your support for them, especially as the best teams gear up for the playoffs this season. 

The price hasn’t been revealed for the Fortnite NBA skins set in the item shop, but we imagine it will be a reasonable price even though it will have so much included. Epic Games has even come up with a second cosmetic bundle for players to take a look at. 

If that isn’t enough NBA goodness in Fortnite for you, you can also pick up the Shoot & Score bundle in the item shop later this week. While the other one focused on the skins for your character in matches, this one is focused on the other aspects, like back blings and emotes.

More Cosmetic Items Will Be Offered

You will be able to get the Mini Hoop back bling to equip on your character, which is what it sounds like: a literal backboard and hoop for your character to wear on their back. This comes with a special emote as well, that is the Hookshot emote, which seems to be a toy one possibly. 

We aren’t sure if this will bring out a toy to use, like the soccer ball emote recently, but it seems to be the case. The picture shows the player taking the basketball and going up for a hookshot. Hilariously enough, it seems that the player can even use the Hookshot emote to score a shot in the Mini Hoop that other players are wearing on their backs. 

So, you could roll around the map in Fortnite with your squad all wearing the hoop back bling and your jerseys and have fun trying to get crazy shots in each others’ nets and the like. It could lead to some good times, especially when coupled with the other new emote: Dribblin’ that lets you traverse while dribbling the ball. 

The Fortnite NBA crossover isn’t just for the item shop, either, as there is an actual event that will be happening in the game. There is a Team Battles event that will happen where players can sign up to be part of it and possibly get some great rewards in the process. 

What the Fortnite NBA Team Battles Event Is All About

You can sign up for the event here at this link and choose the NBA team you are most a fan of. You will join that team if there are enough slots left for it, and you will have the chance to contribute to the overall team’s performance during the event. 

While the event is happening, there will be special challenges that you will complete in the game to contribute to your team. The top three teams with the best points will have all of their team members get some V-Bucks at the end of the event. 

Plus, there are other prizes that participants can receive, like special cosmetics and more. Unfortunately, the 30 teams are limited to only the first 15,000 players to sign up for each of them, so you should keep this in mind if you want to be part of the event. 

At the time of writing this, teams are around a fifth full, but we expect that number to grow considerably very soon. If you do miss out on initially being part of the team, you can still be a fan of a team and possibly get some rewards from that, too. 

And that is all just the beginning from here. Next Tuesday, May 25, the NBA will cross over into the Creative mode of Fortnite and offer a new hub for players to hang out in. 


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