Fortnite Naruto Release Date Finally Announced and It’s Coming Very Soon

by in Fortnite | Nov, 11th 2021

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga franchises globally, thriving for several years before paving the way for Boruto that has continued the legacy. As such, it only makes sense that Naruto would be the first anime skin in Fortnite. Thankfully, the Fortnite Naruto release date has been announced.

Fortnite Naruto Release Date Finally Revealed

The Fortnite Naruto release date was revealed in a tweet from Epic Games, noting that this crossover is “coming soon.” The picture attached to the tweet gives us a few more details about the crossover event, but not much more than that. 

At the very least, we now know that the Fortnite Naruto crossover is real, and it is happening, and we know when it will be, too. The Fortnite Naruto release date is next week on November 16, 2021, with just a few more days left until the first anime crossover happens. 

What is fascinating about the Fortnite Naruto release date announcement is that it teases this crossover in a pretty different way from most of the other crossover skins that come to the game. This is especially true for one that is not the battle pass “secret” skin this season. 

Epic Games is hyping the crossover event up, making it seem like this could be a lot more important and ground-breaking than we originally expected. Regardless, this is a massive moment for the battle royale title, and fans and players are excited about it. 

Naruto Has Been Rumored for Several Months

The Fortnite Naruto release date announcement on Twitter has been quite popular, amassing a whopping 150,000 likes and counting when writing this post. That is unprecedented reach and hype for this crossover event, unlike most others that have happened recently. 

This announcement is also quite important since Naruto is one of the main crossovers that has been rumored and leaked for the last several months now. There were even rumors back in 2020 that talked about Naruto coming to Fortnite as the first anime crossover character. 

Then there was the lawsuit with Epic Games and Apple that brought to light some interesting leaks about potential crossovers with various franchises that Epic Games was looking into at some point. While it was not guaranteed at the time, Naruto (among others) was listed, building even more hype for this moment. 

To make matters worse, even people were saying that Naruto would be one of the main battle pass skins this season after being delayed from last season, but then this season arrived without mentioning Naruto and the only crossover skin being Carnage this time around in the pass. 

What Will This Crossover Be Like?

However, this Fortnite Naruto release date announcement reveals that the leaks and rumors were somewhat true, leading to the delayed release of the crossover character. That leaves us with the question of what to expect from this release on November 16. 

With the impressive tease from Epic Games, this gives us the vibes of one of two things: whenever a secret battle pass character is released in a season or a limited-time event begins. We could honestly see either one of these scenarios happen in the game, so we will have to wait and see for now. 

If it is a case where Epic Games makes Naruto a skin that everyone with the paid version of the battle pass can unlock, this would be the first time that two skins are offered this way in the middle of the same season. That can happen as Epic has surprised us many times, but we would not recommend expecting that since it has not happened before. 

If it were to happen, though, we would expect players to complete a few simple challenges in the battle royale game and then unlock the Naruto skin. If it is the other way around and this is a major crossover event, we would expect to see Naruto and other themed items in the item shop to purchase. 

But this would be alongside something more substantial than usual, like special missions to complete and maybe some themed items or areas to enjoy in battle royale matches for a limited time. Either way, there are some wishes that we have for this crossover. 

We Hope More Anime and Manga Crossovers Are on the Way

For one, we hope that Naruto is not the only character to get a skin in the game as Boruto is the focus these days, so it would be a shame for his son to be ignored alongside the other fantastic main characters in the series. Furthermore, we hope that this is far from the only anime crossover to happen. 

Others were mentioned in the leaks, including Dragon Ball Z, and we hope that they start to happen sooner rather than later. Naruto, ignoring Boruto, is a bit older, so it would be nice to see a newer major franchise get some love in the battle royale game next. 

The ones that immediately come to mind that would be fantastic are My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer. Both of these are massive anime and manga right now across the world, so having characters like Deku, Bakugo, All Might, Tanjiro, Nezuko, and others would be great additions to the ever-growing crossover characters in Fortnite. For now, we will have to wait and see what happens with the Fortnite Naruto release date. 


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