Fortnite Motorboats Have Been Suddenly Removed, Exploit Is Likely to Blame

by in Fortnite | Aug, 3rd 2020

Epic Games has implemented the latest removal of an important part of the Fortnite battle royale experience. Due to a reported Fortnite motorboats exploit and some bugs, the boats are no longer in battle royale matches, and you won’t see them all in the game right now.

Fortnite Motorboats Removed From the Game

If you log into Fortnite battle royale right now on any platform, you will not find a single boat for you to use to zip around the island’s numerous waterways. This is reportedly due to a game-breaking Fortnite motorboats exploit and bugs in the game.

Epic Games made the official announcement of this vehicle removal on Twitter randomly, surprising players around the world as the developer hasn’t been too transparent about removals and the like lately. But the Fortnite Status Twitter account revealed this major change.

According to the official account, there is some “issue” that has caused the developer to temporarily disable the motorboats in all game modes in Fortnite battle royale. Furthermore, an update will be issued in the future when this problem formally resolves.

What issue caused the motorboats removal wasn’t officially revealed at this time. We don’t know when the motorboats will return to the game for use in combat. But it is thanks to some recent developments that we likely know what caused all of this.

What Likely Caused This Removal

The “issue” that Epic Games mentioned in the official announcement could be referencing a recent Fortnite motorboat exploit that has popped up in the game. This particular exploit has allowed players to use the motorboat to duplicate consumable items while in the boat.

So long as the consumable item is in their inventory, they can continuously duplicate the item. This has led to players having unlimited shield and health items that they can then use to gain an advantage in the game unfairly.

Not only are the players able to suddenly withstand a ton of attacks because they can keep healing themselves repeatedly. More importantly, the storm that is supposed to balance the game and keep players in check is no longer able to do its job against these cheaters.

This has led to many cheaters in the game using the Fortnite motorboats exploit to stay in the storm outside of the circle and keep healing themselves, allowing them to be away from the other players. All they need to do is wait the storm out until everyone is dead and win.

There Are Other Issues With the Boats

Considering that motorboats were in the ranked modes of the game, someone could effectively exploit the system to artificially make it seem like they are better players than they are with numerous wins over and over, thanks to this particular issue.

This problem has been the subject of controversy in the community recently. It has meant that the only way you could combat this problem was by either reporting the player for cheating, using the exploit yourself to counteract the cheaters who are using it, or just not playing the game.

The comments on the Twitter post announcing the issue are flooded with players in the community commenting on this issue and others breaking the game right now. There are even users reportedly banned for using this exploit, which will likely continue.

As such, we highly recommend that any players refrain from using this exploit if and when the motorboats return if the issue remains somehow. This is a universal rule that all players should follow when dealing with exploits like the Fortnite motorboats exploit, as it can lead to some swift bans.

But even worse, the Fortnite motorboats exploit is far from the only issue that the boats have had in the game recently. As mentioned, users are noting other bugs and issues that the vehicle has been causing in the game recently.

There is an issue with the boats in terms of floating that shouldn’t happen and a problem where the boats allow players to go through objects with ease. And then there is the problem where the player could clip through a waterfall in the boat and end up stuck outside the map, likely to die if they don’t use the consumable duplication exploit.

When Will Boats Return to Fortnite?

This leaves us with the question of when will the motorboats return to Fortnite? But the problem with this question is that there’s so much going on with the motorboats. So, there is no telling when they will return in the battle royale game.

But we do know that Epic Games is at least keeping us in the loop with this particular problem and will address it in a future update. The developer may have already honed in on the issue, maybe something to do with the water receding on the map, so it might not take too long.

That could mean that we could see it return in the next update, but there is also the chance it will go the route of some of the other issues in the past that took several weeks or even months to return. Fortunately, the Fortnite cars are coming soon, which should tie players over in the meantime.


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