Fortnite Mods Support Hinted at in Recent Leak

by in Fortnite | Nov, 23rd 2020

Epic Games has always ensured that Fortnite battle royale is a game that is welcoming to all players on almost all platforms and one that users in the community can customize to their liking. But it looks like this could be expanding in the future with possible Fortnite mods support.

Fortnite Mods Support Could Be Coming Soon

This was revealed on Twitter by the popular and trustworthy Fortnite data miner Lucas7yoshi. We have covered them before. They have proved reliable when finding secrets about the renowned battle royale game before it has been officially announced.

One such surprising feature that the data miner recently discovered was the possibility of Fortnite mods support that is seemingly coming to the game soon. The data miner noted that they found some interesting new folders and files in the game’s back end recently.

For starters, there is the part where the user found areas of the backend that mention user-created game plugins that can be put into the game by various players on PC. This implies that you will create something on your own and then add it to the game for use through mods.

Also, some files mention game custom installed bundles that could be referencing custom files that some had created on their own and are then installing into the game for use in gameplay. At this time, it isn’t guaranteed that this is in regards to Fortnite mods support, but it certainly looks like it.

Files Point to User-Created Content

When opening up these files, the only user-created content in the backend is the Party Royale posters that already exist in the game. The data miner theorizes that this could be Epic Games testing out the feature on their own to make sure it works.

That would be interesting if the Party Royale posters that are some of the game’s assets come from this particular mods feature that is possibly coming to the game. There is more evidence pointing towards this like there are files with permissions for them.

If this Fortnite mods support leak is real and true, it raises the question of what types of mods that players will be able to create. This is a tricky situation for an online battle royale game like Fortnite since you are letting players make their content for the title.

The possibilities, though, are endless as you could make your skins, maps, game modes, and so much more. Perhaps the most concerning part of this whole situation is that someone could easily create something infringing on copyright material.

Fortnite Mods Could Make Things Complicated

Someone could easily make a fan-favorite character from another game or property and implement them as a skin into Fortnite using a mod. This would be problematic and cause issues for the battle royale game that most modded games don’t have to worry about as much.

Because of this potential problem, there is the likelihood that Epic Games will heavily restrict the mods support that Fortnite will possibly have. There could be a chance that there is no way to create something necessarily from scratch but rather be able to edit the game’s existing content.

Perhaps, someone will be able to go in there and change certain skins to have different colors or add horns to them or something like that. It’s a very complicated situation and one that Epic will have to be extremely careful to avoid any problems with other companies.

One of the other games similar to Fortnite that has modding is Minecraft, with the building similarities between the two games and the fact that the latter has some survival royale modes. But Minecraft has often seen issues with copyrighted material.

Mods Have Been Problematic in Similar Games

There have been many game modes where it implemented things like Pokemon and other existing properties that didn’t have permission. It didn’t take long for companies like Nintendo to stop that fast. But one thing about Minecraft is that modding is kept to the PC side mostly.

With Fortnite, it is hard to limit something like mods to only the PC side since you would likely see something that someone has created online at some point, no matter what platform you are on. That would then possibly cause issues with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft if they don’t want that content on their platforms. We don’t need another Apple and Epic situation, that’s for sure.

There are so many possible issues that could come with Fortnite mods support that we doubt that it will be as free as in other games if and when it does arrive. In the meantime, Epic Games has already made the game pretty freeform with the Creative mode and other sections.

Players can already edit the game to make their modes, maps, games, and ideas shared online with other players using the toolset that Epic has developed and released. There are a lot of crazy ideas and things that players have already come up with through Creative.

It will be interesting to see how mods could affect Creative mode and everything else in Fortnite. For now, though, we will have to wait and see since Epic Games has yet to confirm or announce the existence of this feature officially. Stay tuned for more possible details on it in the future.


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