Fortnite Mega Drop Event Permanently Lowers V-Bucks Cost

by in Fortnite | Aug, 13th 2020

Update: Apple has now removed Fortnite from the App Store in response to Epic’s new payment system.

Epic Games is beginning a new event today in Fortnite that is related to items and it is quite the amazing one, to say the least. The Fortnite Mega Drop event is happening right now and includes a ton of potential savings for players across the various platforms.

Fortnite Mega Drop Event Reduces V-Bucks Cost

Epic revealed the first details of this Fortnite Mega Drop event on the official blog site for the battle royale game. From now on, players will have a permanent option to save money on the battle royale currency V-Bucks, so that you aren’t spending as much money as you did before.

To be clear, the Fortnite Mega Drop event isn’t just some sale for a limited time to allow for savings on V-Bucks, but players will permanently be able to save money on V-Bucks from today moving forward so long as they buy the Fortnite currency through a certain method.

Players on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and even mobile devices will be able to walk away from the store with some extra savings than usual in the game. Any purchases that you make for V-Bucks using real money and the like will now save you up to 20%.

You don’t need to do anything at all if you are on console, PC, or Mac as the savings will automatically be applied to you moving forward. When you go to buy 1000 V-Bucks, like for getting the season three battle pass, it will no longer roughly $10 USD, but it will instead cost you around $8 from now on.

All Platforms Will Save Money Now

This is the case on consoles and PC, but the situation is a little bit different when it comes to the mobile platforms. To be clear, players on Android and iOS are able to save money this way as well, not having to spend as much to get 1000 V-Bucks and so on, but there are some extra loops here.

You see, the problem with the mobile platforms is that they take out a huge chunk of cash of any purchase that is made through the respective App Store and Google Play Store. This is something that every developer on Android and iOS have to deal with going through those official channels.

This has been something of a controversy in the past, as developers like Epic Games have not wanted to have to deal with these exorbitant charges that the store holders are requiring from them. But even still, Epic Games is now allowing even the Android and iOS users to save money.

While the console and PC players simply get the savings automatically, the mobile players of Fortnite will have to go through an extra hoop of sorts to avoid the higher V-Bucks prices. When you select some currency to purchase in-game from now on, you will now see two options appear for you.

How the Savings Work on Mobile Devices

The first of these will show the option to go through the Apple App Store to buy the V-Bucks or you can go through the Google Play Store for those players on Android; those are one of the two first possible first options that you will see when doing this.

The game will notify you that doing so will keep the V-Bucks prices the exact same as they were before: $10 USD for 1000 V-Bucks and so on. But there is a second option on both platforms that allow you to save money on the in-game currency like the rest of the platforms.

The second, new option is to use Epic direct payment to pay the money directly to Epic Games and get your V-Bucks. If you do this, you will receive the discounted price of $8 for 1000 V-Bucks and so on that the other platforms are now enjoying as well.

Because you are paying the money directly to Epic Games through this method, the developer is in turn passing along the savings to you by ensuring that you don’t have to pay the old, full price for the currency. This is great news, but it does come with some unfortunate caveats.

Why Are All Mobile Purchases Not Covered?

You see, Google and Apple charge around 30% to developers for any purchases that happen through their stores. This was a major problem in the past that actually caused Epic Games to offer a separate solution for Android players until the game finally came to the Google Play Store recently.

30% is a whole lot, which is why Epic Games is now encouraging players to pay directly to them and save money in the process. But the one problem with this is if you happen to have a Google Play Store or App Store gift card and you want to use that to pay for it.

If you go this route, you will have the old pricing model, which isn’t necessarily bad but it is unfortunate if you miss out on those savings. This offer isn’t just being offered to American players either as it is affecting other countries as well.

For players who use Euro to pay for currency, the new price will be 7.99 Euros for 1000 V-Bucks moving forward. The list of supported countries is growing and, hopefully, more places will benefit from this soon. And for those of you who purchased V-Bucks recently, there is a bright side.

Recent V-Bucks Purchases Will Get a Bonus

While some of you might have bought some V-Bucks last week or a couple of weeks ago, it isn’t all that bad that you missed out on these new savings. This is because the Fortnite Mega Drop event is actually benefiting players who purchased currency recently, too.

If you bought V-Bucks in the last 30 days, from July 14 through today, August 13, you will be granted a V-Bucks bonus to make up for the savings that you missed out on. The bonus will be 20% of the total purchase amount that you spent during that time frame and you will receive it by August 17.

And for everyone else who hasn’t spent anything, every single player who logs into the game will receive the Shooting Starstaff pickaxe for free. This awesome shooting star item is now available in the game free for everyone, so don’t miss out on it.


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