Fortnite Master Chief and The Walking Dead Crossovers Announced

by in Fortnite | Dec, 11th 2020

The Game Awards happened last night on Thursday, Dec. 10, and was a massive event for the entire video game industry. As always, Fortnite showed up in full force to announce some new stuff. While some of it was expected, the Fortnite Master Chief skin was still a very welcome reveal.

Fortnite Showed Up Strong at The Game Awards 2020

Epic Games showed up during The Game Awards 2020 and had plenty of content for Fortnite players to look forward to. What began as a simple but very exciting announcement quickly turned into something crazy and unexpected, even for the most diehard fans. 

Fortnite was up for several awards last night during the event and, though it did not make any real landslide victories this year, unlike in 2019, it did make up the difference by announcing quite a few things. This was especially surprising since the new season has already started.

The new season began last week, but that didn’t mean that Epic was done with all of the Fortnite content. As you know, this season is all about bounty hunters of some kind. We already knew that the next hunter would be announced at the event. 

Well, now that the event has come and gone, the new hunter is here and already in the game for you to pick up. The hunter themselves might not be too surprising, but they are a welcome addition to the game indeed. But there were still some surprises that came along the way. Here is a full recap of everything that was announced last night. 

Fortnite Master Chief Skin Formally Revealed

Kicking off the string of announcements that Epic Games had last night was the big one: there is now an official Fortnite Master Chief skin. That’s right, John-117 is now one of the hunters who has joined the ever-growing multiverse that is Fortnite battle royale Season 5. 

This will not be surprising to anyone who has played battle royale recently or has been reading up on the leaks that have appeared. After all, the first character to launch as a premium crossover this season was none other than Kratos, the PlayStation icon from the God of War series.

Arguably the most important Sony character at this time in gaming, Kratos could only be matched by Microsoft’s iconic hunter: Master Chief. We already knew about this because of the clear rumors plus the fact that there have been legitimate leaks for the Fortnite Master Chief skin. 

But now it is finally official as of The Game Awards 2020. You could pick up the Fortnite Master Chief skin beginning last night. He will likely be only available for a limited time in the battle royale game’s fifth season, so we highly recommend picking him up now while you still can.

But the announcement didn’t end with the Master Chief crossover as there was a second part that was revealed. Starting today, there is a unique recreation of the beloved Blood Gulch map from the Halo series that you will be able to check out in Fortnite Creative mode. 

You will likely be able to compete on this new version of Blood Gulch Fortnite-style for a little while, so make sure to check it out while you still can, as we are not sure how long this will be available. Given that Master Chief is a character who is a hunter of the Covenant aliens and the Halo rings, he makes perfect sense for this season.

But now that we have Kratos and Master Chief, it only makes sense to add in a Nintendo hunter character. We imagine that Epic wouldn’t have done this whole situation if they didn’t already have all three console publishers on board for the crossovers and allowing their treasured characters on other platforms. 

So, it only makes sense that Samus from the Metroid series will be the person to represent Nintendo since she is one of the most famous bounty hunters of all time. Until then, the announcements from The Game Awards 2020 are still not over for Fortnite. 

Fortnite The Walking Dead Crossover Announced

While the Blood Gulch reveal was unexpected, it wasn’t super groundbreaking since that is something relegated to Creative mode, whereas most players are playing normal battle royale. When it seemed like the announcements were over, Epic surprised us with one final one that we didn’t see leak necessarily. 

The shocking announcement to come out of this event for Fortnite was that there would be a Walking Dead crossover. We have seen The Walking Dead crossover with PUBG Mobile in the past, so this sudden announcement for Fortnite is an interesting one to happen now.

As part of this, fan-favorite Walking Dead stars Michonne and Daryl Dixon will appear in battle royale as skins. They will drop later next week, instead of this week, giving you something to look forward to in Week 3 of Season 5. 

Michonne and Daryl will be in the item shop, like Master Chief, so you will need a whole lot of V-Bucks right now if you are looking to pick up every single one of these in Fortnite before they leave the item shop. 

The Walking Dead crossover looks to be just these two characters for now, but there is room for more characters and other zombie-related stuff, so we will have to wait and see if we ever get more from this massive zombies franchise in the future. You can pick up Michonne and Daryl in Fortnite on Wednesday, Dec. 16.


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