Fortnite Marvel Crossovers Won’t End With Season 4

by in Fortnite | Oct, 26th 2020

If you love the current fourth season of Fortnite Chapter 2, you are in luck as it seems that this is not going to be a one-time thing. It appears that the Fortnite Marvel seasons will continue past the current Season 4, to the point where we have years of crossovers to come for battle royale.

More Fortnite Marvel Seasons Teased

This comes from Eurogamer, who covered recent comments from the Epic Games worldwide creative director Donald Mustard who appeared on the This Week in Marvel podcast. As part of the podcast, the director spoke on the future of Marvel and Fortnite crossovers.

Mustard noted that this season is called Nexus War for a reason and that there are “many years of Marvel integration” planned for the future of Fortnite battle royale. This hints that Season 4 is not a one-off and that there are more Fortnite Marvel seasons to come down the road.

He stated that “this is not the end; this is the beginning” of the crossovers that will happen between Fortnite and Marvel in this way. Interestingly enough, Fortnite Season 4 was teased earlier this year with the crossovers we already got during Chapter 2.

There was the release of the official Captain America skin and the surprising addition of Deadpool in Season 2. Many of us were surprised that Deadpool was an integral part of the second season, instead of just being a crossover skin released in the item shop.

Fortnite Is the Nexus of All Realities

Players had to have the battle pass to unlock the Deadpool skin. He even changed the map and lobby area in the process, forever changing how crossovers like this would be. It was all leading towards the introduction of Galactus, who would be the focal point of this current Nexus War season.

What is intriguing about this fourth season is that it was already planned to happen over a year ago before the black hole event had even happened, shutting down the game and creating a brand new battle royale island for players to explore in Chapter 2.

Galactus fits into the meta lore of the black hole event, sensing the energy that caused him to make his way to the battle royale island, which is currently happening, and his approach is imminent. As for the Nexus War name, this comes down to Fortnite being at the center of so many properties.

Mustard noted that Fortnite is the nexus of all sorts of realities, including Marvel and other crossover events that have happened throughout the three years that the game has been out. The development team has many years of Fortnite lore and story beats already planned at this point.

We Could See More Marvel Seasons Soon

It is clear that not only are the Fortnite crossover events with Marvel and other properties going to continue but that the Fortnite Marvel seasons are likely to continue as well past Season 4. That doesn’t mean that the next season will be Marvel-themed. We honestly doubt that.

Fortnite isn’t a Marvel or Disney game, so it will continue to have crossovers with tons of things beyond just superheroes from that universe. But we wouldn’t be surprised if there will be at least one Marvel season of battle royale per chapter that we have.

It wouldn’t even be shocking to see a Marvel season of battle royale every single calendar year. That might be a stretch, but it wouldn’t be too shocking to see. But this also opens the doorway for other crossover seasons in the future as the battle royale island is the nexus between worlds.

With the Fortnite Joker skin coming to the battle royale game soon, it wouldn’t be shocking even to see a DC Comics Season 1 day. After all, we had Aquaman fill the gap that Deadpool left in Season 3. We know that Deadpool’s introduction was a prelude to Season 4.

Perhaps We Could See a DC Comics Season or Others

It could be a situation where Aquaman was a tease for an eventual DC Comics season that will focus on characters we don’t have yet like Superman and many others. Beyond that, there are many other possibilities for future seasons of battle royale like Star Wars and plenty more.

For now, though, we will have to wait and see what’s to come as the current fourth season will end, as far as we know, in November. There are rumors that it will end at the end of that month, so we are probably still a few weeks away from finding out about Season 5.

In the meantime, there is one more week of battle royale challenges to do and some Marvel competitions left to enjoy. Plus, Galactus’s arrival on the island hasn’t happened yet and should happen soon, causing some crazy stuff in the Fortnite universe.

Players can already see Galactus in the sky approaching the island, and his arrival should happen soon. Whether it leads to a special event where players can fight Galactus or a season-ending moment that forever changes the island remains to be seen.

Regardless, there are plenty of possible Fortnite Marvel seasons to come with superheroes that still haven’t made their debut yet. Major characters like Spider-Man haven’t shown up on Fortnite and could easily lead an entire season on his own.


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