Fortnite Mac Bug Gives Some Players an Unfair Advantage

by in Fortnite | Jun, 3rd 2020

To no surprise to anyone, a new bug in Fortnite battle royale has appeared for players. This time around, this latest bug is different from some for being relegated to only the Mac platform (as far as we know). The new Fortnite Mac bug is a worrisome one, though, as it gives an unfair advantage.

Fortnite Mac Bug Can Give Players an Unfair Advantage

The latest Fortnite Mac bug was reported on by Forbes and we haven’t been able to confirm it ourselves or see other players confirm it, but the evidence is striking in the footage that was shown off. According to the site, the bug is letting some Mac users automatically skip a good portion of a match.

Yeah, you heard that one right as this Fortnite Mac bug lets players join the game late into the battle royale match and bypass many of the other players in the match. This lets them join when there are fewer players left in the match, giving them an automatic and unfair advantage.

In the example that was given, the player joined a match on Mac and the first match they were in, they experienced this odd and potentially somewhat game-breaking issue. Loading into the battle royale match on Mac, they were left on the loading screen for a good while.

Instead of just loading the player into the match per usual, the player was stuck there for approximately two to three minutes, instead of the usual time that you would experience on the platform. This led to them joining the match when it has already been started and gone through a lot of players.

Bug Lets You Join a Match Late

In this particular example, the player entered the game with around 53 players left in the match, which is nearly half of what makes a full battle royale match. There was about 30 seconds left until the first storm circle began shrinking, which is a few minutes into the game.

And by the time they were able to land in the battle royale match, there were only 42 players left in the match. That was almost 60 players eliminated by the time they got into the match. For the record, that not only gives them an advantage but the first survivor medal for that match.

They already have a better chance at winning than about 50% of the players who are in the match. Now, the one thing about this that many players will bring up is the fact that making it into the top 50 in a battle royale match isn’t necessarily a massive accomplishment for many.

This is because it is rather easy to get into the top 50 just by standing around or hiding away from the main locations where other players head to. So, while it isn’t a total advantage or easy win, it does mean that the player is at least guaranteed to not have those quick deaths right at the start.

There Are Some Negatives to This Bug

At the same time, though, the Fortnite Mac bug does come with its disadvantages like the fact that you are dropping into the match several minutes in with nothing to your name. You have no shields, no weapons, materials, or anything else that you can use to fight against the others.

On the other hand, the remaining 40-50 players in the match have had that time to gather up supplies, take some gear off of other players, and get ready for the next storm circle. This can be seen as a problem for the players using this glitch as it means you need to find gear fast and without running into other players on the field.

Since the circle is closing, there is a chance that where you will head to will have already been picked clean by the enemies and there is the chance that you will meet other players there if it hasn’t been cleared out. In a way, this does somewhat balance out this problem with the Mac glitch.

But at the end of the day, this is a problem that exists and it could potentially give someone an unfair advantage over the others since they can skip over up to more than half the entire roster of players in a single match. But what is interesting is that it doesn’t always happen to Mac players.

How the Bug Possibly Happens

From what we gather so far regarding the bug, it only seems to happen under specific circumstances. Though we are going to explain this to you, it is worth keeping in mind that we do not support players using this nor do we suggest that you should use it yourself in battle.

From what we know, the bug seems to only happen with the first battle royale match that you play on your Mac computer after the computer has been rebooted. If you have played a match since then, it won’t work but will likely work if the computer is restarted at some point.

For the matches after the first one, they should play out like normal. This suggests that there is some problem in the backend with loading the game properly and quickly enough to get you in the match in a sufficient amount of time.

This is far from the first bug of this type, but it is the first one that we know where the player can get into the actual match and compete, and therefore, get an advantage over the competition. A similar bug in the past only spawned the player on the starting island and left them there until they were taken out by the storm.

Because of the nature of this bug, it is something that we presume Epic Games will likely jump on fast and offer a solution for. Unfortunately, we have heard nothing about it yet from the developer and it isn’t one of the known issues touted on the official Trello board.


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