Fortnite Loserfruit Skin and Emote Leak

by in Fortnite | May, 22nd 2020

Epic Games is expanding the Fortnite Icon Series with the next addition to the famed content creator and celebrity series. We already knew that there would be a Fortnite Loserfruit skin and emote that would officially release, but now we have our first look at what they will be.

Fortnite Loserfruit Skin Leaked

The Fortnite Loserfruit skin and emote recently leaked due to data miner Lucas7yoshi who has been great in the past at uncovering new items and stuff that Epic Games hasn’t revealed yet. We have covered his correct leaks in the past, but still, take this with a grain of salt.

Renowned Fortnite data miner Lucas7yoshi recently posted on Twitter about something that he uncovered in the game files of the battle royale title. What the data miner found was a single lone file that was separated from everything else and it happened to be the Fortnite Loserfruit skin.

In the game files, it is only the featured image that is found in the files right now along with the tag. The data miner hypothesized that the file would be the Loserfruit skin since there was no actual confirmation of it in the files themselves, as there was little to no information to go on.

That said, the featured image of the skin does happen to give off some serious Loserfruit vibes. The outfit, beanie, and hairstyle of the normal skin do bear some resemblance to the popular content creator. But what is really cool is that the skin seems to have three styles based on it.

What the Leaked Skin Looks Like

One of them is the more normal one that has brown hair and an almost police officer-like outfit with a blue beanie. A second style has the same hair and beanie but has a stranger blue outfit with suspenders that has a pattern that is oddly similar to that of an architect’s blueprint of all things.

The third and final Loserfruit skin style that we can see in the game files that were reportedly leaked is very different compared to the previous two. It trades the hair color and beanie for a pink beanie covering vibrant blue hair that looks great.

As for the outfit itself, it is also the best outfit of the three, featuring a mostly black suit with knives and gloves. While it is mostly black, there are just a few spots of pink accents that really make the outfit pop and look really good, compared to the other two.

It is no coincidence that this Fortnite Loserfruit skin showed up in the game files on the same day that the popular Australian YouTuber posted her own tease of the upcoming Fortnite Icon Series release inspired by her. All she posted was a picture of a silhouette of a new emote.

More Teases and Leaks Point to This Being Real

The new emote shows a Fortnite character who is holding a massive strawberry while jumping up in the air high, looking like they are about to slam the strawberry down onto the ground like in celebration of something. The emote is called “fruit punch” and Loserfruit posted an eyes-looking emote with it.

That was all that was teased by her earlier today. But this is certainly enough to get the community talking as it likely means that the fruit punch emote and the leaked skin are likely to be revealed and released in the near future. To add even more fuel to the fire, a third event happened separately from the first two.

The Skin Tracker Twitter account is great about going through the game files, finding new and unannounced skins before their release, and showing them off has revealed yet another skin. This time, it is the Loserfruit official skin that has been revealed, despite not being announced yet.

The Skin Tracker Twitter account posted a clip on social media earlier today that showed off the Loserfruit skin in a Fortnite battle royale lobby in action. In addition, the account showed off the fruit punch emote that it oddly called “fruit punchers” in action as well.

When We Could See These Items Release

The video clip all but confirms the official Fortnite Loserfruit skin and emote as real. The only thing that we are waiting on at this point is for Epic Games to confirm their existence and release them in the game. Given the timing of all of this, it is likely that Epic just put these items in the game files recently.

This would tell us that the Loserfruit crossover items could release in the game in the very near future, but it could also mean that Epic Games is just gearing up for an eventual release. But also given the fact that Loserfruit herself teased the emote today, we can certainly see these items release soon.

It is likely that we will see the release of the Loserfruit items in the game in the next couple of weeks. The question of when exactly this would be is the main problem, though. These leaks come at a very weird and somewhat inconvenient time for Fortnite battle royale.

After all, the release of Fortnite season three is on the horizon and will be released in less than two weeks on June 4. On that day, the third season of chapter two will arrive and likely give players plenty of new content and interesting things to do in the battle royale game.

As such, it would seem like the Loserfruit crossover items would most likely make sense to wait until then to give players even more to look forward to with the release of season three. But it does seem rather far away to start teasing those items right now, instead of closer to the launch of season three.

Are There More Items Besides the Skin and Emote?

In this way, we could see Epic Games release the Loserfruit items next Wednesday or Thursday to fill the gaps in the final week before the release of season three, but that seems weird as well. This is a major and valuable crossover, so it would seem like a waste to do it just before the big new season.

There are a lot of players who, understandably, take time off from the game as they wait for season three like myself. It would be bad timing to release something like this then when there could be fewer players enjoying the game and wanting to buy it unless it stuck around for several weeks.

For now, though, we will just have to wait and see what will happen with the Loserfruit skin and emote items. More so, it will be interesting to see if these are the only crossover items that will be part of this latest Fortnite Icon Series event or if there will be more.

In the case of Ninja, the first crossover between Fortnite and content creators and celebrities from around the world, he got a whole set of items including the expected skin and emote as well as a glider and pickaxe. So far, we haven’t heard or seen anything about a glider or pickaxe for Loserfruit, so stay tuned for any details regarding those as well.


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