Fortnite Loki Skin Is Coming in July Crew Pack

by in Fortnite | Jun, 28th 2021

Epic Games is trying hard to promote its subscription service for Fortnite battle royale. It looks like the Fortnite Crew service is getting perhaps its biggest crossover skin yet. The next Crew pack is going to include the Fortnite Loki skin and much more. 

Fortnite Crew Subscription Will Include Loki

Epic Games teased on Twitter what the next Fortnite Crew subscription bundle is going to be. As we near the end of June, it is now time for the Fortnite developer to reveal what will be available in the next iteration of the monthly subscription service. 

This time around, it will be a crossover skin that players will be able to get from the Crew service. This is only the second main crossover skin that players have been able to get this way, after the Green Arrow skin earlier this year so this is a huge moment for the platform. 

Not many details were shared at this time, but we know that the Fortnite Loki skin will be the main part of the Crew subscription service next month. Once July begins, current subscribers will be able to pick up this new crossover skin item and start showing it off in the matches that you do. 

Unfortunately, all that we know about the Fortnite Loki skin, for now, is that it is going to be in the Crew pack. Not even the tweet revealed much more than this, including what exactly the skin is going to look like and what other items players will get in the subscription service. 

Fortnite Loki Skin Teased

It does give a slight tease of what the Fortnite Loki skin will look like, with a green and yellow-ish aesthetic to the image that was shared and the ever-so-slightest glimpse of the famous horns are atop of the mischievous Marvel god’s head. 

In this way, we could see a more comics-inspired take on the Loki character, but there is a chance that we could also see this be inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of him that Tom Hiddleston has played. 

Regardless, this is a great moment for fans of the comics, movies, and Loki in general as he is finally coming to Fortnite. He will join his Norse godbrother Thor who is already available in the battle royale game and has been there since the very beginning of the fourth season of Chapter 2. 

This is an amazing time to do this since we have Marvel’s Loki TV show on Disney+ right now. As the show is currently in production, this seems like the best time to finally give us the Loki skin that some players have been asking for since the release of Thor. 

This Timing Is Perfect

It follows up on a similar situation with Disney+ and The Mandalorian show there, and the quick turnaround to have that skin part of season 5. So, this timing is not surprising, but there is another major part of what likely influenced this Fortnite Loki skin coming out now. 

The Fortnite Loki skin comes out in the Crew subscription in the month right after the launch of Season 7, which is very intelligent timing on Epic Games’ part business-wise. However, the Crew subscription likely was quite popular during June and potentially May before that due to the new season coming out. 

Players who have the Crew sub when a new season releases get the paid battle pass for free, and that was something that many players most likely took advantage of this month. You could get the paid battle pass, 1000 V-Bucks, some skins, other cosmetic items, and more just for a single monthly fee that is only a few dollars more than the usual battle pass. 

Epic Games is smart to follow up on that month where players were taking advantage of that offer with another one that is almost just as hard to pass up on. The Fortnite Loki skin is exclusive to the Crew service, which is the only way you will get this skin.

How to Get the Fortnite Loki Skin

While the Thor skin could be unlocked by just purchasing the premium battle pass in the past, the Loki one will only be in the Crew subscription separate from the battle pass this season and will likely only be around for July. 

If you want to get it, you can only subscribe to the Crew service, which would mean that you might be resubscribing if you are already a member of the sub. If you are a new subscriber, though, and already have the paid battle pass, you will get a one-time V-Bucks refund to your account.

In addition, there are usually other themed cosmetic items that you can get in the subscription, so we expect there to be a back bling or something else that goes along with the Loki skin. And then there are the usual 1000 V-bucks that you can get if you are resubscribing during July. 

There is no release date yet for the Fortnite Loki skin, but the new Crew pack usually drops right at the very end of the previous month, so we should see it come out sometime next week. If you do subscribe and get it, the service can be canceled at any time since there is no agreement requiring you to resubscribe to the service.


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