Fortnite Llambro Skin Will Be the March Fortnite Crew Subscription Skin

by in Fortnite | Feb, 22nd 2021

We are already nearing the end of the shortest month of the whole year, and that means that a whole lot of new Fortnite content is on the way soon. With March’s start around the corner, Epic Games has revealed a brand new skin known as the Fortnite Llambro skin. 

Fortnite Llambro Skin Revealed

The Fortnite Llambro skin is quite literally a llama who wants to be your bro in the battle royale game. It has been quite a long time since we’ve had a llama skin in the game, so it is high time for another. Epic is ready to deliver with potentially the best llama-themed skin to date. 

The llama bro skin will be dropping in Fortnite battle royale at the beginning of March and will be only available to a particular group of players. This is not like the standard skin situations where you can pick it up in the item shop with your V-Bucks and be good to go. 

Alternatively, you will unlock the new skin in the paid battle pass for the latest season. But with the fate of Fortnite Season 6 currently unknown as Season 5 trudges on with Week 12 challenges and beyond, that one isn’t going to be the case here, either. 

Instead, the Fortnite Llambro skin is only available through the Fortnite Crew subscription that is getting ready to enter its fourth month to date with its fourth headlining skin. That skin will be this llama bro one, complete with some extra goodies that players will get. 

Llambro Skin Will Only Be Available Through Fortnite Crew Subscription

The Fortnite Llambro skin will only be available through the Fortnite Crew subscription and for March 2021, and that is it. The skin is a llama bro who has a standard baby blue color scheme with rainbow hair and a unicorn horn on top of his head. 

He has the same wacky face and style that you would expect from one of the llama creatures in the Fortnite universe. He is wearing a pretty stylish outfit as well, featuring a rainbow-colored jacket with a backpack that slings around his chest and black pants that look slick.

Lastly, the llama bro has white sleeves that go down his arms’ full length to his black gloves on his hands and more. It’s safe to say that the Fortnite Llambro skin is one of the most colorful and appealing skins that we have seen in the game, especially when it comes to animal-like characters. 

The horned llama bro will be joining the battle royale game, technically this month, even though Epic Games says it will be in March. The outfit will be available at around 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET) on Feb. 28 for all of the active subscribers to Fortnite Crew.

What Else Comes With the Fortnite Crew Sub

For much of the world, that will likely be in March, but some users can get this skin before February ends. In addition to the Fortnite Llambro skin, subscribers will also get the specially themed Up North back bling, Puffcorn Pick pickaxe, and the Llegend Wrap (no, I didn’t misspell that, believe it or not) that is full of color. 

All of that will be available with the March edition of the Fortnite Crew subscription. To get in on this exclusive skin and other themed cosmetic items, players will need to be part of the active subscription service that bills players monthly until they unsubscribe. 

The subscription price is $11.99 a month, but that more than makes up for it with the free cosmetic items you get. But there is more to it than that. Epic Games has revealed that the sixth season of the battle royale game is coming at some point in March. 

Though a release date has not been confirmed, nor has the developer revealed what it is doing with the next season, given that we are far past the normal end of a season for the fifth one, it does seem that the new season will happen sometime in March.

Season 6 Battle Pass Will Also Be Given in March

Because of this, those subscribers who have the service for March when Season 6 drops will be able to also get the sixth season’s paid battle pass for free without having to pay any extra cash or V-Bucks. It will be included in the $12 you spend on the Crew subscription. 

This is also true because active subscribers get 1000 V-Bucks once a month when they subscribe so long as they don’t allow their service to drop. Thankfully, though, players don’t have to commit to a long-term subscription if they don’t want to. 

Let’s say that you want to get the Fortnite Llambro skin and the paid battle pass for the upcoming sixth season, and that is it. Well, you will be able to do just that by making sure to subscribe sometime in March for the $12 base price, and then you can unsubscribe at any point before the next billing cycle begins for you. 

And if you make sure to subscribe sometime in the middle of March, you might even be able to get the April featured skin for the Crew sub with the single month that you are subscribed, so you’ll be able to get two skins at once for the same subscription month. 


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