Fortnite Leak Reveals Details About Season 5 Finale Event

by in Fortnite | Mar, 2nd 2021

This leak could give some interesting answers to what awaits the Fortnite Season 5 finale. However, this has been a kind of boring season. Sure, the skin crossovers (The MandalorianStreet Fighter, etc.) have been awesome, but that’s about it. What’s going on in the Fortnite season finale? We know that the season’s overall theme has Agent Jonesy bringing the best Bounty Hunters around to help stop the players from escaping The Loop. We don’t want them leaving the Island after all. But if there’s anything Fortnite does well, it’s a live finale. What are the rumors?

The Zero Point Is Destabilizing

The end of Season 5 is coming on March 15; that much we do know. In 15.50, the Zero Point began to destabilize, and that’s not a good thing. It’s starting to crack in the main client, and players can see strange things distorting and altering at the Zero Point. Well, a leak has come to light about the Fortnite Season 5 finale. 

According to Mang0e, the Zero Point will create waves of destabilization over the coming weeks. These Reality Waves will wreak havoc on The Island. This leak also reveals the NPCs could be affected by the waves, with the possibility of NPCs being teleported to strange locations when a player interacts with them. Now that would be interesting, having no idea where to find NPCs. 

According to Mang0e: “It appears the Zero Point will send out four “waves” of destabilization over the course of the following weeks for Season 6 build-up. I expect these to act as “mini-events.”

But this isn’t the only leak for Season 5 of Fortnite. HYPEX shared a clip of what sounds like distorted audio that players can hear as the Zero Point destabilizes further. It doesn’t sound good, but it sounds interesting. Agent Jonesy’s playing with alternate realities could very well be the cause of all of this. 

Another potential part of this leak is that when players get close to the Zero Point, voice chat will also be affected. There’s talk of voice distortion of the players, but it’s not clear what will trigger it. Our guess is, the closer you get to the Zero Point, the more likely this is to occur. While we don’t have 100% confirmation, as these are leaks, it sounds exciting. We can’t wait to see what Fortnite does, because frankly, they’re excellent at ending their seasons on a high note. 


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