Fortnite Lara Croft Rumored to Be Upcoming Season 5 Hunter

by in Fortnite | Jan, 18th 2021

We’ve had many rumors and leaks about Fortnite Season 5 thus far. A large part of this is due to the bounty hunters theme. The theme of Season 5 means that hunters from across numerous properties can come together, and the latest one might be a Fortnite Lara Croft skin. 

Season 5 Has Had Many Crossovers Already

Season 5 has been one of the most widespread seasons to date, in terms of crossovers, since it isn’t like the previous Season 4 that was focused almost entirely just on Marvel superheroes. Instead, we have already had characters from numerous films, games, and TV shows appear. 

The season started with The Mandalorian showing up as the first skin that you will unlock in the paid battle pass, giving some much-needed Star Wars representation. We have had more Marvel characters, The Walking Dead stars, and even some video game franchise mascots. 

Who would have thought that Master Chief, the beloved character from the Microsoft-owned Halo series, and Kratos of Sony’s own God of War franchise would be able to battle alongside each other in the game? We certainly didn’t think it could happen, but it is possible right now. 

With leaks of other characters like the Predator showing up in Fortnite Season 5 down the road, the rumor mill is going strong. Still, it looks like the next hunter to join the game could be another video game one if the Fortnite Lara Croft skin rumors are to be believed. 

Fortnite Lara Croft Skin Rumored

Interestingly, this Fortnite Lara Croft rumor is that it is just that: a rumor. Unlike the Predator situation that was an apparent leak that we were reasonably certain about its legitimacy, this one is an actual rumor that seems likely to happen but certainly not guaranteed. 

The bulk of the rumor comes from Mang0e on Twitter, who we have covered before. The user dropped some new details surrounding the next hunter skin that will join the fifth season of content but had no announcement about the identity. 

It seems that the new skin isn’t in the backend of the game just yet, but some of the files and other details are. For one, the portal for the hunter is there and is known as Typhoon. The codename for these hunter portals is sometimes an indication of who will be in it. 

The portal has a custom flicker effect, which is pretty unique, and we also know from the files that the character will be a female and have some unique reactive styles. What this likely means is that the female skin will have some alternate versions of it. 

Typhoon Could Be a Reference to Lara Croft

That is all that we know about the rumored Fortnite Lara Croft, so it may have you wondering why some in the community believe it is her. The hunter theme certainly fits her well, but the codename for the portal of the upcoming female skin is the best reason. 

Typhoon could be a clever hint towards the fact that a storm is why Lara Croft ended up on the island that was the main location for the Tomb Raider reboot game in 2013. Furthermore, this is helped by the fact that the Tomb Raider Twitter account has potentially teased it

This month, it tweeted a thought bubble of Lara thinking about a pickaxe, her running, and a bow. This could be a reference to Fortnite, given the pickaxe part, but it could also be teasing the next Tomb Raider game since she is known to use an axe. 

Several signs seem to point towards the hidden Typhoon character being a Fortnite Lara Croft skin. She could fit the reactive skin styles part since you could have a cleaned-up version of her skin where she looks good and then a dirtied up, bloodied version of her for a different style.

Or, perhaps, there could even be an alternative version of the skin that is the polygonal PS1-era Lara Croft that looks clunky and weird alongside the gritty modern reboot version. It makes a lot of sense, but we want to help players keep in mind that this is just a rumor. 

This Character Could Also Be Samus From Metroid

There is another distinct possibility for who this Typhoon Fortnite skin is referring to and Samus Aran from the Metroid series. The Nintendo franchise has been rumored for a long time now. It seems all but confirmed at this point. 

With Sony allowing Kratos in Fortnite and Microsoft allowing Master Chief, Nintendo is the odd one out for the console manufacturers with no Fortnite skin in the game. Samus is the likely choice given her bounty hunter status. There have been rampant rumors about here since basically the start of the season. 

Typhoon would be a weird nickname for the bounty hunter, but her female and reactive skin styles would fit her. You could have the standard suit that she wears in most Metroid games, but you could also have the controversial Zero Suit Samus version as a skin style. 

There is also the possibility that it is someone else that Typhoon is referring to. Epic Games could surprise us in the end. There is also the chance that there will be a Fortnite Lara Croft skin and a Samus one in the future. We will have to wait and see for now. 


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