Fortnite Kratos Skin Is Now Available on All Platforms, Not Just PS4/PS5

by in Fortnite | Dec, 4th 2020

Fortnite Season 5 is just getting started. Epic Games has already accomplished one of the most impressive official crossovers in the battle royale game’s history. In the first week alone of the season, we already have our first post-launch cosmetic item: Fortnite Kratos skin.

Kratos Arrives in Fortnite

Kratos comes from the popular God of War series that is award-winning and for a good reason. This particular iteration of the Fortnite Kratos skin is all about his appearance in the 2018 game of the year title that pseudo-rebooted the franchise with a Norse mythology spin. 

This version of Kratos is now iconic and likely more popular than the original one, featured in numerous games during his tenure in the Greek pantheon. Epic Games has now made him available in Fortnite as the latest crossover skin added to the game. 

If you thought that the Marvel skins last season and The Mandalorian at the start of this season were crazy, the Fortnite Kratos skin is even wilder. No doubt, he is not nearly as massive as Thor, Iron Man, or even Mando, but there is underlying importance to this release. 

The Fortnite Kratos skin is available right now on all platforms for players to pick up for a limited time. You can only get him in the item shop for a short time, so be sure to grab him while you still can. The item shop changes daily, so there is a chance that he will leave it within 24 hours. 

Epic Games Has Done It Again

But since the Fortnite Kratos skin is the featured one at this time, it is also possible that we could have this new cosmetic bundle stick around in the game for longer than usual to give players a chance to save up some V-Bucks and pick him up in the item shop. 

Regardless, this is a momentous occasion for both Fortnite and the video game industry as a whole. Over the last few years, companies and games have long-sought to tear down some of the industry’s walls and various consoles.

One of the significant events in this was the addition of crossplay, which has become a standardized thing. Fortnite was one of the first AAA games to push that aspect and encourage the console publishers to work alongside one another in certain ways. 

Now, Epic Games has done it yet again and made it so that the Fortnite Kratos skin is not just available on the Sony platforms of PS4 and PS5, but everywhere else, too. Sure, PC and maybe even mobile makes sense. There are no problems there, including Nintendo Switch and all of the Xbox consoles. 

Fortnite Kratos Skin Is Available Everywhere

You can play as Kratos on your Switch, jump on over to the Xbox, and continue playing him there. This makes sense since Epic shouldn’t limit skins to only being usable on one platform. Furthermore, you are even able to buy the Fortnite Kratos skin on other platforms. 

This is unheard of, especially for a company like Sony, which has been very closed-off when interacting with the other platforms, even when compared to Nintendo. The fact that you can play as Kratos on a competitor’s system is rather impressive, so kudos to Epic Games.

The Fortnite Kratos skin is accompanied in the item shop by some other goodies themed around the 2018 game. There is the fabled Leviathan Axe that Kratos uses as his primary weapon in the title that you can get as a pickaxe and the Guardian Shield glider to soar into battle with style.

Lastly, you can pick up the Mimir head as a back bling and have the talkative god accompany you into battle royale matches. While the skin is available on all platforms, there is one exclusive that Sony secured for its players only.

Could Master Chief Be Next?

From what we can see, it looks like there is a special gold-armored version of Kratos that you can get as a skin variant, but it is only available for unlocking on PS5, from what we can see. Players who equip the skin on that system and then play one match will automatically unlock it. 

Presumably, you would then be able to use the skin style on other platforms, but we aren’t sure. Regardless, this is an amazing moment and one that comes just in time for The Game Awards 2020 when we expect that similar announcements to this one will take place. 

People have already predicted that Master Chief will follow up after the Fortnite Kratos skin as the next console-exclusive character who will appear in the battle royale game. This would make a lot of sense as both Kratos and Master Chief, to a lesser extent, fit the hunter motif this season.

Epic already revealed that more hunters would join this season after Mando and the others, and Kratos makes perfect sense as a hunter of gods across multiple realms. Master Chief also makes sense as a hunter of the Covenant aliens, the Flood, and the titular halo rings. 

Samus and Others Could Also Join Fortnite

If Master Chief is to come next, that only leaves Nintendo as the remaining console platform to not have an exclusive character in Fortnite. If Sony can do something like this, we imagine that Epic Games would have made sure to get Nintendo in on the action as well. 

The most likely candidate is none other than Samus, the star of the Metroid series. She is a bounty hunter like The Mandalorian and makes perfect sense. We could also see her exclusive Nintendo skin variant be the Zero Suit Samus as well. 

This leaves the question of whether there will be a unique skin representing the PC side of things. One of the most defining games associated with the Epic Games Store is Hades, so maybe we could see the main character Zagreus show up in the battle royale game in the future? Only time will tell, so stay tuned for more crossover skins besides just Kratos. 


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