Fortnite Island Games Event Is Here With Quests, Rewards, More

by in Fortnite | Aug, 31st 2021

Epic Games has announced the latest limited-time event for Fortnite Season 7: the Fortnite Island Games event. The Fortnite Island Games are a great way to end the summer with a special themed event that focuses on a particular slice of the battle royale game. 

Fortnite Island Games Event Arrives

The new Fortnite Island Games is live right now with the latest patch for the battle royale game, offering a new limited-time event for players to check out. The event will only stick around for a week, not giving much time for players to get in there and see what’s happening. 

The Fortnite Island Games begin today, August 31, and will run for just over a week until Wednesday, September 8, when it will conclude. The short time for this event is unfortunate, especially since it includes a ton of content for players to check out and enjoy. 

What only makes this matter worse is that Epic is doing the sequential system again for this event, where the quests and other parts of it will not be available all at once. Instead, they will come out for the event, and all of them will remain available until the end. 

That means if you want to complete all of the challenges and check everything out, you will need to keep checking back in the game over the next week to see what is going on. It is a very strange, rushed way of handling this new limited-time event. 

However, Epic may be too strict about the timing for this new Fortnite Island Games event because of the new battle royale season that is coming out soon. We presume that the new season will be available around the end of this event next week or the week after that, so that could be why. 

The Fortnite Island Games event focuses on the creators in the community and what they have made in the Creative mode. This is a Creative event where players will be asked to play various featured game modes and complete challenges for rewards. 

This accompanies the new redesign of the community modes for the game with a revamped UI that better showcases the discovery of new game modes for players to check out in Fortnite. Here is everything that you need to know about the new limited-time Creative mode event. 

Creative Modes Featured in the Event

For starters, the bulk of the Fortnite Island Games centers around the featured game modes offered through it. Many will be available in the game, but some focus on the main featured ones for the Island Games. 

These are the ones, too, that players will most likely be using for the various challenges offered in the limited-time event. Here are the ones that Epic Games has highlighted as the featured events that encourage players to check out over the next week. 

First up, we have the classic Halo-inspired Red versus Blue Rumble, created by Boykaaro. In this action-packed game mode, there are infinite respawns and a whole lot of gold for players to collect as they battle against the enemy team to find out who will come out on top. 

This fast-paced action combat game includes strong starting loadouts for players to eliminate the enemy players for gold. You can then turn around and use that gold to upgrade your weapons and do even better against the enemy team until one is declared victorious. 

The second featured Creative mode is known as Prison Breakout created by Echo. You are now a prisoner that has been caught. It is time for you to break out of your confinement. However, doing so is a bit easier said than done. 

The crux of Prison Breakout is skillful enough to get around the prison, find loot to suit up for the fights ahead, and then take the fight to the prison guards who are standing between you and freedom. In this guards versus prisoners mode, players will determine which side is the winner. 

The third featured game mode is Finest’s Realistic, which is developed by FinestYT. What is great about each of these modes is how different they all are, and Finest’s Realistic is a two-on-two mode. As such, this will appeal to a more competitive-focused group of players. 

In Finest’s Realistic, you and a partner take on an enemy duo in eight rounds of realistic fights across eight different points of interest from the battle royale island. You will be traveling to familiar locales and battling there with a variety of guns for you to choose from. Like Call of Duty’s Gunfight mode, Finest’s Realistic will likely be a fan favorite in the competitive community. 

After that, we come to a wildly different experience with Wildlands. It is an open-world experience where players need to survive and level up their skills to adapt to this challenging environment. Tonyquest has created this fascinating open-world game mode. 

And last but not least, we return to the Halo-like modes with the Red versus Blue Lava game mode. This time around, this one is created by Prettyboy and includes an arena full of lava for teams to battle across. Like the other one, there are coins to collect to upgrade weapons to have a better chance of eliminating your enemies.

Fortnite Island Games Quests List

Like most events, there are new Fortnite Island Games quests for players to complete to earn rewards. What is interesting about these quests, though, is that all of them are tied into the new featured Creative modes that Epic wants players to check out. 

That means that if you want to collect the new items offered for free through this event, you will need to play the Creative modes and do the various challenges there to earn them. Furthermore, some of the challenges will only work with specific modes, so players must keep that in mind, too. 

You will have to play all of the game modes mentioned above if you want to complete all of the challenges and earn their rewards. To help you with this, we have compiled the full list of the Fortnite Island Games challenges that are available throughout the event below: 

  • Deal 5500 damage with shotguns or sniper rifles in Red versus Blue Rumble
  • Buy six legendary weapons from the vending machines in Red versus Blue Rumble
  • Get 50 eliminations in Red versus Blue Rumble
  • Buy five epic weapons or higher in Prison Breakout
  • Get 25 eliminations in Prison Breakout
  • Deal 1500 damage while inside the Prevalent sedan vehicle in Prison Breakout
  • Assist a teammate with 750 eliminations in Finest’s Realistic
  • Deal 2500 damage from above in Finest’s Realistic
  • Deal 5000 damage with SMGs or pistols in Red versus Blue Lava
  • Destroy 200 enemy structures in Red versus Blue Lava
  • Hunt down 30 wildlife in Wildlands
  • Search 25 containers, coolers, fridges, and so on in Wildlands
  • Catch 10 zero-point fish or Vendetta Flopper in Wildlands

Those are the basic quests that are available in the new limited-time event in Fortnite. A few more quests are beyond those, but they involve completing a certain number of the above quests. Most of the quests give out just experience, but there are some special cosmetic rewards, too. 

Tips for Completing All 15 Quests

To help you complete all of the Island Games quests, we have our full tips for each. None of those standard “go here, find this” types of quests in this event, but that does not make them any easier. There are some seriously brutal challenges in this event. 

Starting with the Red versus Blue Rumble quests, there are a few of these. Most of them have to do with dealing damage, buying items, and getting eliminations, but the sheer amount that you must do is insane for some of these. They can certainly take you some time. 

First off, there is the one that has to do with dealing damage with shotguns and sniper rifles to the point of getting at least 5500 damage. That is an insane amount that will take some serious grinding to get, even if the matches in this mode are constantly action-packed. 

The same goes for the other challenge involving 50 eliminations, which is around what you need anyways to get that much damage. Fifty eliminations, with 100 health, is around 5000 damage, so you could do these together if you use only shotguns and sniper rifles. 

The final mission for this game mode is pursuing six legendary weapons. Getting all of those eliminations will grant you plenty of coins that will be useful for completing this one. From there, we come to Prison Breakout, with a similar purchasing quest that may take you some time to complete as you earn coins. 

You will get those coins from the eliminations you get in the mode, which ties into the next one of getting 25 eliminations. Like the other elimination missions, you do not have to do this in a single match of Prison Breakout, so feel free to take your time with it. 

Then there is the mission to deal 1500 while inside the special sedan. This is a vehicle featured in the mode. It will likely require someone else to drive for you to focus on dealing damage. Team up with friends and take turns helping each other out with this one. 

From there, we come to Finest’s Realistic, which is the two-on-two mode. Get a friend to play this one with you as you tackle getting a whopping 750 assists. That is an insane amount, so you need to grind these matches together for likely a while.

You also need to deal an insane amount of damage from above, with 2500 in total. This, specifically, has to be above, so be sure to get those vantage points and have the high ground over your enemies at all times. In Red versus Blue Lava, there are two main challenges here as well. 

You need to deal 5000 damage but with SMGs and pistols in this mode. Similar to the other Red versus Blue mode, you will need a lot of eliminations to make this happen. We recommend using SMGs for this one as pistols are not that useful, but both work. 

Then in the same game mode, you need to destroy 200 enemy structures, which is also a lot. Explosive weapons will be useful for this mission, but keep in mind that you can take your time across as many matches as you need for it. 

Lastly, we have Wildlands. First up, you need to hunt down 30 wildlife, like boars and wolves, in this mode, which is simple enough but could take you a while to do. You also need to search through 25 containers to gear up for the mode, which you should be doing anyway. 

And last but not least, you need to catch 10 zero-point fish or Vendetta Flopper in Wildlands. Ten sounds like a lot, but you can take your time and spend some matches only fishing, and you should be able to get this one done in a decent time. 

Most of the challenges will reward players with experience, but the fishing one is one of the unique ones. It will reward players with a special banner icon. There is another banner icon and a spray that you can also get from these challenges. 

Then if you complete five of these, you will also get the On the Rise emoticon, followed by the Wavebreaker Wrap with seven completed and the QWERTY pickaxe for nine quests finished. You only have over a week to do these, so we recommend being as fast as possible. 


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