Fortnite Iron Man, Groot, Dr. Doom, and More Skins Teased for Season 4

by in Fortnite | Aug, 26th 2020

The hype train for Fortnite Season 4 continues as Epic Games has released possibly the final tease for what is to come in the new battle royale season today. With the release set for tomorrow, the final comic book page has dropped, hinting at a Fortnite Iron Man skin and more for the new season.

Final Comic Book Page Dropped Today in Season 3

Throughout this week, Epic Games has been hinting at what’s to come in Season 4 by providing comic book pages for players to collect in the battle royale game. These comic book pages weren’t just for show, either, as a collectible item as you could read their pages.

The story thus far has told a unique one that is original to Fortnite battle royale and features popular Marvel characters like Thor and the villain Galactus. These characters have been hinted at as some of the core characters and possibly skins in the upcoming fourth season.

We know already that the new season will likely have a Marvel theme to it and that it will be unlike any other season thus far. While the last two have dabbled in superheroes some, this upcoming new season will likely open the floodgates and allow for one of the craziest and possibly best seasons of battle royale to date.

And if the new comic book page today, which happens to be the final one that we know of in Season 3, is only making the case for this season to be the best one yet even stronger. In the final comic book pages, we get more info about Thor’s battle and the massive villain Galactus.

Iron Man, Dr. Doom, and Other Heroes Appear

During these final pages, the glorious artwork shows as Thor resorts to using the Bifrost to try and summon help to defeat Galactus once and for all. In doing so, he was able to summon some of the greatest superheroes ever to grace the Marvel universe.

The likes of Fortnite Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Captain America, Storm, Groot, She-Hulk, and Mystique are in the final pages of this comic book tease. These are all rather famous and notable heroes that are seemingly all coming to Fortnite battle royale in Season 4.

But just because they appeared in the comic book page doesn’t mean that we will get a Fortnite Iron Man or Dr. Doom skin, though. However, the actual text and story on the pages indicate that this is the case as we see Thor bring them into the battle royale world.

Iron Man is the showcase for this portion, wondering what exactly is going on and then ending with the question of who all the people around him are. This is interesting because the final page shows that there is now an original Fortnite character gathered around the heroes.

This Page Hints at a Fortnite Iron Man and Other Skins

You can see Brite Bomber and a kitten version of Meowscles or another family member of his around the superheroes. They are all standing on some grass that resembles the vibrant green grass of the Season 3 battle royale island.

But it is the final question alone that adds more credence to the theory that there will be Fortnite Iron Man, Wolverine, Mystique, and so on skins. The beloved Marvel character is looking at the reader/player who is viewing the comic when he says that, indicating that he includes you as well.

Presumably, this points out that these Marvel superheroes are all coming to Fortnite battle royale as skins in some way or another in Season 4. This is rather unheard of as we have only had one or two themed skins at a time for Marvel and other properties in the past.

But this could very well be an entire blowout of Marvel characters through either the item shop, battle pass, or a mixture of both. It is uncertain at this time, but it seems possible that the Fortnite Iron Man skin and others will be the Season 4 battle pass skins that you earn.

How We Will Likely Unlock These Skins

Perhaps everyone gets Thor at tier one, or you can unlock him through challenges like with Deadpool and Aquaman in the past, but the others are in the other tiers of the paid battle pass. This would likely put the Fortnite Iron Man skin at tier 100, given his fame.

There is also the chance that some, if not all, skins besides Thor will be in the item shop throughout the 10 weeks of the new season. This has been done in the past, specifically, for Captain America shown in the group.

Captain America will likely have his skin return to the item shop so we could see these other superheroes and Dr. Doom arrive there, too. Epic Games concludes the comic book with the text that notes that this story will continue in Season 4.

We will have to wait another day to find out what will happen in the new season, but whatever it is, we are certain this season could be the very best one in the history of battle royale if the teases are accurate. And it could all start with the battle between Galactus and Thor.

We could see the battle between them be the ending point for Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4, or it could be an ongoing battle that could allow for a limited-time event mode. This would be amazing, as the Avengers game modes in the past were some of the best that Fortnite has ever had. The Fortnite Season 4 release date is tomorrow.


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