Fortnite Instant Death Spot Appears Near Holly Hedges

by in Fortnite | Nov, 24th 2020

Fortnite battle royale commonly has many bugs and issues that players have to deal with throughout the seasons, but one of the most frustrating and recurring issues is insta-kill spots. Unfortunately, a new Fortnite death spot has been discovered on the island that players have to worry about.

New Fortnite Death Spot Discovered

It has been a pretty long time since the last Fortnite death spot was discovered in the battle royale game, but here we are with another one. We haven’t had an instant death location in the entirety of Chapter 2, or at least a prominently known one, that is.

The latest Fortnite death spot was discovered by the Reddit user Mablemon who posted about the problem on the subreddit page for the battle royale game. In the post, the user noted what exactly happened to them and then provided some evidence for the situation.

The post title described the issue by noting that if the player drives a car in Holly Hedges near the yellow house in that named location, you will die in this instant death location. It is a pretty specific location, but that is how it comes to these unfortunate death spots.

In this case, it looks like the location is right near the yellow house in Holly Hedges but specifically to the side of it. Somewhere in this general area is a location, sort of near the trees from what we can see, that if you drive over it, you can expect a swift end to that battle royale match.

How the Death Spot Seemingly Works

What is interesting about this part is that the user did provide some evidence to back up their claim about this new Fortnite death spot. The picture is a screenshot of the death screen for them. We can see some of the houses from Holly Hedges in the background.

The user placed 41st in the match, likely because of this sudden and unfair death. The screenshot shows the ground with all of its grass and a line nearby that seems to indicate the circle is nearby, but that is uncertain.

Regardless, it looks like they died in some rather unfortunate and unique circumstances than what usually happens in the battle royale game. But that is something that we will have to wait and see about as we haven’t been able to replicate the death spot ourselves just yet.

But this Fortnite death spot is likely real because it did elicit some responses from the community that seems to indicate it as such. Some users commented and noted that they encountered this problem before, so it seems common to be a real location.

Epic Games Has Responded to the Post

Fortunately, the post did get popular enough to be seen by Epic Games itself. It looks like we have an official response from one of the community developers at the Fortnite company. EpicBoaty, one of the Epic Games community coordinators, responded to the post with an official statement.

The community coordinator noted that the quality assurance team is already investigating some cases like this particular one but didn’t explain what they are investigating. But they did ask for other evidence like a video clip of the incident happening to them.

The original poster did not respond to the comment, so we have to hope that they could provide a video clip to Epic Games of the incident occurring and not just the screenshot that could help figure out what exactly happened to the user near Holly Hedges.

It is good that Epic is at least already aware of this problem and is looking into it. The QA team is likely trying to replicate the problem and figure the exact location of the death spot near Holly Hedges so that the other developers can figure out what went wrong there and fix it.

But this could mean that it could take some time for a fix to be issued. We may not see it fixed until the next downloadable update since the community coordinator did not give a heads up on when precisely the fix would be implemented.

There May Be Other Death Spots on the Map

But the more problematic part of this is that there may be more than one Fortnite death spot on the map currently you need to worry about. One of the users who responded to the post noted that they discovered this particular area weeks ago at the start of Season 4.

They reportedly discovered it during the first week of Season 4, but the worst part about this situation is that it isn’t the only place that they have found a death spot, according to them. There is another spot that they have noticed is an insta-kill location.

If someone gets the Stark Industries car from that named location, you can go to Retail Row and follow these oddly specific steps to hit the front door of a specific house. You will have an instant death as you fall through the map.

This one is pretty specific, so we don’t imagine that many players will run into this one, but the initial problem is an issue since it seems to be as easy as driving over that spot. It could have to do with all cars or just one or two of them, but we don’t know about that at this time.

In the meantime, while we wait for a fix for this problematic and unfair death location, we highly recommend that no one drives cars around Holly Hedges for now. You can still, of course, visit the location on foot or via the Choppa but be careful not to go near here, or else you may be leaving the match early.


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