Fortnite Icon Series Introduces Ninja Skin for Battle Royale

by in Fortnite | Jan, 15th 2020

Fortnite battle royale is taking the next step in its support of content creators and crafting new and interesting skins for players to collect. The latest announcement for the game is a surprising one as it sees battle royale getting its first official skin modeled after a real content creator.

Epic Games Announces First Fortnite Skin for a Content Creator

Epic Games announced the Fortnite Icon Series which isn’t a new competitive mode or anything you would expect. Still, it is all about showing support for various popular content creators and personalities in the game itself.

In the official Epic Games blog post regarding the Icon Series, the developer noted players could purchase the first-ever skin officially designed around one of the content creators soon. It isn’t just any content creator either as it is the biggest one ever for the game.

That’s right, the official Fortnite Ninja skin releases in the game very soon. It allows dedicated players and fans of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to show their love for him by playing as a character in the game that is basically him.

What the Fortnite Icon Series Is All About

The Fortnite Icon Series looks like a series of various items released in support and recognition of various popular content creators. The actual announcement post is vague in explanation, so there are some unknowns regarding what the series fully entails.

In the post, Epic Games does say that “gaming, music, film, and fashion collide” in this series. It has an interesting implication of collaborations beyond expected streamers and competitive players. Possibly, we could see celebrities and other real-life personalities in the game.

Beyond that, Epic Games also noted this would build upon previous collaborations with Marshmello and Major Lazer. This leads us to believe that there is more to the Icon Series than new cosmetic items like skins.

This may mean there are plans for more experience-based collaborations like the recent Star Wars live event and the Marshmello concert that happened live in the game. For now, though, the Icon Series is focusing on Ninja and a couple of other creators.

Alongside the announcement of the Fortnite Ninja skin, Epic Games teased Loserfruit and TheGrefg as the next two collaborations.

How and When to Get the Fortnite Ninja Skin

As for the Fortnite Ninja skin, it releases January 16th at approximately 6 PM CST. Players can find the skin in the item shop at that time. It likely happens around the same time as the normal item shop refresh daily.

Players can start visiting the daily item shop once the skin is available. We don’t know the price of the skin currently, so that is something to wait and find out once it is in the item shop.

The price for the skin likely comes down to the rarity Epic Games attaches to it. It is uncertain if it will be considered uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary. The prices for those are typically around the same as each other.

What is interesting about the Fortnite Ninja skin is that it isn’t just the skin offered in the item shop. The item shop also features Ninja’s Edge back bling, Ninja style emote, and Dual Katanas pickaxe.

Players can complete their entire collection and show up covered head to toe in Ninja-inspired gear. The actual look of the skin is mostly blue along with the signature yellow band on the character’s head plus a hairstyle worthy of a Ninja-like skin.

Interested in seeing what the skin looks like before purchasing it? You can see it in action from Ninja’s Mixer stream. He is showing off the skin in-game early before it releases tomorrow.

Also, other popular content creators have access to the skin one day early and are showing it off as well. Some of them include fan favorites like TimtheTatman, Reverse2K, and many more. It is a great way to see how the skin looks in actual battle royale matches.

The release of this official Ninja skin joins other official Ninja gear like clothes, his signature headband, and even shoes players can purchase in real life. This skin allows players to show their love and support for the popular Mixer streamer digitally as well.

The Fortnite Ninja skin and other cosmetics will only be offered for a short time in the item shop, so grab it soon. Stay tuned for news regarding the future Icon Series collaborations.


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