Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies, Lever Action Shotgun Release Today

by in Fortnite | Jan, 13th 2021

Epic Games has released a new downloadable patch for players to install for Fortnite battle royale on all available platforms. The new patch marks the game’s latest change since it reached roughly the halfway point for the current Season 5. This patch brings a couple of new weapons like the Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies and more. 

Fortnite Patch 15.20 Is Here

Fortnite patch 15.20 is here. Of course, there is no official patch notes that Epic Games has released for players to check out. As such, we have compiled the information that we have discovered through our time seeing what’s new after the update has gone live. 

There isn’t too much new stuff that we can find thus far, but the new content is pretty substantial overall. Players can expect two new weapons in the game in the middle of the season, plus some new cosmetics coming soon, hints at what’s to come later, and more. 

Depending on your platform of choice, the patch could be roughly a couple or a few GBs worth of storage for your platform. It isn’t that big of an update, but it is large enough to be more significant than most minor downloadable patches like this one. 

It is likely setting the groundwork for what’s coming as we near the beginning of the end for Season 5. With the new weapons, teases, and more, here’s everything that you need to know about the new Fortnite patch 15.20. 

Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies Exotic Weapon Releases

First off, two new weapons are in the game now. One of them is an exotic weapon that you probably won’t find too often, but the other is a more common one that will be seen around the island. The exotic weapon this time around is the Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies.

As the name suggests, this new weapon is a dual pistol variant that brings back this fan-favorite handgun style. This time around, a lot is going on with the new dual pistols far different from any weapon we have seen before. 

Sure, they will allow you to dual-wield weapons, which is different from the usual weapon gameplay, but you will be able to enjoy the Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies for a different reason. These weapons’ name takes a cue from the rocks that you will find near the center of the island in Season 5. 

Just like the anti-gravity rocks in the middle of the map will allow you to traverse much faster and more fun, the Fortnite Hop Rock Dualies will let you do the same. While wielding them, you will be able to make some impressive moves to get above and decimate your opponents from below you.

To find these dual pistols in the match, you will want to head to Retail Row. There, you will find one of the new NPCs this season who will be able to give you the exotic weapon in exchange for some gold bars. There may be other ways to get these new pistols, but we haven’t discovered it yet.

Lever Action Shotgun Arrives

The Hop Rock Dualies are far from the only new weapon in this new update as the other one is a brand new shotgun. This may seem weird since we already have so many different shotgun types in Season 5, but yet another one has joined the fray.

This latest shotgun type is the Lever Action shotgun, far more powerful than other close-range weapons of its ilk. As the name implies with its similarity to the rifle, this is a powerful shotgun. So powerful that it can easily one-shot many players in the match.

Of course, the catch is the range of the Lever Action shotgun and how you will need some fantastic aim to land that perfect blow. If you miss, you’ll need to quickly switch to something else, or else you will leave yourself vulnerable to some return fire from the enemy.

The Lever Action shotgun will likely become a fan-favorite weapon for the shotgun enthusiasts with a great aim as a well-placed shot will end many fights instantly. You can find it in loot drops around the island with several different rarity variants available. 

Stealthy Stronghold Hints at New Hunter

The final significant change that we can find in this update is that there are some interesting map changes to Stealthy Stronghold. The new map location added in Season 5, but not too popular at this time, has some fascinating jungle clues that have been left behind there.

If players visit this location, you are likely to find that some remnants of a creature have passed through there, hinting at something coming soon to Fortnite battle royale. But what is it exactly? Well, that would be spoilers unless you want to know. 

While we aren’t 100% sure just yet, all leaks and rumors seem to be pointing towards the Predator arriving in Fortnite soon. The character will reportedly come with a new skin and a limited-time event for players to check out. 

The new map clues at Stealthy Stronghold are likely pointing towards the Predator’s arrival and how he will be the latest hunter to join Season 5. For now, though, stay tuned as we will likely have more info about this new crossover and character soon. 


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