Fortnite Helicopters Finally Make Their Debut in Latest Update

by in Fortnite | Mar, 17th 2020

Epic Games is expanding Fortnite battle royale Chapter 2, Season 2, in a massive (and fast) way by releasing a new vehicle for players to check out in the game. This and so much more are in update 12.20, the first major downloadable update for the game since the launch of the season.

Update 12.20: First Major Content Update This Season

Epic Games released update 12.20 on all available platforms for battle royale: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices. Players around the world can download this update and gain access to the latest changes in the battle royale scene.

Update 12.20 is one of the biggest patches for the game in a long while. It is the first major downloadable content update for the game since the second season of battle royale released in February. Though it isn’t technically the first downloadable update, it is certainly the most important one this season.

There was a previous 12.10 update towards the beginning of the season, only a few weeks after the launch Season 2. Though a downloadable one, it only added a few new things for players to enjoy in the massively popular game.

With that said, update 12.20 is here with a much larger and more game-changing patch version. We have a new vehicle finally for Chapter 2 and other major changes including a new limited-time event.

With so much going on in Fortnite battle royale Season 2, we are going to go over everything you need to know about this significant update. Unfortunately, Epic Games is still refraining from posting any official patch notes for the title currently.

It has gone on for a while now. Unfortunately, we must dig through the game and its files as a community to figure out everything in this update. Some smaller details could still be unknown but read on for what we do know about update 12.20.

Fortnite Helicopters Finally Release

The most important part of update 12.20 is the long-awaited release of the Fortnite helicopters. Players have looked forward to the release of this new vehicle for nearly a month now.

Players wanted a new vehicle for a long time in the game. The motorboat was the only one up until this point in Chapter 2, which only really helps players out when in the water. The release of the helicopter vehicle is great for adding dimension to matches.

The Fortnite helicopter, officially known as the Choppa, is a hilarious and on the nose pop culture reference in its way. The announcement and release of the helicopters come after weeks of leaks, rumors, and teases of the new vehicle for Fortnite.

We’ve known about the release of the Fortnite helicopters for a while now. Epic Games teased players in the trailers for the new season. Players could see glimpses and hints towards the new vehicle arriving. Also, much of what’s new about the map relates to helicopters.

Nearly every single one of the five new named locations in Season 2 has a helipad somewhere. The Agency, The Shark, The Yacht, The Grotto, and The Rig all have a helipad located somewhere in its area for landing a helicopter (or finding one).

The vehicle can carry up to five members at a time while flying. There will be the singular pilot maneuvering in the air with four players hanging on the outside.

There are only up to four players per squad in battle royale. This is great for matches like Team Rumble where you have more than four players per team. But other than that, it seems like an odd design choice. Is it possible that we could see a five-player mode in the future?

The helicopter has around 1500 health, meaning that it will stick around for a good bit in fights. The rotors that power the helicopter can damage other players and vehicles, which is interesting. Like the motorboat, it has a boost that can speed it up in matches.

Where to Find Your Choppa in the Game and Restrictions

If you are looking to find your Choppa in battle royale, you can head to a few nifty locations. Before that, keep in mind that the Choppa is only available in certain modes. This restriction is in place as of the release of update 12.20.

You can grab and pilot your Choppa in battle royale matches in only the game modes that aren’t competitive. Unfortunately, this means that all ranked Arena and event Tournament matches will not have the helicopter available for use.

This could and likely will change in the future. But Epic Games may only release it in the other arcade modes, for now, to test the vehicle out and see changes needed. Then, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it release in the competitive modes.

The metagame would be better with more flexibility when it comes to traveling around the island; something that players requested for a while now. That said, the best places to find the Choppa are the five new named locations.

You can find it at The Agency, The Shark, The Yacht, The Grotto, and The Rig. Each of these locations has a helipad where you can potentially find a helicopter spawned there at the start of matches. There might be other places on the island, but that’s where we know as of right now.

Details on spawn rate for the Choppas and more will likely come out soon since we don’t have patch notes right now.

Spy Games Limited-Time Mode Released

The other major addition in this update is the release of the new Spy Games limited-time event and mode. As you might already know, the theme of this season is Top Secret, which is all about spies and secret agents flooding the Season 2 battle royale island.

Players can fight minibosses and do mechanics that have a spy element to them. Well, the Spy Games event is happening right now. It allows players who own the current battle pass to check out a new game mode called Operation Dropzone.

The new battle royale mode includes some perks that players can pick up to give them different ways of taking on and eliminating their opponents. This smaller event mode has a unique set of challenges to go along with it that offer some sweet experience rewards.

Along with the release of the new game mode, there are some surprising map changes that we didn’t expect at this point in the season. The Rig, even though a new map location this season, already has some massive changes that shake it up considerably.

The Rig now somewhat splits in half. It already had two major locations to the oil rig, but now the location is somewhat split in half and affected by this major change. The soccer field at Pleasant Park changed as well.

Bug Fixes in Update 12.20

Despite no official patch notes, we do have our hands on some of the bug fixes released as part of update 12.20. This is because of the official Epic Games Trello page that lists a lot of bugs and features the company is currently working on.

The Trello board updated today to showcase the bug fixes released for Fortnite in the new patch version. There are only a few of them in this version, but they are integral to making the game better for most players.

The first of these has to do with the auto-sprint feature. This allows the player to toggle on sprinting in the game when running around the map. Just by a push of a button or click of a thumbstick, you can go from normal walking to full-on sprinting across the island.

There was a bug where the auto-sprint feature would not resume once you have stopped in the game. Players can now toggle it on. It remains on even if you stop for a moment to gather materials, loot, and whatnot.

The second bug fix is for the player’s locker, where players find all the cosmetic items and skin collected throughout the seasons. There was a strange issue where the locker was missing the vault banner.

Next up is a fix for the low details appearing on some buildings and structures in Fortnite battle royale. The visual glitch affected unnamed platforms. So, it is possible this widespread issue occurred across all platforms.

Low textures and details on the buildings have become a recurring issue throughout its lifetime for various reasons. Thankfully, it fixed once again in this update. Hopefully, players won’t have to deal with it for a while.

Ping markers that players can place to indicate a location that the team should head to should now work. For some reason, some ping markers weren’t appearing even though the player placed them.

One of the new features in Season 2 is the hideout that you can visit by heading through the portals found in the port-a-potties. Scattered around the map, they transport the player who enters them to secret hideouts with henchmen and loot.

It was a part of one of the challenges a few weeks back. There was a bug where players were stuck in the portable toilet upon entering in.

There was another annoying issue. At the end of a match, a player couldn’t use any of the interactive navigation buttons to do things like report players, go to the item shop, or even leave the match. This was frustrating and forced some to have to close completely out of the game. It shouldn’t happen anymore, thankfully.

Lastly, players not able to place traps around the map when the icon for it hasn’t loaded yet fixed. Players can now place traps to their heart’s content as fast as they want and physically can.


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