Fortnite Gun Attachments Leak, Similar to Mods in Apex Legends

by in Fortnite | Jan, 18th 2021

Fortnite battle royale is a game that is always expanding, changing, and evolving as time goes on. This is something that is seen in a variety of changes recently, from vehicles to bounties and more. The next significant gameplay change could be Fortnite attachments. 

Fortnite Attachments Could Be Coming Soon

If a leak is to be believed, it looks like Fortnite battle royale could be taking yet another page from other games in the genre like Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone when it comes to attachments. It seems that players will have more customization options soon. 

The Fortnite attachments leak comes via way of the trusty data miner HYPEX. We’ve covered this user many times before. They continue to dole out some hearty leaks that are usually pretty reliable. This time around, we have a massive leak, though, that could change Fortnite forever. 

When you jump into a battle royale match of Fortnite, you are going to go around grabbing loot, opening chests, and trying to survive in those early moments of the match in which you are a bit more vulnerable than you will be later on. 

Much of the looting in Fortnite focuses on finding a gun that will keep you alive and then find better equipment to help you win the match you are in. But beyond that, there isn’t much depth to looting and finding weapons besides your personal preference. 

Attachments Would Let You Customize Your Guns More

The only things you have to worry about are the type of weapons you come across and their rarity. While a common pistol might be fine at the start of the match for defense, you are going to want to quickly switch it out for a purple shotgun, SMG, assault rifle, and so on. 

Again, that is all there is to it when it comes to looting in Fortnite. However, according to HYPEX, that could be changing soon as there will be Fortnite attachments for your guns that you will be able to find around the island and equip on them. 

This is similar in style to what Apex Legends has done in its gameplay since the launch of that game. Not a ton of details are known at this time about how the mods, or attachments, will work for your guns in Fortnite, but there is enough to give a general idea. 

In recent files for the game, there are references to attachments and specific features like adding a mod to your gun at any point in the match and dropping it. The mod attachments will be items, like just about everything else in Fortnite.

Some Guns Might Have Exclusive Attachments

This means that you can come across a mod that you could use for your shotgun, for instance, and use it until you find something else that is better suited and immediately drop it without having to give up the weapon entirely. 

Weapons will have multiple mod slots, so there is the likelihood that there will be different categories of mods. Perhaps there will be some scopes to let you zoom in more, others for the stock, barrel, and so on to customize the gun to your liking. 

Finally, the final detail that we know of is that specific mods are for certain weapons in the code. That tells us that there are probably some Fortnite attachments only designed to work with a particular gun. 

This is one way to keep guns feeling different from one another while also ensuring a balance between everything. Overall, this is a massive leak for Fortnite and could fundamentally change how we play the game, which could be great for many reasons. 

This Could Help the Meta Thrive Again

We imagine that the competitive scene could flourish again if there is this depth level in the middle of the matches, making it a little bit more on par with other games like Warzone and Apex Legends. However, we don’t expect it to take the former’s loadout feature. 

It sounds like it works a lot like Apex Legends, where you are not just looking for guns when looting in that game but also mods to attach to your weapons and make them better. It adds depth to the gameplay that is currently not there. 

No longer will players have to worry about going up against someone who has a better rarity of weapon than them, but they also need to factor in the types of attachments they might have. And there is depth in that players will want to figure out which mods work the best for their favorite guns. 

When Will We See These Mods Release?

This could also mean that supply drops could start giving out fully-kitted guns that contain not only powerful weapons but ones fully decked out with a slew of mods that are some of the best around. This is a momentous change and one that we wouldn’t be surprised to see. 

Epic Games has proven that it will gladly change the meta by adding new vehicles, map locations, and other features like the bounties and peaceful NPCs. But given how impressive Fortnite mods’ addition would be, we don’t expect this for a little while. 

We will likely not see this feature come out until the launch of season 6 or even beyond that potentially. We highly doubt that Epic would add this to the game in the middle of the current Season 5 that is potentially more than halfway done already. Stay tuned to find out more about this rumored new feature soon. 


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