Fortnite Grabitron and Team Brawl Drop This Week in Season 7

by in Fortnite | Aug, 3rd 2021

Epic Games released a brand new Fortnite Season 7 update this week that brings more new content for players to check out this week. As we enter the ninth week of battle royale this season, it does look like Epic is gearing up for an extension of the current seventh season with the new Fortnite Grabitron weapon and game mode. 

Fortnite Update Brings New Grabitron Weapon

The 17.30 update is here. One of the three major new changes in the patch is the new Fortnite Grabitron weapon. Just after we got a new weapon last week in the Plasma Cannon, Epic has not stopped going and has already released another new gun for players to pick up this week. 

The Fortnite Grabitron is a brand new “weapon” in that it does deal damage and will be a solid asset for offensive maneuvers, but it does not do any damage on its own. In a way, it is more one of those strange Epic Games designs that have a unique purpose in what it does. 

As the name of the Fortnite Grabitron implies, this is a weapon specializing in grabbing things on the battlefield. Like the flying saucer vehicles in Season 7, the Grabitron can grab items nearby and “pick them up” somehow. 

Essentially, you can see an object on the field and use this weapon while you have it equipped to lift it. The purpose of this is to use that object as a weapon to deal damage to the opponents you will meet in combat. 

It has not yet been revealed what the limits of the Fortnite Grabitron weapon are at this time, but we do know that it can pick up some large objects. We will have to wait and see whether it can do this with actual flying saucers or anything like that. 

Depending on the object’s size, that will determine the amount of damage dealt with a player and the speed at which it is launched. Interestingly enough, though, it is useful not only for offensive fights but also for defense. 

The Fortnite Grabitron can hold the object in front of you and protect you from any incoming damage that it intercepts. This could be a great way to buy some time in fights, but the item will only last for as long as its health remains, so keep that in mind. 

Aliens Are Now Abducting Named Locations

This update in Season 7 also comes with some minor map changes that have begun on the island. There are no major new areas but some long-awaited changes to the Slurpy Swamp named location this week. The aliens have unleashed their latest tactic. It involves abducting actual Fortnite places. 

As such, the Slurpy Swamp factory is the first target. It is slowly taken away by the aliens. While this happens, there are new floating islands above the point of interest that include parts of the factory that you will visit when you head to this spot. 

How it works is that the tractor beam from the Mothership that is taking away the point of interest is also creating some anti-gravity areas around Slurpy Swamp. Through this, you can hop around the floating islands, looking for loot and taking on the enemies there. 

Keep in mind that Slurpy Swamp is only being abducted slowly over time, so it will take some time for this location to be fully taken away. This could result in a brand new location here and/or another location on the island also being abducted in the future. 

New Team Brawl Limited-Time Mode

This week also sees the launch of a brand new limited-time game mode for players to check out in the new Team Brawl experience. The Fortnite Team Brawl game mode is only here for a limited time, but during this time, it will offer players a unique twist on a familiar game mode.

Fortnite, long ago, found one of its trusty, permanent modes in the form of Team Rumble, and now its little brother, Team Brawl, has arrived on the scene to shake the general Team Deathmatch-like gameplay up. In this version, players will find an even more intimate and crazy experience. 

This experience is meant to give players the idea of what it feels like in the final moments of a battle royale match, but with the added respawns. The entire match will take place at a randomly selected point of interest on the map. 

The goal is for you and your team to get 60 eliminations before the other team can. At the start of the match and every time that you respawn, you will be given a brand new loadout to use in battle. This will be randomly chosen for you, so you will need to be versatile in combat. 

Buildings at the point of interest will be stronger in this Team Brawl game mode, too, to ensure that they stick around for a while and allow you to have cover when necessary. To help teams that get behind, if a losing team is destroyed, they will get a boost in knowing where the enemy players are and even see them through walls. 

The effect will go away, though, once the score deficit has lessened some. The new Team Rumble game mode will arrive on Aug. 5 at 6 a.m. PT. The end date for when this game mode will be here has not been revealed, but we would not be surprised if it only stuck around for a week or so. 


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