Fortnite Golden Mushroom Removed From Game Without Announcement

by in Fortnite | Jul, 14th 2020

Fortnite battle royale is known for having controversial and sometimes problematic items that must be removed from the game either permanently or temporarily while a fix is given for the item. The latest addition to this group of items is the insanely hidden Fortnite Golden Mushroom.

Fortnite Golden Mushroom Removed

The Fortnite Golden Mushroom was removed from the game today, according to data miner HYPEX. There was a small hot fix today that may have not even required an actual download on the players’ part that removed the item from Fortnite.

This was done without any word from Epic Games regarding the matter or any official announcement about the mythical item’s problems. Instead, our only way of knowing is through the data miner who revealed that it had been removed.

Now, this situation is stranger than any other removal of an item or weapon from the battle royale game for many reasons. First and foremost, there is the fact that the developer Epic didn’t even post about it, so we had to find out through the backend of the game.

This is unusual as most of the time, an item is removed, and there is official word from Epic Games about how that item or vehicle was problematic and a fix needs to be addressed for it. But that is only the start of the bizarre situation that is related to the Fortnite Golden Mushroom.

Golden Mushroom Is the New Goldfish

The Golden Mushroom is an item that you might not have even heard of until reading this post. If that’s the case, you wouldn’t be the only one. It is a new item that was added last month at the start of Season 3. It isn’t exactly an item you can find by heading into a game and looking for loot.

Instead, the Fortnite Golden Mushroom is more in line with the mythic item Goldfish that was making waves last season. That particular golden Goldfish was a fish that you could get through fishing in the game, but the chances of encountering it were so rare that it took a while to even see it in the game from someone who caught it.

Such is the case with the Golden Mushroom, which is the latest addition to that pool of consumable items that you will have a really hard time finding and using. From what we know, according to data miners, the possibility of finding this elusive mushroom item is the same chance as finding a mythic Goldfish.

What makes this situation even harder than the usual Goldfish situation is that you will have to head to specific areas to find a mushroom in the first place, let alone have one of them appear as the golden version of it.

Golden Mushroom Has a Bug

This is contrary to the mythic Goldfish situation where you can fish all day long in different locations and hope to find the extremely rare item. As such, it led to situations where pro players like SypherPK put a call out for the community to find the item.

If someone was able to find the Golden Mushroom, he would offer a cash bounty to them, especially if he could join them in a match of Battle Lab or the like. That did eventually happen, but the results of it were a lot more shocking than we expected.

Initially, the community thought that the Golden Mushroom would give a similar benefit to the player as the Goldfish, but that didn’t happen at all. Instead, the first-ever clip of the mushroom being eaten resulted in turning into a normal mushroom when put into SypherPK’s inventory.

This means that this rather obscure item was no more beneficial than a normal one, making it seem rather useless in the process. This is likely something that wasn’t intended by Epic, as the Golden Mushroom presumably is supposed to do something much better than that.

What Could the Golden Mushroom Actually Do?

However, we won’t know exactly what the Golden Mushroom is for as the item has been removed from the battle royale game. It is entirely possible that Epic realized the issue with the mythic item and has removed it to fix whatever bug is turning it into a normal mushroom consumable.

It does seem odd, though, that Epic Games didn’t announce this removal and the presumed fix for it soon as this is something that the community is still likely actively looking for in the game. It would especially be helpful to let players know that there is no point in looking for it right now as it doesn’t work as intended.

It is fun to speculate on exactly what the new mythic item in Season 3 is supposed to do when you consume it. For instance, the normal mushroom only gives five shield points when you eat it, which is what the mushroom that SypherPK picked up did.

Presumably, the actual Golden Mushroom will be like the mythic Goldfish in that it will give 200 shield possibly, similar to how the Goldfish deals 200 damage to players and buildings when thrown. They both have the insane one in a million chance of finding it. When the Golden Mushroom returns, it will likely result in another crazy race to find and see what it does.


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