Fortnite Ghostbusters Crossover Begins With Skins and More

by in Fortnite | Oct, 26th 2020

If you thought that you knew everything that Epic Games was doing for Halloween this year, you would be wrong as the festivities seem to be only just getting started in battle royale. Epic announced a new Fortnite Ghostbusters crossover that is available right now.

Fortnite Ghostbusters Items Announced

Announced on the official Fortnite Twitter page, the Fortnite Ghostbusters crossover items are now available in battle royale. Likely, they will not stick around for a very long time, so anyone interested in picking up these items should grab them while they can.

This Fortnite Ghostbusters crossover is the latest of many crossovers in major film and other pop culture properties lately. There is the Marvel-themed season 4 that is happening right now, but that hasn’t stopped Epic Games from making other crossovers as well.

Now players can enjoy a Fortnite Ghostbusters crossover for a limited time that brings together spooky battle royale and the massive Halloween-centric movie franchise about a team of people busting up some ghosts and other dark denizens of the night.

With the Ghostbusters franchise still going even after all of these decades, it seems that it will only continue to be relevant with a new movie on the horizon. Fortnite is keeping its relevance going with these new items that players can pick up in the item shop.

What Skins You Can Get in the Item Shop

As for what items you can pick up in the Fortnite Ghostbusters, there are many of them actually, but they mainly have to do with some packs that you can pick up in the battle royale game. They are all available in the item shop in addition to the usual stuff you can find for sale.

First and foremost, the massive Ghostbusters Patrol skin set you can get for a whopping 2000 V-Bucks, or just under $20 if you are buying the virtual Fortnite currency for the reduced price. This is a big set, though, that comes with several skins in total.

You will get all of the female skins from the Ghostbusters franchise in this set, giving you an excellent deal if you like that group. On the other hand, if you want all of the available male skins available, you can pick up the Ghostbusters Crew set for the same price of 2000 V-Bucks.

However, if that isn’t your thing and you would prefer to have one or two specific skins from the popular movie series, you should pick up one or two of the available individual skins. You can get these for only 400 V-Bucks each, which is pretty cheap overall for a themed skin.

The various skins included for 400 each are the Spirit Sniper female, Specter Inspector female, Aura Analyzer female, Phantom Commando female, Curse Buster female, Ecto Expert male, Haunt Officer male, Paranormal Guide male, Containment Specialist male, and the PKE Ranger male.

Other Ghostsbusters Items

If you aren’t a collector of items like these and want one really good Ghostbusters skin to walk around within battle royale matches, then you can save some money by just picking up one or two. But if you want a lot of them, then you are better off just getting the sets and saving some money in the process.

These skins are joined by other items you can pick up right now in the item shop, including some non-skins Fortnite Ghostbusters items. There is the ghost trap for 400 V-Bucks, the proton pack for 400 as well, the Ecto Glider for 1200 V-Bucks, and the Proton Pickaxe for 800.

These featured crossover items will only be in the item shop for a limited time. We don’t know the specifics of how long they will be there, so anyone interested in getting them should go ahead and grab them while you still can in the game.

We imagine that the Fortnite Ghostbusters items will be available until the end of the Halloween event, but there is the chance that they are even more limited than that. They could leave in a day or two if Epic Games wants to make it that way, so you should grab them while you can if you want them.

Ghostbusters Crossover Goes Well With Fortnitemares

These items will go great with the Fortnitemares Halloween event that has returned this year for another spooky go around. Last week, it began with the release of a spookier Halloween version of the battle royale map with cobwebs, decorations, and other aspects added to the island.

Then there are the witch brooms that you can now fly around the map and the various challenges you can do to complete for awesome rewards in the event. This is all part of the shadowy undead creatures’ return as part of the new Shadow Royale game modes.

Instead of the normal battle royale experience, players will now have the Shadow Royale game mode to check out. This version is the standard last person or team standing gameplay that you remember but on a Halloween-themed version of the island and one little twist.

Death isn’t permanent in this Shadow Royale game mode as anyone who dies will just come back immediately as a shadow person. You will be able to zip around the map with ease, detect players, and slice at them with powerful melee attacks. The new Ghostbusters items go perfectly with the new Shadow Royale game mode.


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