Fortnite Gamora Cup and Skin Announced

by in Fortnite | Aug, 9th 2021

Epic Games has revealed the latest crossover Marvel character who will be coming to Fortnite. This is a familiar face who just so happens to be a Guardian of the Galaxy. The Fortnite Gamora skin has been announced and will be coming to the battle royale title soon with a special event in tow. 

Fortnite Gamora Skin and Cup Announced

The Fortnite Gamora skin will be releasing later this week, but before that can happen, players have something else to look forward to: a brand new superhero tournament. The Fortnite Gamora Cup is just the latest superhero tournament to be revealed. It happens in just a few days. 

The Fortnite Gamora Cup will begin on Wednesday, Aug. 11, which will offer players the chance to compete against one another for the awesome themed prizes offered. If you have competed in any previous superpowered tournaments, you will likely know what to expect here. 

In many ways, it offers the same formula and style as the previous superhero cups, like the Teen Titans Beast Boy Cup recently and many others before that. This tournament is meant for players who like to team up with your trusty duos partner to show that they are the best around. 

The competition will only last for a couple of hours on Aug. 11, so players will need to make sure that they are on time for the event and can compete in all necessary matches with their duos partner. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming event. 

What You Need to Know About the Gamora Cup

The Fortnite Gamora Cup is a duos tournament. Players have the chance to earn the new Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy skin for free by doing well in the event. How you do the best in your region depends on the number of points that you can earn in the tournament matches. 

If you earn enough points to be at the top of the leaderboard for your particular region/server, you will have the chance to win the new Gamora skin for free and potentially earlier than everyone else. Players earn points depending on how well they do in each of the matches that they compete in.

There are two main ways to earn points in each match. They have to do with the overall placement that you get in the match and the number of eliminations that you have. For every elimination that you get in the match, you will earn a single point.

If you get 10 eliminations in a match, that means that you will get 10 points for just that method alone. However, the other way of earning points is by placing well in the match. Players in the top 50 of the match are guaranteed at least one point, with more given to higher placements. 

How to Earn Points in the Tournament

But given that this is a duos tournament, there are only 50 places in the match, to begin with. This means that everyone is guaranteed a point at least for playing in the match, which is not much but does help earn some rewards overall. 

For players in the 25th-50th place of a battle royale match, you are going to receive anywhere from a single point to nine points for your efforts. From there, it increases from 24th place to 10 points. Most placements after that increase the amount by one point until you get to fourth place. 

Those teams who can place fourth in the match will receive 30 points for their efforts, which increases to 32 for the third-place team, 36 points for second place, and 42 points for the team that gets the victory royale. Forty-two points is a whole lot considering that eliminations are only worth one each. 

This means that you could be a team that values surviving and the importance of the final kill(s) over getting as many eliminations as possible. You could end up with way more points in the end if you win every single one of your matches. 

Fortnite Gamora Items Detailed

You have three hours to compete in up to 10 matches during the Fortnite Gamora Cup. Only those 10 matches and the points that you earn there will count towards your point total. Even if you do not win the Gamora skin, everyone who gets at least eight points in the event will receive the Daughter of Thanos spray. 

If you are interested in competing in the upcoming tournament, remember that you will need an account level of 30 or higher and two-factor authentication on your account. If you have those ready, grab your duos partner and be ready to enter the event on Wednesday.

On the other hand, if you do miss out on unlocking the Gamora skin through the tournament, you can always buy it after the fact in the item shop. Gamora will launch this Saturday, Aug. 14, at around 5 pm PT. You can get the full set that will include her skin, the cloak back bling, Godslayer pickaxe, and the Godslayer glideboard. 

Gamora is just the latest Guardian of the Galaxy to arrive in Fortnite, joining her companions Groot, Rocket Racoon, and Star-Lord, who are already in the game as skins. The random release of Gamora is likely due to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy video game that will release this fall. This may be in celebration of that game as the skin looks like that version of the popular Marvel character.


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