Fortnite Galactus Leak Teases Possible Season 4 Event

by in Fortnite | Oct, 19th 2020

The latest leak for Fortnite battle royale Season 4 is the one to end all rumors potentially as this one is massive. Literally. A Fortnite Galactus leak has reportedly appeared in the game, hinting that the fan-favorite destroyer Marvel villain could soon come to the game.

Galactus Is on His Way to Fortnite

This would seemingly be no surprise in and of itself since Galactus is a major part of the new season, despite not doing anything in the game as of right now. He is seen multiple times in promotional material for Season 4, including the reveal trailer and comics.

Initially, it was because of the battle between Thor and Galactus that the current Season 4 started. Thor summoned the other superheroes from the Marvel universe like Iron Man, Wolverine, and the like to fight alongside him and, hopefully, defeat the villain.

But outside of those lore segments, there hasn’t been anything about Galactus in the game itself. You aren’t able to fight him as one of the main bosses on the island, even though we can fight Doctor Doom, Wolverine, and even Iron Man at special locations.

But the recent Fortnite Galactus leak has revealed that it may not stay this way for much longer. It looks like Galactus is on his way to the battle royale island to finish the fight with Thor and the others. Before we get into the leaks themselves, he can be seen in the game now.

Fortnite Galactus Leak Shows Heroes Getting Ready to Fight Him

As revealed by the community recently, it is possible to see Galactus in the sky. If you look up at the sky right now in the game and use a scope on the sniper rifle, you can zoom in and see a tiny glimpse of his figure zooming down towards the planet from space.

He is very small and still really far away at this point, but it is highly reminiscent of the meteor from Fortnite’s past, where we could see it coming closer and closer as the season went on. As such, we expect that Galactus will only get closer and much, much bigger as time goes on in Season 4.

That said, what will happen with him when he finally does arrive? Will it be a season-ending event to usher in Season 5 or something else entirely? This is where the Fortnite Galactus leak comes in as it gives us some indication of what could be happening soon with the destroyer of worlds.

One particular leak comes from the Twitter user PeQu who noted that they found a promotional shot for the battle royale game that shows Galactus appearing in front of Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, and She-Hulk. They appear to all be ready to fight one another with the heroes versus Galactus.

Galactus Model Has Appeared in Fortnite

This promotional art will be perfect for the arrival of Galactus on the island if there will be a limited-time mode or event of some sort. Interestingly enough, other users like ShiinaBR, who we have covered before, have noted a new file regarding some kind of event.

The event doesn’t directly correlate to the other Fortnite Galactus leak, but it is important nonetheless. The file name has to do with Apollo and some Hightower point of interest affected by an event. This could all be codenames for a Galactus event, of course.

And last but not least, the final Fortnite Galactus leak is actually of the character himself from FortTory. The supervillain models have appeared in the game, revealing that he will probably get closer to the island soon and that something will happen with him in some way.

In no way does this Fortnite Galactus leak confirm the eventual event or game mode surrounding the character, but it certainly seems likely at this point. It would make sense since Marvel’s major crossovers with Fortnite in the past have always led to game mode events.

What Could These Fortnite Galactus Leaks Mean?

The first one happened with the release of Infinity War, marking the first major cinematic crossover of its kind for Fortnite. We got the excellent gauntlet event, followed up in 2019, with Endgame’s release with a similar game mode where players could be superheroes.

And now we have the Marvel season where players can get skins and even check out the various Marvel-themed game modes. But there isn’t one centered around a villain. So, it would make sense for a Galactus one by the end of the season.

The promotional art showing some of the superheroes ready to fight the massive villain is heavily hinting. We could see a situation where there is a unique game mode where everyone is a superhero (perhaps they can choose). They have to work together to take down the insanely powerful Galactus.

It could be an NPC enemy that everyone works together against in a massive boss battle mode, or there could even be one player against 99 or 50 where the heroes are trying to beat Galactus, and Galactus is trying to take out all of them first.

There are many possibilities for what these Fortnite Galactus leaks could mean, but we will have to wait and see for now. The character is pretty far away. There is at least a month left in this season to go. With Halloween right around the corner, we don’t expect to hear about the Galactus event until after that.


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