Fortnite Free Guy Skin Officially Released

by in Fortnite | Aug, 16th 2021

A new Fortnite skin is now available. It is the latest crossover to happen in the battle royale game in Season 7. If you have not had enough collaboration skins this season, then that’s great because there is yet another one now available for you: the Fortnite Free Guy skin. 

Fortnite Free Guy Event Is Here

Free Guy is one of the latest movies this year and is a very video game-centric experience. The general premise of the movie is that there is Guy, a random bank teller who seems like your typical, everyday bank teller who goes to work, goes home, does his routine, and that is it.

However, the twist is that he finds out that he is just an NPC in a video game and not a real person at all. Played by Ryan Reynolds, it is now up for Guy to go and save the world, or at least Free City, which is the video game location that he happens to be programmed to live in. 

With its existential crisis, the world is just a simulation vibe to it. Free Guy is one of the many summer blockbuster films that are out this year. And it has taken a long time to get here after many delays due to the current COVID-19 crisis. 

It is finally out, though, today, Friday, Aug. 13, and people can go out and watch it. Given the nature of this gaming-themed film, it is likely that real-world game franchises and personalities will appear in the movie. So, it stands to reason that Free Guy would show up in an actual game at some point. 

Players Can Buy the Dude Skin

Epic Games has wasted no time bringing the Fortnite Free Guy skin to the battle royale title. With the launch of the new movie, there is a Free Guy film crossover event that is happening for a limited time in Fortnite this season. 

This new event includes the Fortnite Free Guy skin, or well, the Dude skin that you will be able to get in the game. For some odd reason, Epic is not offering Ryan Reynold’s Guy character in the game, but rather, the Dude that is also from the same movie. 

Guy is too busy trying to save the city so that he is unable to ride in the battle bus and do some battle royale matches. Instead, the Dude is flexing his way into Fortnite as the next collaboration character. You will be able to find him in the item shop at the time of writing this for a limited time. 

You can pick up the Dude and use him in Season 7 matches to show off your support for the new Free Guy movie that is out now. From what it looks like, though, the consolation is that the Dude also looks like Ryan Reynolds, so there is a chance that it is the same lovable actor. 

If that is the case, Reynolds will be one of the first actors ever to have not just one but two completely different Fortnite characters in the game. This does make sense since his first character, Deadpool, made waves as one of the most important additions to the battle royale game in history. 

Free Guy Quests Are in Fortnite

Even though Guy is not in the game as a playable skin character, he is still in the battle royale title this season as a major part of the Fortnite Free Guy event. In this limited-time event, he is giving out some new limited-time quests for players to complete. 

Until Sept. 6, which seems like an interesting date that could be the end date for the season, players will be able to complete the Fortnite Free Guy quests. To do this, what you need to do is head to one of the blue ATM machines that are around the island. 

The ones that we have found thus far are located on the west side of Holly Hatchery and Believer Beach’s westside. There are likely more than just these, but head to any. You will receive a video and a quest to complete. 

Quests List and How to Do Them

The first quest is to get hit by a moving car. This one is pretty easy as you can queue up with some friends and have one of them run into you with a car, and then you can turn around and do the same for them. Next, you need to receive melee damage from someone. 

This could be an animal in the game or another player. This is trickier since it is hard to make sure someone hits you with a pickaxe, but this is more common at the start of a match. After that, there is a mission to place some coins on the map. The spots for these are also found at Holly Hatchery and Believer Beach. 

After that, there is another simple quest of talking to any NPC on the map. There are plenty at most every named location, so feel free to hit up whomever, but this does couple well with the Fortnite Superman quests that we have right now. Last but not least, there is a quest to revive/reboot teammates and use a campfire, which are standard activities that you likely already do. 

Completing these quests will allow you to get the Good Guy emote and other little rewards that will be a great reason to keep coming back to Fortnite even though the initial 10 weeks of the season are now done with, as well as the other recent events. 


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