Fortnite Floor is Lava and More Released in Latest Update 15.40 Patch Notes

by in Fortnite | Feb, 16th 2021

Though it would seem like Fortnite Season 5 should be ending soon, that seems not to be the case as Epic Games has already released a new patch for players to check out this week. The 15.40 update is here, including the Fortnite Floor is Lava limited-time mode and much more. 

Fortnite 15.40 Patch Notes Are Here

Overall, the new Fortnite 15.40 patch notes are pretty substantial for a season in the overtime phase of its life. The initial 10 weeks are now done with, and the season is still going as we now enter its 12th week. 

But that doesn’t mean that the end is in sight anytime soon, as Epic Games has not given any word on the end of the current fifth season and the start of the sixth one. This is further noted in the fact that we have a brand new update today that will bring with it some pretty substantial content. 

Most of the new update 15.40 patch is returning stuff like the Fortnite Floor is Lava mode, but there are some new things. Overall, it is a pretty hefty update for a season that is currently on its last legs. 

This update is most likely here to ensure that players have stuff to do for however many weeks are left in this current bounty hunter-themed season. You can download the patch right now on your platform of choice by the time you are reading this post. 

Unfortunately, like with all of the other updates in Season 5 for battle royale, there is no official patch notes that we can find. As such, we have come up with our own unofficial Fortnite 15.40 patch notes for you to check out, from the returning game modes to the unvaulted weapon and more. 

We will go over everything that we have been able to find and discover thus far in the patch, so there is a chance that we have missed some minor content in the game. But here is everything that we know, for now, starting with the limited-time mode extravaganza that is happening. 

New Limited-Time Mode: Comeback

One of the most substantial parts of this update is the limited-time modes. Epic Games seems to be making sure that players have plenty to do in the remaining weeks of Season 5, so these modes are here to help.

If you are bored with the general game modes like Team Rumble and even the occasional Solid Gold, you might be happy to know that some of the most popular limited-time game modes are returning for Season 5.

Also, there is one brand new one that is dropping and is now available in this patch’s backend. It is known as Comeback and is a new experience for players, taking the battle royale experience and giving it a few twists that we certainly did not expect. 

Comeback is all about, well, having the player make a comeback after dying in the battle royale limited-time mode. This means that death isn’t too permanent here as there are limited respawns available, similar to how the Mando’s Bounty game mode has worked in the past. 

In total, you have five lives that you can use in this game mode, so you will be able to die but only a few times before it is the end of the match for you. The goal is to survive until it is the end of the match. You or your team are the last ones that are standing as usual.

But the respawns in this limited-time game mode aren’t the only changes. Respawning in this game will directly affect everything that is happening for everyone. You see, the loot pool is different in this game mode as it has a heavy focus on the rarity of weapons. 

At the start of the match, players will only find common weapons and loot around the island. This means that players will be stuck with the crappy guns and items that you would typically want to pick up for a moment and then drop immediately when you find something better.

But the problem with Comeback is that you won’t have that option at the start of the match. Instead, there will only be common items for the beginning part of it. What happens is that the rarity will increase with every death that happens on the island in this mode. 

Throughout the match, the rarity will then increase from common to uncommon to rare and so on until you have nothing but purple and gold stuff all over the place. It is a unique formula that encourages players to take out other enemies to make the better loot appear. 

But at the same time, you will be able to come back to life in this mode and potentially make a comeback with the new gear that has appeared after you have died. It is a fascinating game mode, and one that we imagine will be a highly competitive one like Mando’s Bounty in the coming weeks. 

Returning Limited-Time Modes: Fortnite Floor is Lava, More

But the story doesn’t end there for the limited-time game modes. There are some returning ones for those who aren’t too interested in the new Comeback one. There is the long-awaited return of the Fortnite Floor for starters is Lava limited-time mode but now in Chapter 2. 

We haven’t seen this fan-favorite game mode come to the second chapter island. This is going to be a great chance to see how it works here. If you weren’t able to check out the beloved Fortnite Floor is Lava game mode before it was released, it has a simple but compelling idea. 

You play in a normal battle royale match here, but the twist is that the limited-time mode features lava rising constantly and slowly around the island. This means that lower elevated areas will be sunken in the lava. Players will need to take shelter in higher locations or build there. 

At the same time, you will have to deal with the opponents trying to do the same. It is taken from the trendy game that people like to pretend to play where the floor is, well, imagined to be lava. The Fortnite Floor is Lava game mode will have options for solo, duos, and squads players. 

The second game mode that Epic Games has announced is coming after this update is Air Royale. This popular and unique game mode originated in Season 7 when the Storming airplanes were introduced as vehicles that dominated that season. 

The Stormwing planes are back in this mode, allowing players to ride around in the planes and take out other players flying around the island in them. In this Air Royale game mode, the last player or team standing, or flying, will be the winner after the dogfights are all done. 

Next up is Rally Royale, a heavily themed vehicle-like mode but different from Air Royale. In this one, there is a multi-layered race of sorts that players are partaking in. It is less about combat and surviving here and more about just racing and collecting. 

There are two main parts to the Rally Royale mode. It has to do with both racing to the finish line and collecting tickets. As you race around the track, you need to collect tickets to reach the required amount to win the race. Once you have them all, you can finish the race and win the match if you are the first player or team. 

And last but not least, we have the return of the game mode Shockwave. This one features a more competitive experience that will be great for those duos players and fans out there. In Shockwave, this battle royale twist features a storm that is always on the move. 

The storm will be already moving from the moment that you land on the island in the limited-time game mode matches. You will need to be flexible and swift to both find gear and survive. Simultaneously, though, players will also be given a free set of gear to use in the match, but it will be randomly chosen for you, so be careful. 

Returning Weapon

There is a single weapon that is returning in patch 15.40 that we know of at this time. Epic Games already teased that a blasting weapon would reappear in this update and be available in the game again, and it is here. Though some wished for the pump shotgun to come back, that is not the case. 

Instead, the returning unvaulted weapon is the Flint-Knock pistol. This variant of the classic pistol is one that some players like. Having a long history in the battle royale game, the Flint-Knock pistol is a powerful handgun that can take out players easily. 

It is only available in the common and uncommon rarities, but the pistol is a strong one that some handgun fans will want to pick up. Because of the high damage it has, it will also be a powerful companion for those earlier rounds of matches where you don’t have much gear access. 

It isn’t that accurate and will be hard to wield for some players, but for those who can master aiming with it, it can be an exceptional weapon. It can take out players in one to two well-place shots, depending on if they have shields or not, so fans of this returning pistol can find a lot to love here.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

There are some other general minor changes and bug fixes that we know about for Fortnite update 15.40. The first general change that we know has to do with the PC version of the game. For the performance mode alpha on PC, the object build level of detail has been adjusted. 

For everyone — not just PC players — you will find that there are more exotic weapons to purchase with your hard-earned gold bars that are now in stock with the NPC characters that you can find around the island in Season 5. While those are positive changes, there are some less positive ones as well.

Any unreleased assets and props in Fortnite Creative mode will now be removed with this update. This was something that players were not supposed to do, but they could for a while. 

In terms of bug fixes, there is one for Creative mode. Phone booths will now be altered to match the settings that players have made for their islands when changing outfits in them. There is a bug fix for Save the World for the Mythic Lead Survivor portraits being only a silhouette.

And Save the World players will now have the Locating: Burger Break quest count correctly for them. The general battle royale bug fixes include the total gold bars appearing correctly, purple XP coins granting experience correctly, and matchmaking working correctly even if someone leaves early in the party. 


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