Fortnite Flash Cup Lets You Earn the New Skin for Free

by in Fortnite | Feb, 10th 2021

Epic Games has revealed the latest online tournament that players will compete in for Fortnite battle royale. This latest event will be a real doozy as it includes the first non-Marvel superhero tournament with the new Fortnite Flash Cup.

Epic Games Reveals Latest Superhero Cup

The Fortnite developer revealed the new Fortnite Flash Cup on the latest blog post for the official battle royale website, noting that it is the latest tournament that it is hosting. This latest one follows in the line of superhero competitions that we have seen come out of Fortnite. 

It all started in 2020 with the start of the series of superhero-themed tournaments that players could participate in, specifically, the fourth season of battle royale. The Marvel-themed season was known for a lot of things, one of which was the superhero cups. 

The Marvel Knockout Series started the superhero cups, themed around a particular character in the Marvel universe in which players would compete to earn their skin. Now, the latest iteration of that is here, and it is a much different one from what we saw before.

Instead of making the new cup in 2021 be about another Marvel character, this time, it is all about a certain speedy DC Comics superhero. That’s right, the new Fortnite Flash Cup is almost here, marking the first superhero tournament this year in Fortnite and one of the first official competitions in general. 

What You Need to Know About the Fortnite Flash Cup

Starting later today, Wednesday, Feb. 10, players will participate in the Fortnite Flash Cup. This new tournament will allow players the chance to show their skills online and, hopefully, earn the chance to win some pretty sweet Fortnite gear for their locker in the process. 

The Fortnite Flash Cup will be much like the previous superhero ones in that it is going to be a duos-specific tournament. Unfortunately for squads fans, this means that you will have to divide up the group and tackle this tournament separately if you would like to win it. 

And for those of you who are solo players, this means that you will likely have to find someone online to join a party with so that you have a chance at winning this. There are no other versions of the Flash Cup that will be available. It is strictly meant for duos parties only. 

Another thing that sets this new tournament apart from the previous iterations of the superhero cups is that it is not in Season 4 not to use the Marvel season mechanics. In that season, players had the opportunity to use various superpowers from many different heroes. 

But in this iteration, it will be a standard battle royale formula using the mechanics introduced in Season 5. This means that it will, however, have the bounty system in place. You will be able to pick up gold bars, meet up with NPCs to buy stuff, get quests, or even hire them for your squad. 

One thing to note is that, since this is a competitive tournament, it is likely that your usual stash of gold bars will not carry over here. Instead, you will have to rely on the gold bars that you can collect in the matches themselves from eliminating other players, doing smaller quests, and so on.

How the Fortnite Flash Cup works is a three-hour window of time in which the tournament will take place. You and your duos partner will queue up in the special playlist and be allowed to compete in up to 10 matches in total during the three hours. 

Once the time limit or your 10 matches are done with, you will not earn any more points for your team. The best teams in every region that get the most points during the three hours and their 10 battle royale matches will be able to get some really sweet prizes. 

How to Get the Fortnite Flash Skin

As of today, there is only one way to get the new Flash skin that launches around the same time as the Fortnite Flash Cup. If you are one of the best duos in the whole region that you are playing in, you will be able to get The Flash outfit and the Speed Force back bling for free.

Keep in mind, though, that you must have an account level of at least 30, which isn’t too difficult to do, incredibly this late into the fifth season of Fortnite, and you must have two-factor authentication active on your account as well to compete. 

Once you do that, you are good to go and can have a chance at getting the new Flash skin in Fortnite. But if you miss out on the tournament or don’t place high enough to win it, you can still get The Flash outfit and the other themed items through the item shop.

They will launch in the item shop for everyone worldwide on Saturday, Feb. 13, at 4 p.m. PT. There are four items in total that you will be able to get, including The Flash outfit, Speed Force Slashers pickaxe, Speed Force back bling, and the Quick Bite emote. 

Anyone interested in picking up The Flash items launching in the item shop should do so as soon as possible since the crossover with this speedy DC Comics superhero will likely only go on for a limited time. It could be only a few days or for the rest of the season, so be quick either way if you want it. 


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