Fortnite Ferrari Crossover Event Begins

by in Fortnite | Jul, 22nd 2021

Fortnite has had many crossovers in the past, like the recent LeBron James skin. Still, now it is time for one of the most high-profile collaborations that we have seen the battle royale company make with the Fortnite Ferrari crossover event. Yes, the Ferrari car company is coming together with Epic Games for a limited-time event. 

Fortnite Ferrari Crossover Event Announced

The Fortnite Ferrari crossover event features an actual car from the Ferrari line showing up in the game. Beginning today, July 22, and going for an unspecified amount of time, players will be able to find a Ferrari car in the battle royale matches that they compete in. 

The main car featured in the Fortnite Ferrari is the legendary Ferrari 296 GTB that players will find the side of the battle royale game but take for a nice test drive well. In the announcement trailer for the event, we can see the actual in-game car model in action. 

The stunning red Ferrari 296 GTB will be available in the game, with a game model that is quite similar to the real deal. It shines with a paint finish in-game that we have not seen for other vehicles and with a vibrant red color that pops and takes the attention of everything around it. 

It has the signature Ferrari decal on the car to let you know that this vehicle is the real deal and it means business. If you ever wanted to drive this luxurious Italian sports car yourself, you will have the chance to spend a limited time inside Fortnite battle royale. 

Where to Find the Ferrari Car in Fortnite

As for how you will find the Fortnite Ferrari car inside the game, there is no specified place where it will be available. Unfortunately, it does not seem like a specific factory named location or landmark where you are guaranteed to find it that we know of currently. 

That said, some cars can be found all over the Fortnite Season 7 island, so we imagine that it will be quite easy to find them. Hopefully, Epic Games will make the spawn rates of the Ferrari 296 GTB quite high so that most vehicles in the game during this Fortnite Ferrari event will be it. 

When it comes to finding vehicles in Fortnite, what I like to do, personally, is head to busy towns like Believer Beach, where you can find multiple vehicles. Hopefully, some of these will include the new Ferrari sports car in the game. 

Other places that I would recommend looking are towns like Pleasant Park, where there are usually a good number of cars, Lazy Lake, where the rich residents already live on the island, and near gas stations on the island where you can sometimes find cars (and gas!) for use. 

Ferrari Quests Are Now Available

Once you have a Fortnite Ferrari car to use in the game, you will find that Epic Games has released some new epic quests this week (more on those in an upcoming guide) that will let you put your new Ferrari sports car to the test while riding around on the island. 

The three quests have to do with completing a time trial with the Ferrari sports car, reaching the maximum possible speed that you can get in the car while in a match, and driving the Ferrari through the storm in a battle royale match for whatever reason. 

We will be sure to break down these quests in an upcoming post where I will be sure to go over the locations for the time trials and what the max speed is that you need to reach to earn the rewards from this quest. In the meantime, these epic quests tell us something about this Fortnite Ferrari event. 

The epic quests are essentially the normal missions we receive every week in a battle royale season. They are there permanently for the duration of the season until it ends, giving players plenty of time to do them, unlike the legendary quests that only stick around for a week. 

That means here is since the Fortnite Ferrari quests are epic ones, this means they will stick around until the end of the current seventh season, whenever that is. The limited-time event must stay in the game until the end of Season 7, if not even beyond that possibly. 

Fortnite Ferrari Items Are Also Available

That is great news for those players who want to drive around in the sports car in many battle royale matches to come. If you like the Ferrari brand, you might be happy to know that this new Fortnite battle royale event also includes some new cosmetic items for you to collect. 

Starting today, players can now head into the item shop and find some special Ferrari-themed items to purchase. It is available in the Ferrari bundle of items that include three different cosmetic items that fans of the car brand may be happy about. 

You will get two skins, one being the Modena Icon and the other being the Maranello Racer, along with the Ferrari Turbo backpack back bling. All three of them will be available in the Ferrari bundle and seemingly not individually, so interested players should keep that in mind. 

It is currently unknown how long the Fortnite Ferrari items will stay in the item shop, so be sure to get them if you want them as soon as possible since they may not stick around as long as the event itself will. 


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