Fortnite Dune Crossover Reportedly Leaks

by in Fortnite | Oct, 18th 2021

It looks like Epic Games is getting ready to possibly reveal a new Fortnite film crossover that will see some special movie characters from a certain new sci-fi film debut in the battle royale game in season 8. A Fortnite Dune crossover is rumored to be happening in the near future.

Fortnite Dune Crossover Reportedly Leaks

This supposed Fortnite Dune crossover comes from a set of leaks that have reportedly been found in the backend of the battle royale game recently. This time around, the leak comes from the trusty leaker HYPEX on Twitter who shared the latest batch of cosmetics that they found.

In a tweet, HYPEX showed off a bunch of Fortnite Dune cosmetic items, including some brand new skins and much more, that the dataminer was able to uncover in the battle royale game recently. This hail from the upcoming Dune film and include some of the key characters and more.

In total, there are nine Fortnite Dune crossover items that were shown off in the image, including two skins as well as other various items that players will be able to pick up, if this is indeed real. However, it is worth mentioning that the dataminer is usually right about these sorts of things, so expect it to be true.

Furthermore, the dataminer also linked to a recent YouTube video that they made, showing off the new Fortnite Dune items in action in the game itself. There is a lot of supporting evidence that these are real, so it is simply a matter now of whether or not Epic will release them in the end and when that will happen.

Fortnite Dune Skins Detailed

If and when that does finally happen, the Fortnite Dune cosmetic items are rumored to include nine in total. The real stars of the show (literally) will be the two skins that have popped up in the backend files. There is one for the main character of the movie, Paul Atreides, who acts as the hero of the sci-fi epic.

Atreides is defined in the item description as a character who will find his destiny beyond fear. The second skin is a very exciting one for me, personally, with the release of the Chani Dune character. This one is notably played by brilliant actor and singer, Zendaya, and also one of the heroes of the story.

Chani is described in the Fortnite text description for the item as a “powerful Fremen warrior and skilled survivalist.” Both of the characters are wearing their signature dark suits from the Dune movie and the faces, hair, and the like do look strikingly similar to the real life actors, so that is exciting.

Other Leaked Dune Items

When We Could See These Dune Items Release?

Now, these leaked Fortnite Dune crossover items have not been officially announced at the time of writing this, so it is currently unknown when players will be able to get their hands on them. However, each of the items does say it was released in season 8, so it will come before the end of the season.

If we had to guess, we could actually see these Fortnite Dune items come out this week as the movie also releases this week. This would be similar to what was done with the Free Guy Ryan Reynolds Fortnite crossover situation, so we expect an announcement a day or two before the release.

With the film set to release on Friday, October 22, in theaters, and the pre-release screenings and HBO Max premier happening on Thursday, it is likely that we will hear about this one very soon. It would not be surprising if the items drop the same day they are announced, either.

In the meantime, the release of a Zendaya skin in Fortnite is exciting, not just for Dune fans, but just for the tiniest bit of hope for a Spider-Man skin someday soon. With a new Spider-Man movie coming out in December, featuring Zendaya as MJ, there is hope that she will be joined by the friendly neighborhood superhero in Fortnite soon.


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