Fortnite Drake Emote and New Challenges Arrive in Final Season 2 Update

by in Fortnite | May, 26th 2020

Epic Games has unleashed quite the doozy on all of us with the release of Fortnite update 12.61. This latest update to the game is noteworthy for likely being the last one this season and it brings a ton of new content and teases to the game, including the long-awaited Fortnite Drake emote.

Final Fortnite Season 2 Update Is Here

Update 12.61 is here for Fortnite battle royale and is rumored to be the final update for Chapter 2, Season 2. The game’s second season this chapter and 12th overall is nearing the very end of its final days, but that doesn’t mean that Epic is done giving players more content to enjoy.

Update 12.61 is here to give players something else to do in case you are waiting for the third season to arrive. Given that Season 3 is still set to release next week, there isn’t a lot of time left in this current season, but there are more things to do than ever before.

This new Fortnite update takes the season out with a total bang (potentially literally) with new content to enjoy, challenges to complete for special rewards, new cosmetic items to get, and the Fortnite Drake emote. It is a really special time for battle royale players and we are going to cover it all.

Unfortunately, Epic Games is continuing its train of not releasing patch notes anymore for the game, which leaves us and the community as a whole to work together to find everything that is new this week. Fortunately, we’ve got everything that we have found thus far right here for you.

Fortnite Update 12.61: Fortnite Drake Emote

Out of everything that was released this week, one of the biggest additions is the Fortnite Drake emote. This emote has been rumored for a little bit now, but players can now pick it up in the item shop and start acting like the popular rapper himself in online matches.

The Fortnite Drake emote is his special Toosie Slide dance, which happens to be the same name as one of his hit songs. You can show off your dance moves and love for the Fortnite-related rapper by purchasing this emote right now in the item shop and using it online.

This is far from the first connection that Drake has had with the battle royale title and it is likely to be far from the last, but this is the first that we have ever seen the two connect officially. After all, Drake is part of the reason that Ninja is one of the biggest content creators in the world because of the two playing the game together live on stream.

You can show your support for Drake by picking up this emote for your collection right now. Interestingly enough, the clips that we have seen of the emote in action from Twitter users and well-known leakers like HYPEX, it seems that the Toosie Slide emote plays the popular Drake song while you are using it (with vocal parts included), which is unique and fantastic.

New Store Items

But the Fortnite Drake emote is far from the only item that is new to the game now with the release of the final Season 2 update. One of the best additions to the item shop is the new Cyclo skin that you get in the game. It is a legendary skin, so you are going to have to pay a pretty penny for it.

However, it is certainly worth it as the Cyclo skin is one of the best that we have ever seen in the battle royale game period. The outfit shows the character in a Mysterio-like armor that covers the body along with an orb object of some kind on your head.

Some tubes are throughout the legs and arms and there looks to be some strange purple storm-like substance that is swirling around the suit, perhaps even powering it. As for the orb on its head, well, this particular part seems to be a tease of sorts for the upcoming season.

Beyond the Cyclo skin on its own, there is also a Windshear Cloak legendary back bling that you can get in the item shop right now. It goes along perfectly with the legendary skin and adds a nice villainous cape addition that perfects the skin look.

Those aren’t the only items that you can get in the item shop right now. If you are looking for something more traditional but still very stylish, there is the new Renegade Shadow outfit that you can get in the shop as well. There you will find the Blast Radius back bling item, too.

Interestingly enough, the official blog post about the Storm The Agency challenges (more on that in a bit), Epic Games reveals that there is a “free giftable loading screen” in the item shop today. We are not sure why it is a giftable item if it is free, but maybe for those who miss out while it is in the store.

Storm The Agency Challenges Are Here

Speaking of the Storm The Agency event, this new event of sorts is happening for the next week or so while we say goodbye to Season 2. The Storm The Agency challenges are here and offer some new rewards for players to get in the final week of the season.

There are only five challenges in total that you can complete this week, which isn’t a lot, but you can find the full list below:

  • Land at The Agency named location
  • Survive 10 storm circles in total
  • Open a faction-locked chest at three different spy bases
  • Swim over five hatches at The Agency
  • Eliminate a henchman at three different safe houses

For the most part, these Storm The Agency challenges are relatively easy except a couple that are relatively vague. For those challenges, we are going to throw up a guide to them soon so that you can more easily complete them and get the rewards.

Since the season is almost over, there is little to no point in having experience rewards and the like unless you are still catching up, so these rewards are great this time around. There is some XP that you will get, but these five challenges will also grant you cosmetic items like the Shadow Seal wrap, Steel Shadow pickaxe, and the Shadow Stalker glider. These items go well with the Renegade Shadow skin that is in the item shop.

Update Hints at Season 3

What is awesome about this final update for the season is that it also hints at what’s next for Fortnite battle royale. As you likely already know, Season 3 begins very soon and features some major changes for the island and the game as a whole.

While we don’t know everything that will happen yet in Season 3, there is a Doomsday event that is being hinted at throughout the lore and map. This Doomsday event will likely see the island change significantly and potentially become something different than we know it today.

One of the hints in the update today is the Cyclo armor itself that you can buy in the item shop. The top of the outfit looks a lot like the orb item that was found in Midas’ room in the spy headquarters. That item is known as the Doomsday device and will likely cause some sort of destruction.

To make things even more interesting, there is a loading screen that you can get in this update that shows Midas himself looking at the Cyclo skin, which likely hints at him being the one to be in the suit. The function of the suit is the part that intrigues us right now.

It is possible that it is directly linked to the Doomsday device and could be the outfit that is necessary for activating the destruction that it will cause. Or, it could even be a protection of sorts for the user that makes sure that they will survive whatever happens in the Doomsday event.

With the rumors currently being that Season 3 will have something to do with an underwater theme of some sort, there is no telling what the Doomsday event will do when the timer is up and something happens live in the game for all players and platforms.

Bug Fixes

For now, though, the update 12.61 does have some bug fixes that we do officially know about courtesy of Epic Games. As always, the Epic Games Trello board is great for showing off progress on various aspects of the game and what has changed with new updates like this one.

According to the Trello card for this update, three main issues have been fixed by this particular patch version. They are all three significant issues that some players have been dealing with and players will be happy to know that they are reportedly resolved now.

The first is a cosmetic problem that doesn’t directly affect the gameplay, but is rather annoying for certain users. There is a fix in this update for the problem where the numbers on a sports-themed skin would not change when the player changes it, like in the case of the NFL team jerseys. They should now show the actual number that you want it to.

The second one is huge and has to do with the controversial Dragacorn glider. This item has been the subject of controversy for a while, due to its potential of giving someone a slight gameplay advantage, though this has yet to be proven.

Epic Games started offering players the chance to refund it after the animation on the glider was changed to address the controversy. If a player wanted a refund since it was drastically changed, they could get one but some have been unable to do so. This is now fixed in update 12.61.

Finally, the third problem is related to the performance of the game for iOS users on both iPhone and iPad. Some users were encountering issues where the game would have hitching problems at a high rate and this would potentially lead to a crash for them. This has been reportedly been fixed and shouldn’t be an issue anymore in this patch.

Season 3 Release Date

This final update for Season 2 arrives with new content, cosmetics, and more just before the arrival of Season 3. The third season of this second chapter will release with all of its exciting changes next Thursday on June 4. This long-awaited release date is actually about a month later than it was originally going to be.

Epic Games decided to delay the end of Season 2 by about a month from near the end of April and beginning of May to the beginning of June. This decision was possibly made to give the team more time to work remotely from home on everything that will release in the next season.

With just over a week to go until the release of the third season, that isn’t a lot of time to complete these challenges, pick up all of the rewards, and say goodbye to the Season 2 map as we know it, so players are encouraged to make the most out of this final week or so in Fortnite Season 2.


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