Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Dockyard Deal Challenges

By Cody Perez

November 1, 2019


Fortnite Dockyard Deals

It’s another week in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 so you know what that means: there are plenty of new challenges for players to complete. This latest set, the Fortnite Dockyard Deal challenges, are the fourth set for the season and encompass a wide variety of tasks for players to complete.

Fortnite Dockyard Deal Challenges List

The new challenges this week are the Fortnite Dockyard Deal challenges. Like prior weeks this season and even last season in season X, the list this week is themed around a certain topic. The topic this time around is the dockyard, likely referring to Dirty Docks, which is featured a bit in the challenges.

We have challenges for visiting Dirty Docks, finding some boats, doing tricks in boats, exploding enemies, and much more. There are quite a few great challenges available this week so, without further ado, let’s take a look at the full list of Fortnite Dockyard Deal challenges.

  • Get three eliminations at Pleasant Park or Dirty Docks
  • Search seven chests at Dirty Docks or Salty Springs
  • Deal 250 damage with sniper rifles to enemies
  • Jump a motorboat through three different flaming rings
  • Deal any damage to opponents by shooting exploding gas pumps
  • Visit the Boat Launch, Coral Cove, and the Flopper Pond
  • Deal 200 damage to enemy structures with explosive weapons
  • Deal 250 damage to opponents from above
  • Land at Weeping Woods, Lazy Lake, and Pleasant Park
  • Get two explosive weapons eliminations
  • Search for the hidden T found in the Dockyard Deal loading screen

Like with the other challenges this season, the Fortnite Dockyard Deal challenges are straightforward and don’t have the prestige versions of last season. However, this is more than made up for in the fact that there are quite a few challenges to do with a total of 11 to complete.

The rewards are great this week, too, offering players plenty of experience and awesome cosmetic items. We have plenty of challenges to cover this week so let’s get right to finding out how to complete all of them.

How to Complete Eliminations, Chests, and Sniper Rifle Challenges

Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper Rifle

It all starts with a trio of challenges that go fairly hand in hand with one another in a way. The first is to get three eliminations at Pleasant Park or Dirty Docks. Both locations will count towards the total and you don’t have to get all three eliminations within a single match so take your time.

Of course, heading to these locations right from the start of the match will help you get those quick and easy eliminations so long as you make sure to get some good loot fast. In fact, this helps the second challenge because you could easily do the two of them together.

The second challenge requires the player to search for seven chests at Dirty Docks or Salty Springs. Like the first one, both locations will apply towards the total and you don’t have to do all of these in one match. What is important, though, is to really focus on Dirty Docks for this challenge.

You can land at that location early in the match, grab as much loot as you can from as many chests as you can, and take out those easier early game opponents. This will fulfill both challenges at the same time, potentially. This could also work for the third challenge in the Fortnite Dockyard Deal challenges as well.

The third one requires you to deal 250 damage with sniper rifles to opponents. If you can find a sniper rifle while you are going through those seven chests, be sure to take advantage of it and use that to deal some sweet damage to your opponents.

This could kill three birds with one stone if you head to the right place and loot RNG is on your side. 250 damage is equal to around two and a half enemies with full health or one enemy with full health and shields plus another half health player. You don’t have to complete this challenge in one match either.

How to Jump a Motorboat Through Flaming Rings

Next up on the list is a challenge that is going to take a bit more explaining to do than most of the other Fortnite Dockyard Deal challenges. You will want to jump a motorboat through three different flaming rings on the island. To do this, though, you need to know those ring locations.

The motorboat is the new vehicle that was added with the start of Chapter 2 this season. With so much water around the map, it can be rather easy to find one of these boats if you know the right place to look. So, before we can even get to the rings, we need to head to one of those spots.

Thankfully, if you are already at Dirty Docks for one of the other challenges, then you will be good to go in most cases. That place is filled to the brim with motorboats ready for use so be sure to grab one before they’re all gone.

Fortnite Dockyard Deal Challenges Jump A Motorboat Through Different Flaming Rings

Other locations include just about every named area that is next to a large body of water. These include Craggy Cliffs, Steamy Stacks, Sweaty Sands, and the island in the center of the map. Find yourself a boat there, maybe bring along a couple of friends to protect you, and then it’s time for the flaming rings.

We only need three different rings for this challenge but there are many out there that we have found thus far. For now, they seem to be located on the southern and eastern portions of the map. Your best bet is to head along the eastern and southeastern rivers that branch out from the small central island.

There are also a couple of them that are at the large lake and waterfall where Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows are located. Most of these rings are set up so it is pretty easy to fly right through them. Do three of these and you will be done with this challenge.

How to Deal Damage with Exploding Gas Pumps

Another challenge that needs a bit of explaining is this next one. You need to deal any damage to opponents by shooting exploding gas pumps. Another new feature this season is the ability to make gas pumps explode at various gas stations around the map.

Shooting them will cause them to detonate and damage any structure or unfortunate player nearby. This is a great way to get some easy kills if someone runs a little too close to the gas station. To do this, you need to find the location of some of these exploding gas pumps.

Fortnite Dockyard Deal Challenges Deal Damage Gas Pumps

The best locations for gas stations are found in Salty Springs and Pleasant Park, two locations that are also featured in earlier challenges on this list. Head to these locations and be sure to do it fast because, typically, shooting one gas pump will cause all the others to explode as well.

All you need to do is lure or wait for some unsuspecting player to go near there and blow them sky high. The damage for this challenge can be anything so long as it is at least one point.

Where to Find the Boat Launch, Coral Cove, and Flopper Pond

The next challenge is the classic visit three locations on the map one, but the three spots aren’t easy ones to work out on your own. You must head to the Boat Launch, Coral Cove, and Flopper Pond. All of three of these are its own landmark or hidden area of a named location on the map.

Beginning with the Boat Launch, we have by far one of the easiest of the three to find. It is located just southwest of Misty Meadows, right on the cliffside overlooking the ocean beyond it. It is right next to the snowy peaks right here so look for those southwest of Misty Meadows and you’ll find this Boat Launch.

Fortnite Dockyard Deal Challenges Boat Launch

Next up is Coral Cove, which is a bit harder to find than the other two. Sweaty Sands is the northwesternmost named location on the map and, as you can see, there are a string of islands that are just north of it in the ocean. Coral Cove is found on one of those islands.

The northwesternmost island (not to be confused with the northernmost island) is the one that you need. You can see on the map a bit of stuff on the northern side of this tiny island, which is just where Coral Cove happens to be. Head here and you will finish part two of this challenge.

Finally, we have the Flopper Pond. This area is rather easy to find because it is close to two major named locations. It is located northeast of Holly Hedges and north/northwest of Weeping Woods. Look for the small body of water in that direction on your map and head there.

How to Do the Deal Damage and Landing Challenges

For the next few challenges, we have some more of the deal damage and landing challenges. First up is to deal 200 damage to enemy structures with explosive weapons. One thing that we have found this season is that it seems to be way easier to find rocket launchers and other explosives than ever before.

You will want to use a rocket launcher or other explosive weapon like a grenade to deal some damage to enemy structures. With just a couple of well-shot rockets, you can easily deal 200 damage for this challenge. The next one is like a counter challenge to that one.

You need to deal 250 damage to opponents from above. This is like for those players who are getting attacked by other enemies trying to destroy their forts. While they are trying to destroy your fort and complete their challenge, you will want to attack them and damage them while you are above them.

Another challenge requires the player to land at three different locations on the map, which will likely require you to do three separate matches for this one. You need to land at Weeping Woods, Lazy Lake, and Pleasant Park. It is possible to multitask while you do all three of those landings, too.

Pleasant Park is necessary for getting the three eliminations challenge, Lazy Lake is close to some of the motorboats and flaming rings, and Weeping Woods is near the Flopper Pond that you also need to visit.

Where to Find the Hidden T

The penultimate challenge this week is to deal two explosive weapon eliminations. This doesn’t have to be done in the same match and it goes hand in hand with the enemy structures challenge. You are already using rockets and the like to destroy forts so it is possible you could get eliminations this way, too.

The final challenge that we must complete is a similar one to the first set of challenges for this season. We need to find the hidden T letter found in the Dockyard Deal loading screen. To get the loading screen for this challenge, you need to complete one of the other challenges.

However, if you just want the solution, you don’t have to equip the loading screen, or have it unlocked. The hidden T is a bit obvious in the loading screen with the crane-like structure forming a T of sorts. With the Dockyard Deal in the name, it is also clear that we need to head back to Dirty Docks.

Fortnite Dockyard Deal Challenges Hidden T

When you get to Dirty Docks, there is a large red crane next to a platform and another red crane. These are on the southern end of the named location and are hard to miss due to how large they are. The silver platform in between the two cranes is our destination.

Head over to it and there is a ramp up the platform or you could just build up it. At the top of the platform where you are in between the two huge cranes, you will find the little T letter there. Interact with it to pick it up and complete this final challenge.

Fortnite Dockyard Deal Challenges Rewards

The rewards this week are a bit interesting since they focus less on cosmetic items like they did in previous weeks and season X, and more on experience. Every single challenge that you do this week will grant you 54,000 experience, which is quite a lot and will get you well on your way to tier 100.

At the same time, though, completing eight of the 11 challenges will grant you the Dockyard Deal loading screen, which is necessary for the final challenge on the list if you don’t have our solution for it. Completing all 11 challenges will grant you a massive experience total of 594,000 experience.


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