Fortnite Dinosaurs Leak Possibly Reveals More Wildlife Soon

by in Fortnite | Mar, 19th 2021

Fortnite Season 6 is well underway now. We know a lot more about the season and what the next few months will look like. One of the biggest parts of this is the wildlife system that Epic Games has created, but it might be expanding soon if this latest Fortnite dinosaurs leak is to be believed.

Fortnite Dinosaurs Leak Reveals Possible Future Release

One of the most prominent Fortnite leakers in the industry, Fort Tory, posted about this leak on Twitter recently. The data miner noticed some new files in the back end of the battle royale game, indicating that we will be getting some interesting animals soon. 

In the files for the game after the release of Season 6, Fort Tory was able to find some information about the possible upcoming release of dinosaurs. This is mainly due to some files that make literal mention of the beloved prehistoric creatures making an appearance. 

Some new files make a note of the raptor dinosaur in particular. One such file states that “a wild raptor eliminated *insert player’s name here*” which is pretty self-explanatory at that point. There is a raptor creature of some kind. The file is there to indicate when it has eliminated a player in the game. 

There is an accompanying file for when a raptor creature has knocked out a player in the game. These are likely for the messages in the bottom left corner of the screen during matches to let everyone know what has happened.

Leak Show Raptor Text Lines

This is great for showing when a player has been eliminated, downed, or taken out for whatever reason. These files certainly make it look promising for the Fortnite dinosaurs to leak, as they would be necessary if players are eliminated by the creatures when they presumably release.

Furthermore, there is also more evidence to this Fortnite dinosaurs leak than just this. While those are just files that include some text with them, they aren’t necessarily that the raptors will be coming to the game soon. 

For instance, there is the issue that the Fortnite leaker was only able to find the raptor ones at first in the backend. If dinos are coming to the battle royale title, it will make sense to have more than just raptors at some point, but it is also possible to start with these for now. 

But given that only the raptors have appeared, there is a chance that this something that Epic Games is just testing out right now and that it might not come to fruition technically. What helps to prove that this will happen, though, is the other file that the data miner has found. 

Possible Dinosaur Egg Appears in Fortnite

This one is of an actual egg that certainly looks dino-like that is available in the files for Fortnite right now. It could be a raptor egg that will hatch and release the creatures for players to fight or possibly even tame if they follow the other animals’ patterns in Season 6. 

The raptors are basically for sure coming to the game as the leaker reported later that the eggs are on the Fortnite island right now, though we have not been able to confirm this ourselves so take that part with a grain of salt. Nothing seems to happen with them at this time, but they appear at least, hinting at a very soon release. 

Epic has already confirmed that the current selection of wildlife that includes wolves, boars, and chickens, is only starting this season, with more to come later on. It is crazy that we are already jumping past bears, lions, and so on and going straight to dinosaurs, but this seems to be the case. 

It does bring up the question, of course, of how the dinosaurs will work within the confines of Fortnite battle royale. We know from this leak that they are coming. Will it happen in Season 6 or later on, and what does that look like?

Could This Hint at a Jurassic World Crossover?

As you know, the new season is known as Primal and features a more prehistoric-like biome that is found near the center of the island and then spreads out a bit. Will this expand to include most of the island for the season’s duration, or stick to this middle area?

And if it does happen this season, does this mean that we will be getting a special event soon? We have long theorized and wished for a Jurassic World crossover in Fortnite as it makes a lot of sense, so it would be great if this is the time when it finally happens.

With the release of the third Jurassic World movie coming in the future, it would make sense to build hype for having a dedicated crossover event in Fortnite. This would make sense for having the dinosaurs appear in the game and allow for some special crossover skins from the films. 

At the same time, the state of Fortnite right now is different from what we had in the past. The Fortnite of today has experienced Season 4 in which it was all about Marvel, while Season 5 had a heavy emphasis on The Mandalorian.

It would be great if there were an entire season dedicated to Jurassic World, allowing dinosaurs to roam the island and have crossover skins, vehicles, and more. Perhaps the release of raptors is just a teaser for something like this to come in Season 7 or beyond. 


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