Fortnite Developer Epic Games Buys Fall Guys Game and Company

by in General | Mar, 2nd 2021

In one of the most least surprising but still somewhat shocking announcements is that Epic Games is purchasing a brand new studio to join its family. As of today, we now know about the Epic Games Fall Guys purchase that is effective immediately.

Epic Games Buys Fall Guys Developer

That’s right, Epic Games is purchasing the Tonic Games Group that is composed of the video game developer Mediatonic and all of the games that are currently owned by that studio. This is a massive move for both companies and one that makes a whole lot of sense honestly.

What this basically means is that the developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, is also now the owner of another major family friendly battle royale title: Fall Guys. Both are massive successes, both in the battle royale space and when it comes to social-friendly titles, so it feels like the perfect match.

Epic Games is not a company that just regularly purchases other studios as these acquisitions are pretty few and far between, but this one is a decision that makes a lot of sense. This is especially when compared to the most recent major purchase from Epic Games: Psyonix and Rocket League.

That purchase was one that made a lot of sense, too, though it did make some Steam users a little bit unhappy in the process. With the Epic Games Fall Guys deal, we see something that is very similar to the Rocket League situation and one that feels right for the company behind Fortnite.

What Epic Games and Tonic Games Group Have to Say

With this purchase, Tonic Games Group co-founder and CEO Dave Bailey had this to say about why it happened in the first place:

Could Fortnite and Fall Guys Share the Same Metaverse?

By far, this is the most fascinating idea to come out of this acquisition. What Sweeney is stating here seems to indicate that we are looking at a situation where Mediatonic is going to support Epic Games in some way when it comes to the massive metaverse it has created with Fortnite.

Could this mean that Fall Guys and Fortnite take place in the same universe or separate ones that will come together someday? It definitely could mean that, for sure. But for now, it does look like fans of Fall Guys have nothing to worry about when it comes to the future of that growing title.

The Fall Guys team noted that the Epic Games Fall Guys deal will not negatively affect the community and its game for the foreseeable future. The team has grown since its launch from only around 35 people to more than 150 working on it at this time.

What This Means for the Future of Fall Guys

Fortunately, the gameplay is not changing because of this growth nor is the mission to bring the game to more players than ever before. Seasons will continue in the game with new costumes, features, game modes, and more while expanding to other platforms, too.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will remain on Steam and PlayStation so players on there have nothing to worry about as it expands to Nintendo Switch and Xbox. With the Epic Games Fall Guys deal, it is not mentioned but we presume that it will come to the Epic Games Store, too, soon.

It does look like, though, that Steam users shouldn’t worry too much as it seems that Fall Guys will remain on that platform in the meantime. Both Fortnite and Rocket League are mentioned when it comes to content and features that the developer would like to see in Fall Guys like cross-play and more.

But when it comes to free-to-play, Mediatonic has nothing to announce at this time even though the Rocket League purchase did lead to that game going free-to-play on all platforms. For now, Fall Guys is actually on sale on PS4 at the time of writing this.

This Epic Games Fall Guys purchase is a bit surprising and sudden but one thing we do know is that it was seemingly hinted at recently. There were mentions of Fortnite skins in the Fall Guys backend files that we covered recently, giving us the idea that a crossover was coming soon but we didn’t quite realize just how big this crossover would be in the end.


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