Fortnite Crew Subscription Is Riddled With Issues Across Multiple Platforms

by in Fortnite | Jan, 5th 2021

Fortnite battle royale recently introduced one of the most impressive additions to the game with the Fortnite Crew subscription. This new service for the game has allowed players to keep up with skins and V-Bucks through a new monthly program. But there are a ton of Fortnite Crew issues that are happening currently for users. 

Fortnite Crew Issues Are Running Rampant

These Fortnite Crew issues are making it so that players are unable to actually enjoy playing the game and collecting the skins and V-Bucks digital battle royale currency like they are supposed to. The worst part is how overwhelming the problems are for numerous players around the world.

This isn’t one specific issue that players are dealing with for the subscription this month but many different ones affecting users in different ways and across multiple platforms. It has gotten to the point where Epic Games has had to address several of the bugs that players have.

That is what the Fortnite Status account did recently, noting one of the issues that players are having in the game with the service. It noted that it is currently investigating reports that players on the PlayStation systems (both 4 and 5, it seems) are having when trying to rejoin the subscription after a failed renewal payment has occurred. 

However, this is but one example that players are dealing with around the world. It isn’t just relative to PlayStation users but other users in different countries as well. One particular issue that we have also seen shared by the Fortnite Status account is for certain users in different locations. 

Players in Various Countries and Platforms Are Having Problems

Players in Belarus, Brazil, Russia, and Ukraine are also dealing with the Crew subscription problems, but theirs is different from the PlayStation issues. Instead of having the issue where they are unable to renew, these users are dealing with the situation where they are getting multiple charge attempts for the subscription.

This is extremely problematic as it could result in the players having less money in their accounts than they should temporarily or even their banks thinking that fraud is involved when there isn’t. But it still doesn’t even stop there as there is even more to the situation than just these Fortnite Crew issues. 

There are more problems when it comes to the service, according to Epic Games’ official Trello page. We can see the various issues and bugs that the Fortnite developer is working on at this time. The general top issues include many that are related to the Crew sub. 

For some players on the Samsung platform, they are having errors when trying to complete the sub. Then there are issues for those players who are on the Xbox side of things. In this case, they may be able to resubscribe but do not receive the content they should be. 

How to Fix Some of the Xbox Issues

Additionally, some Xbox users are dealing with cases where they are getting charged for two months when they should only be charged for one month. They will then request a refund for the extra month and receive it, but this causes even more problems. 

Getting the refund for one month is causing some Xbox users to encounter another issue where they have their Fortnite Crew content removed entirely from their account even though they already own it. For this particular issue with the subscription, there is, fortunately, a temporary fix. 

While Epic Games works on a more permanent solution, there are two options for Xbox players. Firstly, players can visit the Microsoft website and sign in to their account there. Find the recurring billing section and then turn off the recurring billing for that. 

This should make it so that you can avoid extra charges from happening when they shouldn’t but not also lose the content that you already own at the same time. The other option is to contact Microsoft support directly and request a full refund there, but this is more of an extreme option that will not work for everyone. 

What to Do While Epic Fixes These Problems

Unfortunately, Epic Games has not provided any actual solutions, temporary or otherwise, for the other Fortnite Crew issues happening to so many players right now. Unless you have that specific Xbox problem, you will be sore out of luck for now. 

We recommend contacting Epic Games support if you’d like, but the issue is that the developer is already aware of these problems and is hard at working on them right now. They are at the top of the list of issues, so they seem to be the priority for now. 

We imagine that fixes for these problems will come sooner rather than later, especially given the monthly nature of the subscription. The deal with the Crew sub is that every month players get some V-Bucks, an exclusive skin pack, and the latest paid battle pass if you don’t already have that. 

The January sub for the Crew service is only the second one to happen thus far. Many players have likely subscribed to it since Green Arrow is the skin pack this month

With so many players who are using the service suddenly, this has likely led to the problems that players around the world and on various platforms are dealing with. Be sure to check back here for more info in the future on the Crew subscription and when these issues will be finally fixed. 


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