Fortnite Coral Castle Is Finally Here, Bringing Aquaman’s Atlantis

by in Fortnite | Aug, 3rd 2020

The Fortnite Aquaman event as part of Season 3 just got a lot bigger with the addition of a brand new named location. The Season 3 map has changed once again, and now we have the Fortnite Coral Castle for players to check out on the battle royale island.

Coral Castle Is Here in Fortnite

The new Fortnite Coral Castle named location isn’t quite what players might have expected, at least terms of name, but the location itself is the Aquaman-themed point of interest that we have been waiting for. If you are reading this right now, it is available for exploring on all platforms.

Fortnite Coral Castle is a brand new named location that has appeared in Season 3 in the northwestern portion of the Season 3 island. This specific location takes the place of the massive body of water that had filled the northwestern corner of the map.

Previously, this portion of the map was filled to the brim with almost nothing but water, except a couple of islands like The Shark from Season 2. Now that the map changed once again, the water has receded even more, and the new named location is here.

This is exactly as the previous leaks suggested, but the realization of the new area in Fortnite Season 3 is different from the leaks thought it would be. Originally, the supposed final Season 3 map had leaked, giving us an idea of all the changes this season.

Coral Castle Is Slightly Different From the Leaks

This was weeks ago. The most notable portion of it was the massive new named location in the northwestern corner of the map. In the initial leak, it was known as The Ruins, harkening back to the nomenclature of the five new Season 2 named locations as well as The Fortilla this season.

Then, there were even more leaks that suggested it would actually be called Atlantis and so on. No matter what the names were, the universal idea was that the former islands in that corner of the map would become one huge named location that would be Aquaman’s base of sorts.

And that specific notion has been confirmed to be true now. Fortnite Coral Castle might not have any of the names that we thought it would have, but the location of this point of interest and the general idea reigns true as the Atlantis above-ground location that we always wanted.

If you are looking to take a trip to the Coral Castle, be sure to head directly north of Sweaty Sands to find this huge named location. It is one of the biggest in terms of area size out of all of the named areas this season, and it has a unique theme to it as well.

What Coral Castle Is Like

It takes the place of most of the numerous islands that used to be home in this region of the Fortnite map, in both seasons one and two before getting flooded completely at the start of this third season. It also happens to be on top of the former landmark location Coral Cove.

This is likely where Epic Games got the inspiration for the now official name for Atlantis in Fortnite: Coral Castle. The cove is now a castle not just for anyone but also for the underwater DC Comics superhero Aquaman. It is no surprise that he gets his area as he is a focal point of this season.

Deadpool didn’t get an entirely brand new area themed after him, but he did take over the already existing The Yacht location in Season 2 and made it his own. As such, we all expected that, at some point this season, Aquaman would do the same with a named location.

The Fortnite Coral Castle location has a massive castle located at the center of the area that is the main focus. It is surrounded, though, by green and yellow beach and forest areas that you can explore. There is even a huge waterfall behind the castle, creating some of the gorgeous scenery in Fortnite history.

How Long Will Coral Castle Stay in the Game?

Players can visit the newly unearthed castle grounds and even visit the inside of the castle with a couple of floors and an intricately complex design that harkens back to the nature of the villain’s lair from Chapter 1. There is even an underground section to explore and so much loot to find.

There is so much to Fortnite Coral Castle that players can spend days and perhaps even weeks getting to know throughout numerous battle royale matches. But there is something that players should keep in mind about the area: it will likely be swarming with other players.

Part of the problem with the new Fortnite Coral Castle area is that it is brand new. It is something that players have been looking forward to for several weeks now. The new named location will be the centerpiece of most battle royale matches moving forward, so be very careful and ready for some fights if you decide to head here.

The final question about this new location is how long it will stay in Fortnite battle royale? Without a doubt, it will stay for the duration of Season 3 if the Deadpool crossover in Season 2 is anything to go by. But, likely, it will even stay in season four, too.

After all, The Yacht is still around in Season 3, even if it is no longer the point of interest it once was. We would be shocked if Coral Cove didn’t stick around in the next season of battle royale, too, especially since it comes on the eve of Week 8 of this season.


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