Content Creators Will Be Able to Mute Licensed Music in Fortnite Season 2

by in Fortnite | Feb, 19th 2020

Epic Games is preparing players for the long-awaited release of Fortnite season two and it is almost here. Mere hours wait between players and the onslaught of new content in the second season of chapter two, including map changes, a new battle pass, cosmetics, and more.

While we still don’t have too many details about season two currently beyond minor hints and an awesome black and gold theme, one significant detail was just revealed today. It doesn’t change too much about the game but it does help out those depend on the game for their livelihood.

Update 12.00 Brings New Emote Audio Option

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account, known for releasing new details about the game’s servers like downtime and the like, revealed that PC players will have a new setting available in season two. The launch of update 12.00 will release the emote audio option.

With it, players will have the chance to mute any Fortnite licensed music that comes from the countless emotes that are available in the game. While this might not seem important or necessary from a glance, this is a welcome change that will greatly help streamers, content creators, and more.

For those who don’t know, the emotes in Fortnite aren’t just there for fun and giggles as players battle it out with their favorite dance moves. Some of them were created specifically in partnership with various companies out there, which makes it usually have Fortnite licensed music.

When it is licensed like this, there are typically very strict requirements that are in the contract between Epic Games and the other company. For instance, if Epic wants to create a Star Wars-themed emote, they have to get Disney’s permission for literally everything.

Licensed Music Is a Complicated Legal Issue

In addition, there are guidelines that Epic Games has to stick to that will stop it from doing certain things and making sure that it does other things in specific ways. It also means that these restrictions can sometimes be felt for the players of the battle royale game as well.

For example, players might only be able to purchase a specific emote or skin in the game for a limited time because that is exactly what the contractual agreement says. It could also mean that the cosmetic item may never appear in the game again for sale, if so desired.

Complicated issues like this are wrapped in legal issues but, many times, the content creators out there have to deal with certain problems related to it. Fortnite licensed music is no joke just like any other game and videos and streams can suffer because of it.

If a copyright holder doesn’t like that you used their licensed music during a stream or video on platforms like YouTube, they can have your video muted, stop you from gaining any advertisement revenue, or even remove it entirely from the internet.

This goes for players who are using themed, collaboration emotes in Fortnite while they are streaming and even those around them. It is even possible for you to have your video in trouble just for someone you don’t even know walking up to you in a match and playing an emote with licensed music.

It is an unfortunate problem that can creep on a player or content creator at any time, which is why many of the streamers out there will have their own music or audio much louder than the normal game. Thankfully, the release of update 12.00 will help with that.

What the New Fortnite Licensed Music Options Will Allow

Players will be able to go into the audio settings and see a new Fortnite licensed music option for emotes. There are a few different options that you can select for it like letting all music play no matter what, muting other player’s music, or even allow Fortnite players to mute all licensed music in general.

While this is a wonderful addition to the game, there are still some concerns that certain players out there will still need to worry about. For instance, this option will only be available to PC players in update 12.00. Thankfully, the Fortnite Status account did confirm it is coming to the other platforms.

The problem is that we have no date for that at this time. It is possible that this is a rather specific and complicated setting that will need development time on each platform to make sure it works as intended. Regardless, the option will eventually be available for content creators on other Fortnite platforms besides just PC.

The other limitation that players will need to keep in mind is that the ability to mute licensed music in Fortnite is currently only tied to emotes. If an event is happening with a collaboration with a popular movie, the music that plays in it will not be muted since it isn’t an emote.

In addition, those live events like concerts and the like will not be muted either. As such, content creators will need to be careful at all times and be sure to only do events like that in-game with the right precautions taken beforehand.

Fortnite Season 2 Server Downtime

There are sure to be plenty of chances like this in 2020 as the start of Fortnite season two is looming ever closer. Beyond the new settings option for emote music, players can also look forward to map changes for the chapter two map, a new battle pass, plenty of cosmetic items to collect, and, of course, new emotes to enjoy.

The Fortnite Status account also revealed today that the start time for the server downtime is set for Thursday, February 20, at 1 am PT. Then, the server will go down for update 12.00 to be applied and the season will begin likely no more than a few hours after that.


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