All Fortnite Competitive Events Will Only Be Online in 2021

by in Fortnite | Dec, 7th 2020

This may come as no surprise to some players in the Fortnite battle royale community, but Epic Games has announced its plans for the esports side, and they are largely continuing what happened this year. Epic revealed that all Fortnite 2021 events would only be held online instead of in-person.

All Fortnite 2021 Events Will Be Online

This announcement was revealed on the Epic Games blog, giving some details about the Fortnite 2021 events and what players can look forward to next year. It came just as Season 5 of Fortnite was beginning last week and as we head into the final stretch of 2020. 

With the future of esports for most games pretty unknown, given the turbulent nature of the world right now, it looks like Epic Games has opted for the safest option possible. All Fortnite 2021 events will be online only, which means no official in-person events next year. 

From January to December, you will only be competing online, which goes for everyone from amateurs to semi-pros to professional esports players alike. Epic noted in the announcement that it is the developer’s full intention to have in-person global tournaments in the future again, but that won’t work for next year. 

To keep the players and staff in check to keep the health and safety in check, this is the right decision for the company to make. Given that cases are rising rapidly in many parts of the world and so much is still unknown about what is practical and safe to do right now, Fortnite 2021 events will be online.

This Means No World Cup Next Year

There are currently no plans to hold in-person events at all in 2021, including the Fortnite World Cup. In exchange, Epic will continue to host online tournaments throughout 2021, hoping that physical events will come back someday.

This all but confirms that Epic will not host a World Cup next year but will opt for online tournaments only. This is controversial since the community has been waiting for a World Cup event for a long time since we have only had one of these thus far. 

Of course, there shouldn’t be any in-person events with the world in the state that it is in currently, but nothing is stopping Epic from hosting an online World Cup next year. This year was understandable given how everything changed so fast, but there is no excuse for next year.

When the original World Cup was hosted, the qualifiers leading up to the in-person event were all held online each weekend. There is no reason that Epic can’t take that same concept, apply it to next year, and have the World Cup event just be held online in a similar way to what the Call of Duty League has done. 

Epic Should Host an Online World Cup Instead

There are ways to have some semblance of control and fairness in an online World Cup event. Quite frankly, an online one is better than not having one again next year. This is something that we hope Epic Games changes its mind about as this would be an unfortunate thing to happen two years in a row.

After all, much of the community has been unhappy that Epic has been light in hosting online events this year. It wasn’t until the Marvel Knockout Super Series for Season 4 that it felt like the company was trying something substantial for the year. 

We will likely get similar online events next year. Hopefully, they are much more frequent and exciting than they were this year. Epic has had a year to adjust to this online format. So, there is no reason that next year shouldn’t be more interesting for esports players and fans alike. 

We know that is going to continue next year is the Fortnite Competitive Series that was happening each season before. Season 5’s iteration has been officially announced and will be happening on Feb. 4. 

Fortnite Competitive Series Returns Next Year

That is when it will begin, and that date is surprisingly far away. Sure, the season just started, but that is more than two months after the season’s initial start. The reason for this wait is to make sure that players have had an ample amount of time to get adjusted to the new mechanics and areas. 

As part of the Fortnite Competitive Series return, there is a new permanent mode available in these tournaments, and that is trios. Trios has been growing more and more this year in Fortnite. It will now be officially supported as a tournament format next year. 

Other than that, Epic Games claims that there will be more Fortnite 2021 events for the community, including weekly ones, unique tournaments, and Creator Cups throughout the year. The company notes that there will be “plenty of competitions” to scratch that competitive itch between the Competitive Series seasons.

Bars Now Reset Between Competitive Matches

Until then, the developer monitors the current Season 5 and will adjust it, if necessary, to make sure that the competitive gameplay is intact and balanced for everyone. From now on, one change is that bars will reset to zero in all of the competitive modes of Fortnite.

You will only be able to use the bars that you gain in that match for that match and will have to start over with them in the next one. It is a decent solution to prevent having to remove this unique feature from competitive modes entirely in Season 5.

This makes it fair so that those who engage with the bounties, quests, and bars system will be rewarded in that match rather than encouraging players to use them in matches to gain an advantage unfairly. 

We will have to wait and see if this is the solution that will fix complaints with the feature from content creators like xQc and others. 


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