Fortnite Chaos Origins Skin Featured in October Crew Pack

by in Fortnite | Sep, 29th 2021

Fortnite battle royale is gaining a new skin for players to collect as part of the October Crew Pack. With a new month about to begin, that means that it is also time for a new batch of Crew content to be released for Fortnite. This time around, players who subscribe will receive the Fortnite Chaos Origins pack. 

Fortnite Chaos Origins Bundle Announced

The Fortnite Chaos Origins bundle is the featured set of content given out to players as part of the launch of the October Crew Pack. Chaos Origins is the second in the line of skins all related to one another in some way, known as The First Shadows. 

With the first of the three shadows released in the Fortnite September Crew Pack, the next one has been announced and will be released in October. The Fortnite Chaos Origins skin arrives just in time for the spooky season, featuring a sinister skin for players to collect.

The Fortnite Chaos Origins skin might be quite familiar to veteran battle royale players who might see that this skin is fairly similar to a past outfit. Chaos Origins is the counterpart to the Chaos Agent, a familiar and popular skin from the Fortnite past. 

Players will get this latest version of the Chaos Agent with the Fortnite Chaos Origins skin separate from that one, being its character and everything. Epic Games has even revealed the story of this new outfit with the announcement of the October Crew Pack.

What the New Chaos Origin Skin Looks Like

The story of Fortnite Chaos Origins begins with the end of Chaos Agent. Once the end of the Chaos Agent’s wicked designs happened, the Fortnite original character was set on the right path (for the most part) and has turned his ways around. 

With the conclusion of the Chaos Agent’s wicked deeds, Chaos Origins has arrived and is his new persona. Fortnite Chaos Origins will make his battle royale debut as part of the October 2021 Crew Pack in Fortnite, going live even before the month officially begins. 

The Fortnite Chaos Origins bundle will be available for active subscribers of the Crew service on Thursday, September 30, 2021, at around 5 pm PT. When this happens, players will be able to pick up this new skin and all of the other cosmetic items available for the month. 

The Chaos Origins skin looks similar, mostly in the helmet area, to the Chaos Agent but with a mostly black color scheme that includes sharp accents of red in a few different places. What is notable is that the Chaos Origins character is wearing a black suit that is striking and surprisingly fashionable for him, contrasting the plague doctor-like helmet that he is wearing. 

Other Items That Players Can Get in October

But the October 2021 Crew Pack does not end with just the Fortnite Chaos Origins skin, as other themed items come with this set. Players will be able to get, for instance, the Siphon Pack back bling item that looks like it is going to be used for some dastardly deeds. 

In addition to that, you will get the Mutagen Mace pickaxe that is quite unlike most of the other pickaxes in the game to date. We do not get maces that often in the game. This is a huge one, posing a threat to anyone who gets too close to Chaos Origins and leaking some dark, menacing liquid of unknown origins. 

If that is not enough, players will also get the World Dominator weapon wrap that will turn your weapons into a stylish black and red color scheme meant to match the suit Chaos Origins is wearing with his featured Crew Pack skin. 

And if that is still not enough, Epic Games is teasing that there is a new loading screen that will come as a nice bonus item later in October. It is unknown what this loading screen will be, so it could be tied to Chaos Origins or whatever Halloween event in the battle royale title this year. 

Players Also Receive the Standard Crew Goodies

This is in addition to the usual goodies that you can get as part of the Fortnite Crew subscription every month. If you are someone, for instance, who is new to the current Season 8 or just has not purchased the paid battle pass, it will be given to you immediately upon subscribing to the Crew service this season. 

And if you already purchased it, that means that you will get a one-time refund of 950 V-Bucks for doing that. This is in addition to 1000 V-Bucks given to active subscribers every month on the day of their recurring billing date. 

If you hurry up fast, too, you could even get the first of The First Shadows with The Burning Wolf who is still available until September 30. If you subscribe now, you will be able to get The Burning Wolf before the month ends and the new Chaos Origins skin at the same time. 

Epic Games has also confirmed that the trio’s final, Sierra, will be arriving in the November Crew Pack. We can see a glimpse of what this character will look like from the key art for The First Shadows, but we will have to wait until November to see the full skin and other items, so stay tuned for that near the end of October. 


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