Fortnite Champion Kez Perma Banned for Hacking

by in Fortnite | Dec, 14th 2020

Cheaters? In an esports event? It’s more likely than you’d think. This weekend, a former FNCS Champion got caught using soft aim hacks and was permanently banned. The latest competitive player to be banned in Fortnite for hacking was Kalvin ‘Kez’ Dam, who cheated during the Frosty Frenzy tournament. Epic Games didn’t even hesitate, banning Kez right in the middle of a game. Kez has a long history of victory in Fortnite, but what if this isn’t the first time he’s cheated? 

A Fall From Grace

During a match, Kez disappeared into thin air, his items clattering to the ground in a glowy mess. It was then when the rest of his team (Nanolite and Cizlucky) figured out what had happened. He wasn’t defeated unless you count being banned for hacking in Fortnite being defeated. CizLucky yelled, asking why Kez disappeared, and then yelled “He got banned! What the f**k?”

A Fortnite commentator, the one capturing the footage was AussieAntics. Their shock was palpable in his Tweet:

Questions Over How Long It’s Been Going On

Sure, accusations like this come out as false more often than not, but not this time. It makes us wonder just how long Kez was hacking prior to be being banned from Fortnite. Did he cheat to win the FNCS? It’s reported that Sebby was told by Kez that he didn’t start cheating until this season.

According to Sebby on Twitter:

“He quit the game after squads, absolutely hated the game, just randomly decided to come back and try to make quick money and dip if he got banned.”

This is absolutely shameful behavior. Deciding that you now hate a game you made money in, and will aggressively cheat until caught is the worst move to make. Cheating in a game where you’re winning serious cash could and should have penalties. We have no idea what will be in store for Kez, but for now, he’s been banned for hacking. 

Even if he was just “doing it until banned”, it sets a terrible example, and it’s even worse if he managed to make money off of Fortnite while blatantly cheating.


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