Fortnite Cars Will Release on July 21, According to Datamine

by in Fortnite | Jul, 6th 2020

According to a recent data mining leak, the long-rumored and hinted at cars in Fortnite battle royale will likely be released relatively soon. The Fortnite cars will be one of the major additions to the game this season and it will happen when a new downloadable patch drops soon for battle royale.

Fortnite Cars Release Date Leaked

News of this Fortnite car release date comes from the popular and renowned data miner for HYPEX. We have covered this data miner in the past. They have been accurate many times, so there is a high chance that this is going to be the actual release date.

According to HYPEX on their Twitter account, the Fortnite car release date is currently set to happen on Tuesday, July 21, so about two weeks from now. That is a good bit of wait, so it is quite surprising that we already know about the release date for the new vehicles in the game.

The credible data miner posted about the Fortnite cars on Twitter over the weekend, noting that they already knew about this info but didn’t want to share it initially (likely to avoid spoiling the details for the community) but decided to post it anyways since. Others had already talked about it.

But according to the data within the game, the new cars are going to be released in the game on July 21. That release date will likely coincide with a major downloadable patch version that players will need to update their game to to check out the new vehicles.

Water Will Recede on the Map Over Time

This makes sense as Epic Games is typically good about releasing new downloadable updates every two to three weeks during any given season of battle royale. Those updates usually bring with them new limited game modes or new cosmetics or even returning and new weapons.

And even sometimes, especially within the last couple of seasons in this chapter, those updates have brought some major changes to the map. Therein lies why we are getting the Fortnite cars two weeks from now, rather than right at the start of Season 3.

Like in Season 2, the map is going to change ever so slightly throughout Season 3. The most striking thing about the map this season, besides the new named locations, is the fact that the island was mostly overtaken by water and that was at the forefront of the season.

Though it seemed to be the main gimmick this season, it looks like the water will not last forever. When the new battle pass season launched, Epic Games made it clear that the water wouldn’t stay that prominent forever and eventually recede over the new season.

Epic Has Teased Cars in the Past

This would result in new and returning named locations alike, and more land area for players to explore. This is a gradual process that has already begun in the game, with the first bit of recession happening recently on July 1. It didn’t do too much to the island as a whole but began the drawn out process.

But what is important about this whole water world situation is that it will also result in some new vehicles added to the game. This was also formally teased by Epic at the start of Season 3, noting that there would be new vehicles once the water went down. This hint was paired with a teaser image of what this will look like.

In the image, there is a picture of a normal automobile as well as a pickup truck. There weren’t any other vehicles in sight, so it certainly made it seem like normal cars would be making their way to Fortnite finally in this season after fans have wanted them since the beginning of the game in 2017.

Though we never got official confirmation about the Fortnite cars, leaks recently uncovered that they are coming to the game and the release date. We now know some details about the cars. Tthere will likely be four different classes of them that you can choose from.

Different Types of Cars Leak and How They Likely Work

There will reportedly be small, medium, large, and pickup truck vehicles that will be available on the island map. This will result in differing sizes and likely speeds as well. This makes sense as we see both a normal car and a pickup truck in the initial teaser image from the start of Season 3.

This raises the question of how these cars will affect gameplay when you are using the different versions of them. They may allow for differing numbers of players in the vehicle at one time. Perhaps the small car only allows two players at a time, for instance, while the bigger ones might have room for up to four.

It is also possible that the vehicles’ speeds will be different, like the smaller cars being faster than the bulkier big ones. This could also affect the overall health of the vehicle, with the larger ones having more health to make up for the fact that they are a bit slower than the others.

Also, leaks in the past have said they will have fuel that you will need to use the car, similar to how PUBG handles its vehicles. This would be an interesting mechanic. It will be intriguing to see how gas is handled in Fortnite.

Will it be an item that you pick up off the ground and in areas, or will you visit gas stations around the game world to fill it back up and keep using it? Does this also mean that the different types of vehicles will use up gas differently at the same time?

Only time will tell for now. The vehicle release date of July 21 will likely happen on the same day that an update reduces the amount of water on the map even further, providing more land for players to roam around the map in the new cars.


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