Fortnite Cars and More Finally Added in Update 13.30

by in Fortnite | Jul, 21st 2020

Epic Games has released one of the largest updates for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3. The Fortnite update 13.30 includes some of the most important content to be added to battle royale this season, including the single feature that players have been waiting patiently for: Fortnite cars.

Fortnite Update 13.30 Is Here But Some Features Are Delayed

Well, at least Fortnite update 13.30 was supposed to include the Fortnite cars in the battle royale game. If you are reading this right now, the new update for the game is available on all platforms so you can go to console, PC, and mobile and start downloading and installing it right now.

With it installed for your game, you will start enjoying all of the changes in Season 3 with this patch version. However, there is a major problem with this update that you may notice. There is one feature that is missing from the battle royale game that was supposed to be here.

That feature is the new vehicle that we should have been able to drive right now. Without the inclusion of the Fortnite cars in this update, it makes the sizable download a little less meaningful to players. Even still, there are some important changes and features that you should know.

That is why we are going to let you know everything you need to know about the Fortnite cars, map changes, and more that should be in this update (even if not all of it is there). Though Epic Games hasn’t given official patch notes, we have been able to find these changes below through the game itself and data miners who have scoured through the update.

Where Are the Fortnite Cars?

First and foremost, what are the Fortnite cars that should be in this update but aren’t here right now? Nearly every season of battle royale comes with a new vehicle type that you can use to get around the island more easily.

This new vehicle type is typically shaped around the theme of the island. It makes sense in the context of the season, like the Choppa in Season 2 that added to the spy theme of that season and allowed players to more easily get around the massive Chapter 2 island.

Well, the cars in Season 3 are meant to do that for this season. Sure, we already technically have a new vehicle this season in the form of the sharks that you can ride by throwing a fishing pole at them, but that is a rather specific “vehicle” that is only usable in the watery areas.

But there is a problem with that. The water is going down over time in the third season, so there will come the point where the sharks won’t be as viable as they are right now. As such, the land returning will allow for a new vehicle type to become the main mode of transportation and those are the cars.

Cars have technically been in Fortnite since pretty much the beginning of the game, but only as a decoration for the island to make it feel more lived in. You could walk by them and destroy them, but you had no option actually to control them on the map.

There were driveable land vehicles in the past like the ATVs, golf carts, and shopping carts, but those are no replacement for an actual car or truck. Thankfully, those vehicles are finally coming to Fortnite battle royale; they are not necessarily immediately available when they were supposed to be.

What We Know About the Cars

Here’s what we do know about the Fortnite cars at this time. They are supposed to be likely in a similar size and shape to the cars that were not driveable hung around the battle royale map up until this point. Not only do you have cars, but there are different types of them that you can drive.

There will be the standard cars that you can drive plus the larger cars, trucks, and maybe SUVs in the game. These different categories of vehicles will likely differ from one another in a few different ways. We know a lot about what the differences will be, according to data miners.

For instance, Fortnite Insider has been great about collecting information from the back end of the game to figure out the stats and differences of the cars. According to these figures, there will be four types of cars: small cars, medium cars, large cars, and trucks.

The small cars will have the smallest health of the four groups but will use up significantly less fuel than the others. On the other hand, the medium car is very similar to the small one, with the main difference being that it uses up nearly double the amount of fuel per second and it has slightly more health.

The large car has even more health and bigger fuel capacity than the other two types before it, but it will use more fuel compared and have a higher boosting stat overall. Lastly, there is the truck category where even less information is currently known.

If we had to guess, though, it would likely have the highest amount of health available, probably go much slower, but use up a good amount of health. But it depends because there is likely going to be a smaller pickup truck plus the larger ones like potential semi-trucks and so on.

Overall, it looks like there will be a lot of variety available right from the launch of the cars in Fortnite. We won’t likely have to wait for more types to release as there will be several different categories available. It is great since players will have options for their particular situation.

If you are far from the next circle and need to get somewhere fast by yourself or with a teammate, a fast sports car might be the right move. But if you are roaming around a circle and trying to defend, a larger car might make more sense as it will last much longer.

Possible Fortnite Cars Release Date

The main issue with all of this is that the cars should be in the game right now. According to data miners in the past, the new vehicles were supposed to be released on July 21. And they were half-right as a major downloadable Fortnite update 13.30 is here today.

But the cars are not, and we haven’t heard any official word from Epic Games regarding what happened with the new vehicles. They are still in the back end of the game, so they are probably already in your game; you aren’t able to find or use them yet.

And to even add more evidence to this being the case, this update has removed all of the existing cars that you couldn’t drive in the game. You would do this to get ready to introduce the new vehicles that you can drive around the island.

So, it is likely that the cars have been delayed for some reason, but we still have some ideas about the actual release date. They were likely supposed to be today, but they are now going to release either later today or this week.

Regardless, we expect it to be out by this Thursday or on that day. This is because this week’s batch of leaked battle royale challenges includes a challenge that is only about the cars. You need to fill up one of the cars with gas at a specific location on the map.

It is likely a hint as well to the fact that you will only find the cars in specific areas around the island, probably mostly named locations, and the spawns will most likely differ from match to match.

Other Changes in Update 13.30

Beyond just the normal cars added to the game, there are other changes and additions in Fortnite update 13.30, some of which you can enjoy right now. One of the new items in this update (that isn’t available just yet) is the gas can, which will likely fill up the cars.

On the other hand, you will also be able to use them to cause fires and explosions, which could be a useful weapon in the future. But beyond that, there are also some changes to the map that you can immediately notice.

It has been 10 days officially since the last map change in battle royale. The leakers were right that the next one is here on July 21. This is the third one since the start of the third season, causing more water to recede. Now, you can see even more of the map.

The changes this time around aren’t super crazy, but it is enough to have some land for the cars to move around and stuff. Also, Pleasant Park is all but back to normal at this point. You can find more at Craggy Cliffs than you could before this update.

Update 13.30 Bug Fixes

Though we don’t have official patch notes to go by for Fortnite update 13.30, we do have a way of finding the bug fixes in this update. There are several fixes for issues in the battle royale game. We know about them because of the official Trello board that shows what bugs are being worked on.

The first of these is a major one that has brought back the whirlpools that were disabled. This prevented players from doing things like completing important challenges, but thankfully, you can jump back in and complete them now.

The second issue fixed is with the glider going slower than it should when a player redeploys the glider in certain areas and situations. Another problem is more of a visual one that was disappointing players but didn’t affect the gameplay like the other two.

The experience bar at the bottom of your screen in matches has been fixed to show you the correct amount of experience that you currently have. There were issues before where the bar would show incorrect amounts, and players would even think that they had leveled up when they hadn’t.

There is a minor fix for a problem with the Ocean’s Bottomless Chug item added at the start of Season 3. The unique item wouldn’t allow players to pick it up under certain conditions like when another player has dropped it.

This next one isn’t a total fix for a problem, but there is now a workaround for it that should help players out. The supply drops that dropped at The Authority in the middle of the island wouldn’t be openable after players have already searched them. This can be fixed by shooting the supply drops, but the situation hasn’t been completely fixed.

For this next fix, this one is a major problem that came recently. The recent Steamy Stacks floating rings challenge was broken for some players and replaced instead of resolved, for some reason. It has been replaced with a challenge that involves visiting The Fortilla and searching ammo boxes there.

The second-to-last issue reportedly fixed in Fortnite update 13.30 is for the strange black objects that would appear behind the player when you turn around in the storm. And lastly, there is a bug fix for gliding in general, including using the launch pad, not working properly at The Authority.


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