Fortnite Bugha Icon Series Skin Revealed

by in Fortnite | Jul, 19th 2021

The Fortnite Icon Series is one of the most epic parts of the battle royale game, as it introduces characters and real people from around the world into the game as skins. The latest addition has been revealed, and it is none other than the Fortnite Bugha skin that we’ve been waiting for.

Fortnite Bugha Finally Revealed

It is quite shocking, honestly, that it has taken this long for Epic Games to make a Fortnite Bugha skin, but lo and behold, it is finally happening in the game. Announced today, World Cup champ and content creator will be getting his skin in the game along with some other surprises. 

The Fortnite Bugha skin will be released tomorrow night on Tuesday, July 20, at around 5 p.m. PT. The item shop will offer the skin and some other items from his set there and only for a limited time. We do not know how long this set will stick around in the game, so be sure to pick it up soon if you want it. 

Thus far, we know about four items that are themed around Bugha available in the item shop this week. They include the aforementioned Fortnite Bugha skin with some options, plus three other themed items around the esports star and his life. 

Players will be able to get the Fortnite Bugha skin, the Zoey Trophy back bling item to wear on your back, the dual pickaxe known as the Bugha Blades, and the new Bring It Around emote. These four items will make up the Bugha set that will be coming to Fortnite later this week. 

Bugha-Themed Items Detailed

Starting with the Fortnite Bugha skin, this is perhaps the most exciting part of the whole set and will allow players to look just like the real esports champ himself. The Bugha skin is one of the most similar skins that we have seen to date in the game regarding looking like the real person. 

The normal version of the Fortnite Bugha skin features him in his jersey and pants with not much else to it, making it one of the most normal skins that we have ever seen. That said, though, there is another skin option that players will get through this set. 

That version of the Fortnite Bugha skin is known as the Elite Style with the same normal skin but electrifies his outfit with some sharp colors that will look great in matches. Furthermore, there is one more skin style: the World Champion Bugha Style centered around the victory attire bestowed upon him after becoming the champion. 

If that is not enough, you have the sweet pickaxes that pair nicely with the outfit versions and the Bring It Around emote based on the little victory dance that Bugha has done. And last but certainly not least, the Zoey Trophy back bling is by far the most adorable and heartwarming part of this collection. 

You can see what Bugha loves in this particular cosmetic item as it includes the Fortnite World Cup trophy that he earned in 2019, but with a special guest hanging out in it. Zoey, his real-life dog, hangs out inside the trophy and will be your Fortnite companion for matches. 

Fortnite Bugha Skin Comes at an Interesting Time

The Fortnite Bugha skin is not too surprising, except for how long it took to happen finally, but what is a bit shocking is that we are getting this one just after the last one launched last week. The LeBron James Fortnite skin was the most recent Icon Series set, which happened with the new Space Jam movie launch. 

Furthermore, Bugha won the first and only Fortnite World Cup for the solo portion of the event in 2019, which is now around two years ago. That is a long time to make the champ wait for this official set, especially when so many other creators and personalities have had skins made up until now. 

But Epic Games seemingly knows this and is doing something special for the new Fortnite Bugha skin besides just releasing a set of themed items. There will be an actual in-game event that players will participate in as part of the Season 7 content.

Bugha is one of the few to have the honor of having a limited-time game mode named after him, and that is what is happening with Bugha’s Late Game Arena mode. It is unique and makes good on the hope of more esports events in the battle royale title this year. 

Bugha’s Late Game Arena Mode Details

Bugha’s Late Game Arena is a brand new mode focused on the endgame of a battle royale match, with only nine players in each arena of the mode. Players will be able to queue up in trios in this mode. There will only be three teams of three players each in every match. 

Epic Games has collaborated with Bugha to craft nine starting inventories that are grouped into three team loadouts. Each team will start with one of those three trio loadouts at random in the match. That will be what you use to eliminate the other teams in this extremely small battle royale-like experience. 

While the Bugha’s Late Game Arena game mode is quite fun in theory, it is only the start of this experience. It will run for around eight days from July 20-28. Players will have the chance to play it during that time. But, on July 28, a Late Game Tournament will start. 

How players will enter this tournament is by getting at least 1500 Hype during the next week or so that the event is around. This Hype is unique to the game mode and not shared with the normal ranked modes, so you will have to act fast to earn it. 

But if you can get 1500 Hype, you will be able to enter into the tournament on July 28 and have a chance to win a share of the $100,000 prize pool. This is a chance for players worldwide to show their skill and become a champion themselves, like Bugha. 


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