Fortnite Bloodsport Skin Announced for The Suicide Squad Collaboration

by in Fortnite | Jul, 29th 2021

A new collaboration has been announced between Epic Games and DC Comics in a very unsurprising fashion to bring another character to the battle royale game Fortnite. This time around, though, it is a more obscure character with the official Fortnite Bloodsport skin.

Fortnite Bloodsport Skin Announced

As you may already know, Bloodsport is one of the several characters that will be starring in The Suicide Squad movie that is coming out soon. Containing much of the cast from the original Suicide Squad movie and adding some new characters into the mix is due to release very soon.

The Suicide Squad is coming out Friday, Aug. 6, in both theaters for those who wish to watch it there and on HBO Max for a premium at-home experience. The latest DC Comics film will feature a colorful cast of anti-heroes working together on their suicide mission.

This is far from the first time we have had some characters from this DC Comics series in Fortnite before, so the new Fortnite Bloodsport skin will be just the latest one to join the battle royale game. It is fascinating that Bloodsport is the character chosen for this collaboration. 

Some other popular celebrities and characters will be starring in the film, including the already released Fortnite skin for Harley Quinn plus Peacemaker, King Shark, and many more. Interestingly, Bloodsport has been chosen for his Fortnite appearance before Peacemaker and some others in the cast. 

Bloodsport Was Announced by James Gunn

What is even more bizarre is how the announcement for this new Fortnite Bloodsport was revealed. The new Bloodsport skin was announced on Twitter, but not by Epic Games or the official Fortnite account but rather by a third party without warning.

James Gunn, known for his movies across the genre at Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy, is the director of the upcoming The Suicide Squad film and has been promoting it on Twitter. As part of this, one of the recent tweets that the director made was announcing the Fortnite Bloodsport skin.

Out of nowhere, Gunn just posted a video clip on Twitter with a caption that states that Fortnite fans should “prepare to get some dubs.” He tagged the Fortnite Twitter account and linked a celebrity actor Idris Elba, who stars as Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad movie. 

In the clip, Elba introduces Fortnite players to the upcoming Bloodsport skin. You can even get the first glimpse of what the new DC Comics anti-hero collaboration skin will look like in the battle royale title. The video is rather short, but there are two good instances in which we can see someone playing as Bloodsport in Fortnite matches.

What We Know About the Bloodsport Skin

It is a pretty solid look for the Fortnite Bloodsport skin that is rather close to the look that Idris Elba’s character has in the upcoming film. Though Elba’s shots in the film’s previous trailers show him as Bloodsport without the signature helmet, this skin iteration has the helmet on. 

The already rather creepy helmet that Bloodsport wears looks strikingly strange and sinister in the Fortnite version, making for a unique and great skin. This will be the latest crossover skin that you will be able to get in Season 7 of Fortnite, of which there have been several collaborations already this season. 

It is currently unknown when writing this how you will be able to get the new Fortnite Bloodsport skin in the game. However, if we were to guess, it will likely follow the same general pattern that many past movie collaboration skins have used by forcing you to buy it from the item shop if you want it. 

This means it will likely cost a fair bit of V-Bucks to get the Bloodsport skin as it is a premium offering from a crossover with DC Comics. Furthermore, there is the chance that we could get more out of this particular collaboration than just the skin itself. 

It may come in a set that will include the Bloodsport skin plus some other goodies, like a pickaxe that is themed around the character and/or a back bling to equip on the skin. If this does happen, the set will likely be altogether rather than letting you buy it individually. 

Will We Get More The Suicide Squad Characters?

Also, there is a possibility that we could get more The Suicide Squad characters in Fortnite, but it would have made sense to announce that here. As such, we do not expect other crossover characters at this time, but that could be happening soon regardless. 

We know about DC other than the new film because there is at least one new superhero coming to the game soon: Superman. Still set to come out this season; it has been some time. The “secret” Season 7 battle pass character is not quite ready just yet. 

There will be several different forms of the Superman skin. Thankfully, you will not have to spend any more V-Bucks than you already have if you have the current paid battle pass if you want to get Superman. That is a step up from the Bloodsport skin, at least. 

Instead, you will need to complete some in-game missions of some kind to unlock the beloved caped superhero. We will be sure to let you know more about unlocking Superman soon when Clark Kent finally makes his debut. 


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