Fortnite Black Widow Cup Begins This Week

by in Fortnite | Nov, 10th 2020

Epic Games has revealed the next competition that will happen fully online in Fortnite battle royale. We already know that there are two more Marvel Knockout Super Series tournaments left and the latest one has been formally announced to be the Fortnite Black Widow Cup.

Fortnite Black Widow Cup Begins This Week

The Fortnite Black Widow Cup will be the third tournament in the Super Series and be focused primarily on the Avenger herself: Natasha Romanoff. The popular superhero is the latest one to join the ranks of others like Daredevil, who focus on online competition.

Epic Games announced the Fortnite Black Widow Cup in a blog post, marking the announcement of who the next superhero will be and when players will have the chance to compete in the event. This particular superhero isn’t too surprising as there were rumors about her already.

That said, it is interesting that we are getting a Fortnite Black Widow Cup since you will likely remember that Black Widow already appeared in the battle royale game before the current Marvel Season 4.

Black Widow was one of the first superheroes to get an official skin in Fortnite battle royale. That happened long before this recent trend of having superhero-themed skins throughout the last three seasons with the paid battle pass.

When the Black Widow Cup Begins

As such, there is already a Black Widow skin available, so Epic Games is ensuring that players won’t have to worry about unnecessarily unlocking something that they may already have. Instead, it is a brand new skin for the superhero to have her don a new outfit.

Players will be able to participate in the Black Widow Cup this Wednesday, Nov. 11. The announcement comes a single day before the event begins, so that doesn’t give players much time to get ready.

That said, you likely already know what to expect if you participated in the previous events over the last couple of weeks. Like the previous events, this one will be a duos competition where you will need to find a buddy to fight alongside.

Once you have your sidekick figured out, both of you will need to head into the battle royale game and start competing when the tournament begins at your local time. If you are on the eastern side, it will begin for your server at 6 p.m. ET, but the time is different for the western server.

How to Get Into the Event

If you use the western North American server for Fortnite, it will begin for you at 6 p.m. PT after the eastern one has already begun. If you are outside of the US, you can find your local time for the event by heading to the game lobby’s compete tab.

There, you will see the Black Widow Cup and find out when this event will begin in your area. When the time is here, you will see the playlist in the game lobby and select it to begin competing against the other players who are on your server.

Keep in mind that you will need a duos partner for this event. There are two main requirements for competing in this tournament. The first is that you must have two-factor authentication set up for your system, which might seem annoying to some users but is excellent for keeping your account, skins, and V-Bucks safe.

Once you have this set up for your account, you need to make sure that your account level is at least level 30. This isn’t your battle pass tier level for the season but the overall account level. As long as you are at least level 30, you should be good to go with competing in this event.

How the Event Works

The Black Widow Cup will follow the Daredevil and Ghost Rider Cups before it, having players compete in a special version of Operation Knockout known as Marvel Knockout. In this game mode, players will battle against another team in a four-round knockout fight.

You and the enemy team will have the same abilities to use every single round so that the playing field is even but also making the challenge difficult since you will need to be versatile. You will fight against teams in a tournament-style bracket, moving through the ranks as you win.

If you do well enough in the event, you will be able to earn the new Black Widow snow suit skin as well as a special back bling before they even release in the item shop. This skin is based on her prequel spin-off Marvel movie that comes out next year.

But the new Black Widow Cup is far from the end of the Marvel Knockout Super Series that is going on this month. It will continue past this third cup and have two more events very soon. On Nov. 18, there will be a mystery hero or villain cup that happens then.

The villain part’s mention tells us that this will potentially be a villain cup instead of the hero ones we have had thus far. But it doesn’t end there either, as the $1 million Super Cup will follow this up for duos on Nov. 21 where you can win some actual money.


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