Fortnite Black Panther Skin Could Be Coming Soon, According to Leak

by in Fortnite | Aug, 31st 2020

Epic Games is likely to continue adding more to Fortnite battle royale in Season 4, and a recent leak may have revealed some of the new skins early. According to the leak, several new characters could be coming to the game soon, including a Fortnite Black Panther skin.

Fortnite Leak Uncovers Several Possible Skins

The leak comes via HYPEX, a popular Twitter leaker known to reveal valuable information regarding Fortnite often and be correct about it. You should keep this leak in mind as we go on about these potentially spoiled skins and characters.

HYPEX recently posted on Twitter several different files and characters that they were able to find within the game recently. These were likely added recently to the game, perhaps when the latest Marvel character was added to the item shop’s title.

Regardless of when it happened, the Fortnite leaker was able to uncover a ton of information regarding what is possibly coming to the game this season. Typically, these leaks are minor info that doesn’t matter, but you should probably turn away now if you are averse to spoilers.

Given that Fortnite Season 4 is all about the Marvel crossover with tons of characters to unlock through the battle pass and weekly challenges, these latest leaks will potentially contain spoilers for fan-favorite pop culture icons that you may not want to know about until it happens.

Hulk Skin and Powers Could Come Soon

But if you do want to find out what’s possibly coming next, then continue on reading. First off, one of the latest leaks HYPEX uncovered was some files regarding some new superpowers. The leak includes two powers, in particular, discovered for a certain green giant.

The Twitter leaker could find two leaks regarding Hulk powers that seem to indicate that the giant superhero is likely coming to the game soon. Of course, the immediate problem with this particular leak is that we already have She-Hulk in the game.

You can get She-Hulk through the Season 4 battle pass. She has her powers that you can find in the online battle royale matches. So, the immediate assumption could be that these leaks are regarding her, specifically marked for Hulk himself.

The two leaked powers include Hulk smashing/punching your way through the competition and jumping, then smashing into the ground. These two powers are in the trailer for Season 4, so they will likely come very soon this season.

Fortnite Black Panther Skin Also Rumored

This also indicates that we could get an official Hulk skin soon as well. The problem with this part is that the Hulk is too big to be a skin, so it would have to be a smaller version. This could perhaps work if it were a take on Professor Hulk or the like.

Beyond the initial Hulk leak, the data miner could also find a leaked possible Fortnite Black Panther skin. The skin itself doesn’t show up in the game files, but like the Hulk leak, some powers appear that seem to point towards the character showing up soon.

The powers that have leaked for the possible Fortnite Black Panther skin include his ability to absorb the damage from enemies and then turn it back on them in counterattack. In addition to the powers, some files seem to point towards an in-game location appearing as well.

There seems to be some Black Panther monument location that could be coming to the game soon. This portion is likely to memorialize Chadwick Bozeman, the actor behind Black Panther in the MCU, whose death happened recently.

Ant-Man Location Has Appeared in the Files

It is uncertain if the Fortnite Black Panther skin was planned all along or if this is in response to the tragic event that just happened. Regardless, it would be rather slimy for Epic Games and even Disney to make a lot of money off any skin for the popular superhero, so it would be best for this to be given out for free to everyone or have the money go to charities.

Next up, there is a leak for a possible Ant-Man skin and/or location that could be coming to Fortnite very soon. What is unique about this one is that the actual location itself, known as the Ant-Manor has shown up in the game files, and you can see what it looks like.

This location will likely be either a named location or a landmark spot that will soon join the island. There are no other files for Ant-Man, but it would presumably mean the character will come out soon, too, since Doom’s Domain is for Doctor Doom, someone you can unlock in the battle pass.

And last but certainly not least, there is a bit of a more obscure and unknown leak that has appeared in the game files this season. There is a file name with “C,” but nothing else and their superpowers are using fireballs on enemies.

There are a couple of possibilities for this potential character, including Captain Marvel herself, which seems like a definite possibility, but the file name’s vague nature is odd. This could indicate that this character is far off for now, and they might not even release in the end.


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