Fortnite Black Panther, Captain Marvel, More Finally Release

by in Fortnite | Dec, 22nd 2020

It looks like Epic Games is not entirely done with Fortnite Season 4, even if the season is nearly a month in the past now. The developer has released several superhero and villain skins in the item shop finally after fans have waited for a while, like the Fortnite Black Panther and Captain Marvel skins.

Fortnite Black Panther and Other Skins Finally Announced

Those of you following our site or leaks for the popular battle royale game for a while now will already know about these skins’ existence as they were known for months now. But, for some reason, they are just now releasing in the game finally. 

It seems that Epic has not forgotten about the Fortnite Black Panther and Captain Marvel skins as it certainly seemed for a while. Fortunately, you are still able to get them during this holiday season. Epic Games announced the release of three new Marvel characters in a blog. 

There is no real fanfare surrounding these skins’ release as they have just arrived in the game suddenly and are available right now. The developer has not announced when they will stop being available, but we imagine staying in the item shop for a bit longer than usual. 

They will likely stay longer than 24 hours since they are featured skins and packs, but even so, we highly recommend that all players who are interested in getting them to pick them up now while you still can. Otherwise, you may miss out on some of the best crossover skins to release for the game.

Why This Is Likely Coming Out Now

We think that they will likely stick around for at least a week in the game since there are so many players who will be getting V-Bucks cards and other Fortnite gifts soon as the holidays are here and now at this time. 

It would make sense that Epic Games would want to have them available so that those players who get new currency in the game these holidays can pick them up still. Even so, we do recommend that you try as fast as you can as the year is ending soon. 

That is probably why the release of the Fortnite Black Panther and other skins now of all times. Epic probably wanted to make sure that these release this year still and around the holidays when there will likely be many skin and other cosmetic purchases in the item shop. 

There are three new Marvel characters in the game, most of which were not surprises since we knew about them from leaks and rumors over the last several months. The Fortnite Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and even Taskmaster skins in the item shop right now. 

New Trailer Releases With the Pack

They even have a fantastic trailer to go along with them that is worth mentioning and watching. In it, we can see the new Captain Marvel and Taskmaster skins alongside the others that have been released from Marvel, including Wolverine and Captain America, gathering together. 

These heroes gather at the Black Panther monument location from Season 4, the Black Panther himself shows up, and everyone is doing the classic Wakanda Forever salute. It is a powerful trailer that is likely in celebration of the Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman’s life.

His death earlier this year was likely the reason for the delayed inclusion of the Fortnite Black Panther skin. However, we aren’t quite sure why the other two skins were also delayed until now. It seems that this is because they are being introduced in a pack together with the Black Panther skin. 

Together, they make up the Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack that you can purchase in the item shop. This massive pack of cosmetics DLC items includes the three skins and other themed items around each of them. On the Fortnite Black Panther side, there are four items in total included.

What You Can Get in the Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack

Of course, the outfit with a different style is the kinetically charged style, and the Vibranium daggers dual pickaxe, Wakandan Skyrider glider, and the King Cowl’s back bling with kinetically charged style also included with it.

Then there are the four items that you can get from the Captain Marvel side of the pack. You get the Captain Marvel outfit with its skin style known as the Empowered Variant style, the alpha staff pickaxe, the Power of Mar-Vell glider, and the Kree backplate back bling with Empowered style item. 

And last, but not least in the set is the Taskmaster stuff. He only gets three items and no extra skin styles on his side. There is the Taskmaster outfit, the Mimic Shield back bling, and the Copycat’s sword pickaxe. These items are included in the pack that is in the game’s item shop right now. 

However, if you are unable to spend V-Bucks or real-world money currently, there is something free in the item shop at this time for everyone. There is a new free emote that you can pick up and start using in Fortnite battle royale matches for a limited time. 

That emote is none other than the Wakanda Forever salute emote, as seen in the recent trailer for this cosmetics crossover pack. It is entirely free for everyone on all Season 5 platforms of the game, so you can pick it up and show your love for Wakanda and Black Panther without having to spend any money at all. 


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